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Chem C103 Exam 3 Practice

by: Meegan Voss

Chem C103 Exam 3 Practice CHEM-C 103

Marketplace > Indiana University > Chemistry > CHEM-C 103 > Chem C103 Exam 3 Practice
Meegan Voss
Arnold K / Snaddon D

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About this Document

This is a study guide that is an old exam 3 from 2 years ago. It gives you a really great idea of what will be on the exam. The answers are also provided.
Arnold K / Snaddon D
Study Guide
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Meegan Voss on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM-C 103 at Indiana University taught by Arnold K / Snaddon D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see INTRO TO CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES in Chemistry at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
C10352015 Exam 3 April 23 2015 C103 Exam Three Version 1 Instructions for filling out your answer sheet 1 Use a 2 pencil only Print your LAST NAME and then your FIRST NAME in the name field and then blacken in the bubbles that correspond to the letters of your name Leave a space between your last and first name blacken in the blank circle below the blank space In the quotGrade or Educ vertical column blacken in the version number of the exam This is Version 1 Fill in your 10digit identification number in the Identification in columns AJ and then blacken in the corresponding circles Fill in only ONE answer for each multiple choice question If multiple answers are given no points can be awarded therefore make sure you erase your answers well Do not make stray marks in any other portions of the answer sheet Failure to follow the above instructions will delay the posting of your grade If you do not bring problems to our attention within one week we reserve the right to not make adjustments It is your responsibility to be about entering your ID number and version number correctly There is a periodic table on the back of this page You have two hours to complete the exam This exam has 40 questions at 25 points each for a total of 100 points You must show your ID when handing when turning in your scantron C10352015 Ease of oxidation decreases Exan13 Ap 232015 C10352015 Exam 3 April 23 2015 TABLE 41 Solubility Rules for Ionic Compounds in Water Compounds Containing the Following lons Are Generoliy Solulale ut Mat Ki and Nip N03 and Cl Br and l 8042quot Compounds Containing the Following ions Are Generally lnsoiuble Ul l and s2 cog and P043 Encep ons None None When these lone pair with A Hgffp Dr Pb2l the resulting compounds are insoluble When 80f pairs with Sirglj Bar y Pow Ag or Cegl he resulting compound is insoluble Exceptions When these lone pair with Lil Mali Kl or llefi the resulting compounds are soluble When 32 pairs with 032 3th or 581 the resulting compound is soluble When QH pairs with Ce2 Sth or Beg the resulting oom pound is slightly solulole When these ions pair with Liig Niel Kim or Nle the resulting compounds are soluble April 23 2015 Exam 3 C10352015 Ij EIIZI IJLIIIIITI39Ii IJ IIquot HI EU I am IEBI IEQMF39 Isl HI I 7192 III llJ valianigwm PM I I I ILL3E1 EEIIIIEIIIJJJ LLE m d III I I ESE ijil l mam4mg Ema II 511 IIiil39lEUi I39IJ EEK IIFEI m mugging Il If II If nnmn