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Chem C103 Exam 2 Practice

by: Meegan Voss

Chem C103 Exam 2 Practice CHEM-C 103

Marketplace > Indiana University > Chemistry > CHEM-C 103 > Chem C103 Exam 2 Practice
Meegan Voss
Arnold K / Snaddon D

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About this Document

This study guide is an old exam 2 from 2 years ago. They are very useful because it gives you a really great idea of what will be on the exam. The answers are also included.
Arnold K / Snaddon D
Study Guide
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Meegan Voss on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM-C 103 at Indiana University taught by Arnold K / Snaddon D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 188 views. For similar materials see INTRO TO CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES in Chemistry at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
C10352015 Exam 2 March 12 2015 C103 Exam Two Version 1 Instructions for filling out your answer sheet 1 Use a 2 pencil only Print your LAST NAME and then your FIRST NAME in the name field and then blacken in the bubbles that correspond to the letters of your name Leave a space between your last and first name blacken in the blank circle below the blank space In the quotGrade or Educ vertical column blacken in the version number of the exam This is Version 1 Fill in your 10digit identification number in the Identification in columns AJ and then blacken in the corresponding circles Fill in only ONE answer for each multiple choice question If multiple answers are given no points can be awarded therefore make sure you erase your answers well Do not make stray marks in any other portions of the answer sheet Failure to follow the above instructions will delay the posting of your grade If you do not bring problems to our attention within one week we reserve the right to not make adjustments It is your responsibility to be about entering your ID number and version number correctly There is a periodic table on the back of this page You have two hours to complete the exam This exam has 40 questions at 25 points each for a total of 100 points You must show your ID when handing when turning in your scantron March 12 2015 Exam 2 C10352015 I ii I Iyrdrugu n I IIIII TLH I III I 2 III II 1 Na EIIIIIIIIII I ZEJ LJI I JWII l 2 Mg M a gmI IIIIII 25L RIISII The Peri dic Tame If the Elements EIL IL IIIFII IIIIII3 HIIzr TI I ILII I I AIMail Illii 39 T Nil IIIggII I JIIIIIII I4 3 0 33mm I 5 5quot LII I 39lfl l I gllilil llfi g A I 3 All I I Iurnmum 2 IIIEI39II I I I I4 SI 51 I I1III ZIIIII IFS I 5 I39I39Irlixlihnmx 3 HT TIE I I 6 EMIqu 3 ELI III II Iquot I IIIII39IIIIIIIIL39 REA5 27F I 939 K IIIIIIIIIA 37 2 Ca II39IIIllcuIIFI39I aiIIII III 38 2 1 Se Mamjmm 445955919 40 V LI HalIlium SIDE I 3953 4 2 I Cr E39ha39um i um 395 L I IFITII 25 Mm MaiquotIggInum ai IliIi Fe 55 545 2 3quot Cl IIIIIIIEJIM I E H II A 5 III III 13 4 2 9 Cu Elm531 LIE III 30 Zn 113 3 I Ga IQJZR 32 Ge 139 III I Ell 33 As wwmI 11132 I 1 34 Se T 35 Br 39I EIIImiIIIu III39Q39IIII HigptnII EII I Rb H ulnaIlmm HSIIII39ITFII 55 I IEI39UH IIUI II HIE2 39 Y VIII um IFIJI L E Zr I39iiruumum 11224 NI XIIIIII um QIEJJIIEIFIIII 42 Mo Mul fa ISILIIIEI39LLIIII 95594 43 TI Tm lnnquotl i LIIII I JI II 44 R111 Flu lIIuIIIIIum I II I III 45 Rh RI39ILHLIIIJIIEI IIIligIIIEI U 46 Pd I39III IddlL Ll lII MIA 47 Ag SIIIIL39I I 13915 If III2 43 I 39IIII11 I um I IEI I39II 49 In l39li flllilil l 39I LII I 50 SH Tll L I IIIJ I II 51 Sb 39n rmnuny IE I ITIIII 52 Te WEI Ell IILI I11 I Z39IIIII 53 IIILHJ I n I EEJHII EI39GII T 54 XE Hunmu IF I I2 s 39st HT I 3 2 IIII54 5 Ba Elia7mm I313 5 La 1339135395 T2 f I T349 I3 III A 3394 nghtu Iu I 33 34 T5 iLHIII39 I 352 quotIII 05 E IILmiIInI I ML SI Ir EII39IIIIIII Iii122 I TS Pt I 3995 II quotIII III Au I LIII I I IIIIJZIIIIISE quot30 Hg 2mm 5 SI TI TIILJIIILJIII 21143333 82 Pb Lem HIT 33 ii III mm III 84 PI IzInmm Iquot I 2W I 85 v t Miami 86 En EMUPI 8 Fr Iamncuu I11 I22 Ra R 11 um I231 AI I m mi um IEETI I04 Ehllh 39r l m I um HI I I 1 I35 DI Ilulmmm I 2132 I I 06 SI M39IHIIIIIIIIIIIIEI IEII39EI II UT