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EDF 3010 Exam #1 Review

by: Abby Joannes

EDF 3010 Exam #1 Review EDF 3010

Abby Joannes
GPA 3.8
Principles of American Education
Dr. Nafees

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About this Document

Exam review covers the topics Professor Nafees gave us in class!
Principles of American Education
Dr. Nafees
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Abby Joannes on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to EDF 3010 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Nafees in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see Principles of American Education in Education and Teacher Studies at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
EDF3010 Spring 2016 Exam 1 Review 0 People 0 Thomas Jefferson I Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge I Says that citizens needed to be educated so as to vote intelligently I All free students receive three years of general education and most talented boys go on to government supported secondary and higher education Teachers salaries and expenses were covered 0 John Dewey I Father of Progressive Education I Democracy and Education the purpose of education is to help the young gain the tools and dispositions to become active engaged citizens in order to help improve the social conditions of society I Theory of Inquiry O Horace Mann I Father of the Common School which have a moral political and social role to play while imbuing students with intellectual and academic knowledge I Structured curriculum for teacher preparation I Pay attention to total child I Twelfth Annual Report I Used crime rate ideas to convince people of the necessity of schools 0 Jonathan Kozol I Desegregation the goal was to unlock the chains that held these children within casteandcolor sequestration and divorced them from the mainstream of American society I List of challenges that underfunded schools have 0 Access to preschool is rare I Inadequate learning conditions I Held accountable for passing the same placement tests as significantly more privileged kids I Takes heroic qualities for students to succeed under these circumstances I Hitting Them Hardest O Jeannie Oakes I Keeping Track 0 Tracking undermines equality of educational opportunity 0 Tracking is a wellintentioned idea with hellish consequences 0 Lisa Delpit I Silenced Dialogue I Five aspects of power 0 Issues of power are enacted in the classroom 0 The is a culture of power EDF3010 Spring 2016 Exam 1 Review 0 The rules of the culture of power are a re ection of the rules of the culture of those who have power I If you re not already a participant in the culture of power being told explicitly the rules of that culture makes acquiring power easier 0 Those with power are frequently least aware of or at least willing to acknowledge its existence 0 IdeasConcepts O CO 0000 Common Schools I Horace Man Normal Schools Sociology of education Achievement gap I Definition the disparity of performance between groups of students and their white middleupper class counterparts Abbeville vs State of SC I 1993 I Sued state saying they didn t provide minimally adequate education I Raised three Questions 0 Are the facilities adequate I What about the quality of instruction 0 Is there access to PreK I Finally in Nov 2014 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff Individual vs Institutional Racism Acting White IncomeWealth Tracking amp Ability Grouping I Tracking 0 Often family income of students parallels the levels of ability grouping and tracking the higher the family income of the student the higher the track or ability group I Since it s been around for so long we tend to accept it as a given 0 Four assumptions about tracking include 0 Students learn better when groups homogenously O Slower students develop more positive attitudes about themselves when they are separated from more capable students 0 Placement practices are accurate and fair 0 There are differences in homogenous classes 0 Potential essay question themes 0 Connections between the American Dream and public education I Schools are supposed to equalize opportunities across generations EDF3010 Spring 2016 Exam 1 Review I Government provides the framework schools give students opportunity students take and create how they want to from there I Three goals 0 Individual success I Collective good I Welfare of groups Comparingcontrasting ideas of the above people Connections between money and student achievement and later success Connections between race SES and tracking School fundingAct 388South Carolina challenges I Act 388 only cuts the property taxes for PRIMARY residences I Economic downturn has cut extra spending so sales tax dollars are way below predicted numbers I Takes the same amount that WOULD have been raised in property taxes and gets it through sales tax I In South Carolina schools are funded 56 locally 35 through the state and 9 federally I Corridor of Shame 0 Teacher expectations OOOO


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