g 13 III I39ITIZI LIIJI39III EJ iI1ii l luv 93 WEI ii li illltfl III 396 JHEII II E E lllil l liiI J f IIIISIJII L If flJJlI I39IiiIFEILJIJEE HI I I II III quotELL E Illniinqji LIII I39ITL I IZI39I39IFI II W I IVIII E IL I man I 1 CIA III I E IV EIFIIEII um I ItinnLu LII E19 I519 ind 39 m EIm39HS I 39 Lur 39 1 31 IIIin 59 319 DD 9 III39IEI LLI1hIIIIr 3 n3 II E quotIII I LUII I I Ii i i ms 39 gquL IHTIIIH I mum 1 ii if39gl 1 d 6 EI I ILLEI EI I IELZI I I I I III I III I II IIE I um I mum 3 IN III I I EIIEI i HIPNP 5H III I I EIIZI i i liqyiiu III III I I I39IIEI ia39l39f39I III JIIZIL IIIL I 3 s rinInmiqn l II EU I I WEI IIIE39EIIIIIII39IIHIIEHIH RI I39D I II E I mmuria 39llF 3quotquot 63 IIIEE I mmng H 881 II 553 I um mum M 8 I III E nunan w SE III39IIIEI III39FIIIIIIIIIHI39Ii Dd I8 E81 39EEII HIE E I 8 III quotIIIIE 39 guurmnn W m 39IILII 39 H I 1st 81 I IE39ZM LIL EE39IIIII III III 39 III I IEL ITII ij IIIIL IFII 39 I III I II11 JIIFIEI L M II III39quotIII I 1H EL SIEIIfn 39 II 39 IIITI39IIIIIL39IHIIJIE39I 339 LS LEI II mam EB 95 EIII I39E E I IIJII IIE39IISI HiII LWIIIZI quotIII I wu IN I If IVI39IIquot L I I um um I 11 IIIL39I E I IIS I E IIIL39III I IIIII39F I I LLl TlffllJl III 51 I I I I I mnuupmj I13 EIIIIII 39 I III 121 my EV I1 Iquot quotIII I Lumptlglng Pd IE quotS39IIII39 HI I In mqu II IIIquot I II LLI IEIUEIIEIII39I39E H 1 If E nunmm mmg 0w E IIE IIIIIEI39EII H151 LINl I I7 ITEEWIII I mmuum I 3 12 III EIIII39HII Illi lI IIJa A 6395 IEII39LII IIIJ I I IJIIII IIII39Q IILIII39EH IHI I IIII LE I IIII III E III I 3111 w IIIEEEIII HUI III III 1111le I313 63 ITI39EIII II 5 WHEN I III BE IRE IIIIII Bid 3993 I IIIIGquot I 539 Lu i IIIIIHHJIILII JD 173 I may Itww ulihnuni l ll II E I LES mmreinu I If I I 39EEIMIMI mamaij IS I IriaII39S I I I g I II smamam WU aI IIII IIILII QIIJII IIQ d MIL 11 MIKE mnlgri i II E39III EI III nu Ini i lda 3398 I I H LIJHII LII I 5 l I E m may I uz i cu IE5 H Exam Name MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1 Which of the following ionic compounds is insoluble A zinc hydroxide B ammonium sulfide C leadII acetate D barium sulfide E sodium carbonate 2 Label the following three compounds HC2H302 C12H22011 NazO A weak electrolyte nonelectrolyte strong acid B weak acid nonelectrolyte strong acid C strong acid weak electrolyte strong electrolyte D weak electrolyte nonelectrolyte strong electrolyte E strong electrolyte nonelectrolyte strong electrolyte 3 How many of the following compounds are soluble in water use the solubility rules LiNO3 Cu3PO4 BaS Ag2 804 NH4OH A1 B2 C 3 D4 E5 4 What is the mass of the precipitate that is formed when 500 mL of 91 mM potassium chloride is mixed with 500 mL of 95 mM silver acetate A 0068 g B 0065 g C 0039 g D 0037 g E 0133 g 5 What is the balanced reaction when aqueous solutions of potassium chloride and calcium sulfide are mixed A KClaq CaSaq gt KSs CaClaq B 2KClaq CaSaq gt K28s CaC12aq C 2KClaq CaSaq gt K25aq CaC12s D KClaq CaSaq gt KSaq CaCls E No reaction occurs Al What is the balanced reaction when aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and mercuryI acetate are mixed A 2NaC1aq Hg2C2H3022aq gt 2NaC2H302aq Hg2C12s B 2NaCKaq Hg2C2H3022aq gt 2NaC2H302s H82C12aq C NaClaq HgC2H3Ozaq gt NaC2H302aq HgCls D NaClaq HgC2H3Ozaq gt NaC2H302s HgClaq E No reaction