I311 ILII ISI IEEE 108 IIIIun1 2amp5 I MI III I I IIIIIIIIIIII II I 26M 110 III III I III IETEI IIZ IETI39I I13 114 2IIIIIIIIIIIII I 2 III I 1 IVEbri CE I39TurI39IIIIII I aIII I I 5 Fr I m ivt hii39Ij lMI llrllI III III 55 Nd Nwu yrrlium 14424 6 I Pm PI I HIHHIIITIEEII 1145 63921 Saanaml uum I SIIJE I 63 En Eu rIIipIsIIIIII III I 5 I WM 64 IIJIIIIIIIEIIIUIIZI 1525 Tb TEETH Lllll I 53131534 I36 Dy IhyrImsim I I 2 SH 6 HI I IIIIIIIILIIIn I I39I 39IIIIIH E 68 Er lE ul11 Willis 59 Tm TIILIIILII I I I IIII39EIJHEIE I II YIJ T39IIH I39IEI IEIILI39I I I I I3 IM quot I LII EJIIIEI i um 9039 I Pa PIINIIJ il39l39il39llm g3 LII 92 U Il39rgInILIIIII 3 33 IIELII39 93 p Xglli ll lillm I423 96 II 39urnrnm I241 9 Eli HE EI IZIUIIELIEIH IEEITI 98 I251 99 Es lE I nmwrnm III IQSZLI I III Fm rm I IIIII 391 I I I HIIIEIIQIEIEW ILIIII 251 IESI II 391 I12 N0 EIIIIIHJILI III I 35 II I l TAIJIITI 1 03 IL Lam WW I ilill IZITIE I C103 Exam 2 Name MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1 A covalent bond is best described as A the sharing of electrons between atoms B the transfer of electrons C a bond between a metal and a nonmetal D a bond between a metal and a polyatomic ion E a bond between two polyatomic ions 2 Give a possible molecular formula for a compound with an empirical formula C 3H5ClO A C6H10C102 13 C5H10C1202 C C6H10C1202 D C6H1002 E C6H12C1202 3 Give the name for SnO A tinI oxide B tinII oxide C tinIII oxide D tinIV oxide E None of the above 4 Give the name for KMnO4 A potassium manganese tetraoxide B potassium manganate C potassium permanganate D potassium permagnesium E potassium magnesate 5 Write the formula for copperII sulfate pentahydrate A CuZSO3 H5 B CuZS HzO C CuS395H20 D CuSO45 E CuSO4 5HzO 6 Determine the name for H 2CO3 A carbonous acid B dihydrogen carbonate C carbonic acid D hydrocarbonic acid E hydrocarbide acid A1 7 Determine the name for P4010 A phosphorus IV oxide B diphosphorus pentoxide C phosphorus oxide D phosphorus II oxide E tetraphosphorus decoxide 8 Which of the following formula and name combinations is incorrect A N205 dinitrogen pentaoxide B ngClz mercuryI chloride C C3H8 propane D ZnC2H3022 zinc acetate E Ba3N2 barium nitrate 9 Calculate the molar mass for magnesium perchlorate A 22321 gmol B 12376 gmol C 11952 gmol D 24752 gmol E 19121 gmol 10 How many ethane molecules are contained in 458 mg of ethane A 917 x 1020 molecules B 827 x 1029 molecules C 627 x 1020 molecules D 369 x 1023 molecules E 923 x 1023 molecules 11 What is the mass in kg of 689 x 1025 molecules of carbon dioxide A 385 kg B 504 kg C 260 kg D 303 kg E 639 kg 12 What is the number of bromine atoms in 0050 mol of carbon tetrabromide A 30 x 1022 Br atoms B 12 x 1023 Br atoms C 14 x 1025 Br atoms D 36 x 1020 Br atoms E 664 Br atoms 13 Calculate the mass percent composition of chlorine in cobaltII chloride hexahydrate A 1491 B 2981 C 5461 D 2730 E 2478 A2 14 Determine the mass percent aluminum in aluminum oxide A 400 B 471 C 540 D 529 E 265 15 A sample contains 720 g of ozone O3 Determine the number of moles of O3 and the number of atoms of oxygen present in the sample A 450 moles 03 903 x 1023 O atoms B 225 moles 03 406 x 1024 O atoms C 225 moles 03 271 x 1024 O atoms D 150 moles 03 271 x 1024 O atoms E 150 moles 03 903 x 1023 O atoms 16 What is the mass in grams of a single water molecule A 180 g B 334 x 1022 g C 923 x 1026 g D 299 x 1023 g E 166 x 1024 g 17 Determine the volume of hexane that contains 533 x 1022 molecules of hexane The density of hexane is 06548 gmL A 859 mL B 135 mL C 740 mL D 124 mL E 116 mL 18 How many hydrogen atoms are in the compound 23 dimethylhexane A 0 B 6 C 8 D 14 E None of the above choices 19 The compound 2 2 dimethylpentane is an isomer of A heptane B pentane C hexane D butane E octane A3 20 What organic family does the following compound belong to A Alcohols B Ethers C Ketones D Amines E Carboxylic acids 21 Determine the molecular formula of a compound that has a molar mass of 920 gmol and an empirical formula of N02 A N203 B N306 C N204 D N02 E N205 22 What is the empirical formula of stannous uoride the first uoride compound added to toothpaste to protect teeth