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general biology 2 lecture week one all questions with answer.

by: Neima tekuye

general biology 2 lecture week one all questions with answer. COMM 1210100-127:Perspectives on Human Communication

Marketplace > University of Colorado > Art > COMM 1210100-127:Perspectives on Human Communication > general biology 2 lecture week one all questions with answer
Neima tekuye
COMM 1210100-127:Perspectives on Human Communication
dr. ruth hickerson

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About this Document

Ebio2 questions and answers from my mastering biology homework, pre-study questions and ickier questions
COMM 1210100-127:Perspectives on Human Communication
dr. ruth hickerson
Study Guide
General Biology 2
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Neima tekuye on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to COMM 1210100-127:Perspectives on Human Communication at University of Colorado taught by dr. ruth hickerson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see COMM 1210100-127:Perspectives on Human Communication in Art at University of Colorado.

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Date Created: 01/24/16
Week one Ebi02 questions and answers from my mastering biology homework prestudy questions and ickier questions 1 According to the theory of natural selection what factor below contributed to the current variations in beak sizes of nch species on the Galapagos islands Seeds are a limited resource 2 Which of these lists contains the four postulates of natural selection Variation in population heritable variation selection differential survival or reproduction 3 Which of the following statements is an accurate combination of postulates l and 2 of natural selection Heritable variation exists for traits among individuals in a population 4 Which of the following statements is an accurate combination of postulates 3 and 4 of natural selection 0 Individuals experience differential success in their ability to survive or reproduce 5 Which of the following statements describes the evolution by natural selection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria in their new environment The drugresistance trait is an adaptation to the environment in which human hosts are medicated with the antibiotic rifampin 6 In the United States today about half of the corn crop is genetically engineered with a protein that is toxic to com borers an insect pest of com Which of the following conditions would be necessary for evolution of resistance to the toxic protein to occur in the com bore The corn borer must have or generate by mutation heritable variation in resistance to the toxic protein The resistant corn borers must survive better or reproduce more than nonresistant corn borers 7 Natural selection genetic drift and gene flow cause a population to evolve in different ways Natural selection is the result of differential survival and reproduction It is the only mechanism of evolution that consistently causes a population to become better adapted to its environment Genetic drift describes evolution due to chance events and causes unpredictable fluctuations in allele frequencies Genetic drift can have a particularly signi cant effect in a small population such as during a bottleneck or founder event Gene flow results when alleles are transferred into or out of a population due to the migration of fertile individuals or their gametes Gene flow can bring new alleles beneficial harmful or neutral into a population 8 Describe how natural selection and genetic drift lead to evolutionary Change natural selection leads to evolution because the traits of those who are able to reproduce influence future generations genetics and gradually lead to these passed on traits becoming the normal state of being thus causing the species in question to evolve 0 If a group of people have predominantly brown hair genes and have children then by way of natural selection the dominant gene will increase with future generations meaning that slowly in time this group of people will evolve to have mostly brown hair genes 9 Where does variation come from Genetic changes 0 Mutation random introduction of new alleles Mechanisms of evolutionary changes 0 Natural Selection nonrandom xation of alleles that confer an advantage within an ecological context 0 Genetic Drift random fixation or loss of alleles in a population due to chance in small populations I eg Bottleneck effects in small populations 10 What are important points about natural selection Natural selection does NOT create variants it only preserves or eliminates variants created through genetic changes The variants that are favored by natural selection depend upon the current environment What is adaptive in one situation may be useless or harmful in another Natural selection is not a teleological process Selection does not have a longterm goal of favoring increasing complexity intelligence longlife or ethical behavior 0 Traits are favored if they increase reproductive output period 11 Hypotheses theories and facts as used in the domain of SCIENCE Fact a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred an actual occurrence 0 Hypotheses a testable falsifiable explanation for a phenomenon of interest Theoryz a framework of internally consistent ideas used for generating hypotheses


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