occurs Give the net ionic equation for the reaction if any that occurs When aqueous solutions of AlC2H3023 and LiNO3 are mixed A A13aQ 3 NO339aQ gt A1NO33S B L 611 C2H30239aq gt LiC2H302s C Al3aq 3 NO339aq Liaq C2H30239aq gt AlNO33aq LiC2H3Ozs D 3 Liaq C2H3023339aq gt Li3C2H3023s E No reaction occurs What are the spectator ions for the precipitation reaction that occurs When aqueous solutions of lithium sulfide and copperII nitrate are mixed A Liaq and Sz39aq B Liaq N339aq 0239aq C Cu2aq and sZaq D Liaq and NO339aq E No reaction occurs Give the net ionic equation for the reaction if any that occurs When aqueous solutions of MgCO 3 and HCl are mixed A 2 HaQ C03239aQ gt H2C03S B Mg2aq CO3239aq 2 Haq 2 Cl39aq gt H2CO3s MgClzaq C 2 HaQ CO3239aQ gt H200 C02g D Mg2aq CO3239aq 2 Haq 2 Cl39aq gt H2CO3s Mg2aq 2 Cl39aq E No reaction occurs Which of the following is an acid base reaction A CS 028 gt C02g B 2 HClO4aq CaOH2aq gt 2 H20l CaClO42aq C Fes 2 AgNO3aq gt 2 Ags FeNO32aq D Mg504aq BaNO32aq gt MgNO32aq BaSO4s E None of the above are acid base reactions A2 11 Give the net ionic equation for the reaction if any that occurs when aqueous solutions of hydrofluoric acid weak acid and potassium hydroxide strong base are mixed A HaQ OH39aQ gt H200 B HFaq KOHaq gt H20l KFaq C HFaq 0H39aq gt H20l F39aq D Hquot39aq F39aq Kaq 0H39aq gt H20l F39aq Kaq E No reaction occurs 12 The acidbase titration of 800 mL of an unknown concentration H3P04 solution requires 126 mL of 0218 M KOH solution What is the concentration of the original H3P04 solution A 103 M B 0343 M C 0114 M D 0138 M E 00461 M 13 What is the conjugate acid in the reaction of perchloric acid with water A HC104 B C104quot C H20 D 0Hquot E H30quot39 14 What is the conjugate base of H2P04 A HP042 B P043 C H3P04 D H30 E OH 15 H20 and H2P04239 are both substances that can either accept or donate a proton They are called A Amphiphillic B Arrhenius C Acibasic D Amphibious E Amphoteric 16 What is the conjugate base in the reaction of ammonia with water A NH4 B NH3 C H20 D 0Hquot E H30 A3 17 Calculate the concentration of OH in a solution that contains 39 x 10394 M H3O at 25 C Identify the solution as acidic basic or neutral A 26 x 1011 M acidic B 26 x 1011 M basic C 39 x 10394 M neutral D 27 x 102 M basic E 27 x 102 M acidic 18 Calculate the hydronium ion concentration in an aqueous solution With a pOH of 985 at 25 C A 71 x 105 M B 42 x 1010 M C 87 x 1010 M D 65 x 105 M E 14 x 1010 M 19 Determine the pH of a 0023 M nitric acid solution A 1236 B 368 C 164 D 230 E 249 20 What mass of HCl is needed to make a 500 L solution With a pOH of 12 A 182 g B 912 x 108 g C 500 g D 365 x 103 g E 950 g 21 What is the pH after 0170 g NaOH are dissolved in 367 L of water A 394 B 101 C 237 D 116 E 937 22 As a solution becomes less acidic H 30 OH pH pOH A falls rises falls rises B rises falls rises falls C falls rises rises falls D falls rises falls falls E rises falls falls rises A4 23 Calculate the molarity of a barium hydroxide solution that has a pH of 127 A 501 x 102 M B 100 x 101 M C 998 x 1014 M D 400 x 1013 M E 251 x 102 M 24 How many of the following describe a basic solution 1 pH 107 II pOH 113 111 H3O 230 x 109 M IV OH39 108 x 104M A None are basic B One is basic C Two are basic D Three are basic E All four are basic 