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Prueba 2 Study Guide

by: BMJWatson

Prueba 2 Study Guide SP 101

GPA 3.7
Beginning Spanish 1

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About this Document

TOPICS COVERED: Sentence structure, Ser, Tener, Estar, Adjective-Noun agreement, Word endings, Negation, Age
Beginning Spanish 1
Study Guide
spanish, Ball State University, sentence structure, Ser, Tener, Estar, Adjective-Noun agreement, Word endings, negation, age
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by BMJWatson on Monday January 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to SP 101 at Ball State University taught by Pak in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Beginning Spanish 1 in Foreign Language at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
Prueba 2 Study Guide Sentence Structure Subject Verb Object SVO Ex Mi hermano esta Ieyendo un libro My brother is reading a book Subject Mi hermano Verb esta Ieyendo Object un libro Also works as quotUn libro esta Ieyendo my hermano SVO satisfied Spanish sentence structure places noun before adjective This is backwards from English where the adjective comes first Ex quotThe red door would be rearranged to quotThe door red in Spanish Ex Jorge tiene un traje gris Jorge own a gray suit SVO Satisfied Forms of the verb Ser Yo soy I am I You are Informal Tu eres Usted es You are polite Heshe is Elella es Nosotrosas somos We are Vosotrosas sois You are informal plural Ustedes son You are polite plural Ellosellas son They are Ser to be Used for conjugation of sentences implying the pronoun of a sentence Example quotYo soy aqui quotSoy aqui You are here because quotsoyquot is only used with quotyoquot Word Endings MasculineFeminine Endings Spanish words have genders assigned to them that affect the forms of the words around the Endings o masculine a feminine Ex Nuevo masculine and Nueva feminine Ex Madrid es ciudad muy bonita Plural MasculineFeminine add s Ex Vejo Vejos Veja Vejas Ending in a consonant e and ista es or istas Ex Azul Azules Joven Jovenes Pesimista Pesimistas Ending in z ces Ex Lapiz Lapices Adjective Noun Agreement Adjective ending and noun endings are the same MasculineFeminine Al endings change to match gender of subject Ex Una camisa negra Ending a signifies subject is female Pura Pura nouns make adjective plural Ex Mis zapatos de tenis negros son viejos My tennis shoes are black and old Zapatos de tenis noun is plural which makes negro and viejo adjectives plural as well Negation Signifies a negative part of sentence a verb is NOT happening or an adjective is NOT true no inserted before verb Ex Las blusas no son bonita The blouse isn t pretty Forms of the verb Tener to have Yo tengo I have Tu39 tienes You have informal singular Usted tiene You have formal singular lella tiene HeShe has Nosotrosas tenemos We have Vosotrosas ten is You have informal plural Ustedes tienen You have plural Ellosas tienen They have Forms of the verb Estar to be Yo tengo I have Tu eres You have informal singular Usted tiene You have formal singular Elella tiene Heshe has Nosotrosas tenemos We have Vosotrosas ten is You have informal plural Ustedes tienen You have plural Ellosas tienen They have Asking age Age seen as number of years owned Cuantos anos eres tu How many years do you have Usetener Uses for estar State of being Como estas How are you Literal location Donde estas Where are you Adjectives following multiple pronouns Uses masculine ending Jorge y Clauduia son comico Jorge and Claudia are funny Nationality Endings Endings with oa 4 forms aasoos Ending in e 2 forms ees Nationalities aren t capitalized but Countries are argentino y Argentina Serde De from of quotser de specifies origin not used when asking questions Es de Estados Unidos I am from the United States De not always needed Soy dominicano I am Dominican Not to be confused with estar Estar current location quotser de origin DefiniteIndefinite Articles Depends on specificity Definite specific one from group ndefinite any from a group Definite example la sombrero the hat Indefinite example una camiseta a shirt


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