against decay Its mass percent composition is 7575 Sn and 2425 F A Sn3F B SnF C SnzF D SnF3 E San 23 The complete combustion of a hydrocarbon produces 1824 g of C02 and 9327 g of H20 What is the empirical formula of the hydrocarbon A CH2 B C3H8 C C2H5 D C3H4 E CH 24 Lithium metal and nitrogen gas react in a synthesis reaction to produce lithium nitride In a balanced equation What is the coefficient for the lithium metal A 6 B 3 C 4 D 1 E 2 A4 25 Silver metal and chlorine gas react in a combination reaction to produce an ionic compound What is the correct balanced equation for this reaction A 2 Ags C12g gt 2 AgCls B Ags C12g gt AgC12s C Ag2s C12g gt 2 AgC1s D Ags 06 gt AgC1s E Ags C12g gt AgC1s 26 Consider the following reaction How many moles of oxygen are required to produce 233 moles of water Assume that there is excess C 3H7SH present C3H7SH1 6 02g gt 3 C02g 5028 4 H20g A 155 moles 02 B 350 moles 02 C 233 moles 02 D 414 moles 02 E 621 moles 02 27 According to the following reaction how many grams of sulfur are formed when 374 g of water are formed 2 HZSg SOzg gt 3 Ss 2H20l A 998 g s B 666 g s C 561 g s D 444 g s E 140 g s 28 Give the theoretical yield in moles of C02 from the combustion reaction of 400 moles of octane with 400 moles of oxygen gas A 0640 moles B 640 moles C 256 moles D 160 moles 29 Determine the theoretical yield of HCl if 600 g of BCl3 and 375 g of H20 are reacted according to the following balanced reaction BC13g 3 H20l gt H3BO3s 3 HClg A 759 g HCl B 132 g HCl C 187 g HCl D 560 g HCl E 253 g HCl A5 30 According to the following reaction what amount of excess reactant remains when 2000 g of A1253 and 200 g of H20 are reacted Molar masses are as follows A1283 2 15017 gmol H20 2 1802 gmol AlOH37798gmol HZS3406gmol Ale3s 6 H20l gt 2 AlOH3s 3 HZSg A 2833 g B 1400 g C 833 g D 1978 g E 1722 g 31 Determine the percent yield of a reaction that produces 2865 g of Fe when 0313 mol of Fe 203 react with excess Al according to the following reaction Fe203s 2 Als gt A1203s 2 Fes A 610 B 287 C 573 D 200 E 820 32 What is the maximum possible quantity of product that can be made in a chemical reaction called A excess reactant B theoretical yield C stoichiometric coefficients D percent yield E limiting reactant 33 Iron reacts with oxygen to produce ironIII oxide If the percent yield of the reaction is 901 what is the actual yield when 1100 g iron reacts with 640 g of oxygen A 1417 g B 1573 g C 2129 g D 1917 g E 1745 g 34 Determine the molarity of a solution formed by dissolVing 468 mg of magnesium iodide in enough water to yield 500 mL of solution A 00297 M B 00337 M C 00936 M D 00107 M E 00651 M A6 35 How many molecules of sucrose C12H22011 molar mass 34230 gmol are contained in 143 mL of 0140 M sucrose solution A 829 x 1022 molecules C12H22011 B 121 x 1021 molecules C12H22011 C 615 x 1022 molecules C12H22011 D 163 x 1023 molecules C12H22011 E 590 x 1024 molecules C12H22011 36 What mass in grams do you need to make 2500 mL of a 150 M potassium bromide solution A 446 g B 198 g C 669 g D 0375 g E 386 g 37 What volume of 600 M sodium nitrate solution should you use to make 525 mL of a 120 M sodium nitrate solution A 263 x 103 mL B 525 mL C 50 mL D 630 mL E 105 mL 38 A 500 mL sample of 0436 M ammonium sulfite is diluted With water to a total volume of 250 mL What is the ammonium ion concentration in the resulting solution A 0145 M B 218 M C 218 x 102 M D 0174 M E 872 x 102 M 39 Determine the number of grams H2 formed When 2500 mL of 0743 M HCl solution reacts With 341 x 1023 atoms of Fe according to the following reaction 2 HClaq Fes gt H2g FeC12aq A 0374 g B 133 g C 114 g D 0187 g E 151 g A7 40 According to the following reaction What volume of 0244 M KCl solution is required to react exactly with 500 mL of 0210 M PbNO32 solution 2 KClaq PbNO32aq gt PbC12s 2 KNO3aq A 974 mL B 116 mL C 430 mL D 861 mL E 581 mL A8 Answer Key Testname C103 815 EXAM 2 pWNP P PPN Nv xr xr xr xr xr xr xr xr xr x PPPONP WPPJNl P mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PPQ NQP1P NHPgtOP NQP1P NH UUUmgt55WgtWmmUOgtWgtgtOmOmgtmmUUUWWWgtgtmmOmOWOgt A9


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