25 A hydrochloric acid solution With a pH of 0065 has a hydronium concentration of and a hydroxide concentration of A 0861 M 161 x 1014 M B 0065 M 154 x 1013 M C 161 x 1014 M 0861 M D 154 x 1013 M 0065 M E 100 x 107 M 100 x 107 M 26 Calculate the hydronium ion concentration in an aqueous solution With a pH of 433 at 25 C A 21 x 1010 M B 97 x 1010 M C 47 x 105 M D 38 x 105 M E 63 x 106 M 27 A 135 mL sample of 175 x 10394 M MgOH2 is partially neutralized by the addition of 220 mL of 150 x 10 394 M HCl What is the pH of the resulting solution A 44 B 96 C 93 D 47 E 112 A5 28 Determine the oxidation state of phosphorus in phosphate A 5 B 6 C 4 D 0 E 3 29 Determine the oxidation state of C1 in CaClO32 A 10 B 1 C 5 D 2 E 0 30 In what compound does hydrogen have the lowest oxidation state A HF B CHquot C H20 D H2 E NaH 31 Nitrogen can have several different oxidation numbers ranging in value from 3 to 5 Put the following nitrogen oxide compounds in order of increasing oxidation number I N03quot II N02 III NO IV N02quot V N20 A I II IV III V B V III I IV II C III I IV V II D V III IV II I E I II III IV V 32 Determine the reducing agent in the following reaction 2 Lis FeC2H3022aq gt 2 LiC2H30zaq Fes A FeC2H3022 aq B Fezaq C LiC2H302aq D Fe s E Li s A6 33 What is oxidized in the following reaction Nis 2 AgClO4aq gt NiClO42aq 2 Ags A AgClO4aq B Nis C AgS D NiC1042aQ E This is not an oxidation reduction reaction 34 Nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas combine in a synthesis reaction to produce gaseous ammonia In this reaction what is oxidized and what is reduced A nitrogen is oxidized and hydrogen is reduced B hydrogen is oxidized and nitrogen is reduced C nitrogen is oxidized and ammonia is reduced D hydrogen is oxidized and ammonia is reduced E This is not an oxidation reduction reaction 35 In the following redox reaction is carbon oxidized or reduced AND how many electrons does one carbon gain or lose 2 C2H61 7 02g gt 4 C02g 6 H20g A oxidized each carbon loses 2 electrons B reduced each carbon gains 2 electrons C oxidized each carbon gains 7 electrons D reduced each carbon loses 7 electrons E oxidized each carbon loses 7 electrons 36 What species is undergoing reduction in the following reaction C615 SHNO32aQ gt CaNO32aQ SnS A Cas B Sns C Sn2aq D Ca2aQ E This is not an oxidation reduction reaction 37 What species is undergoing reduction in the following reaction M8C12aQ FeNO32aQ gt MgNO32aQ FeC12aQ A Mg2aq 13 Fe2ltaq C MgC12aq D FeNO32aq E This is not an oxidation reduction reaction A7 38 What metal is least reactive A Au B Ca C Pb D Li E Ag 39 Use the activity series to predict the products and balance the following reaction Au3aq Zns gt A Au3aq Zns gt Aus Zn2aq B Au3aq Zns gt AuZZn3aq C 3Au3aq ZZns gt 3Aus ZZn2aq D 2Au3aq 3Zns gt 2Aus 3Zn2aq E This is not an oxidation reduction reaction 40 Use the activity serices to predict Which reaction Will occur A Sns H20g gt B Naaq Zns gt C HClaq Pts gt D Agaq Aus gt E None of the reactions Will occur A8 Answer Key Testname C103 815 EXAM 3 pWNP P PPN r xr xr xr xr xr xr xr xr xr x gt09 1 P1HgtP 31 O mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm P5090NP P1tPPJNI P5090NP P19S JNl P mogtmnmwwmomngtwngtomnwgtngtgtomgtmnnwnomgtmwnogt A9


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