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Study Guide part 1/3

by: Dorian Williams

Study Guide part 1/3 Soci 3216

Dorian Williams
Gender and Society
William Albertson

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About this Document

LLook out for the next guide to your success. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS!!!!
Gender and Society
William Albertson
Study Guide
Soci 3216
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dorian Williams on Monday January 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Soci 3216 at Georgia State University taught by William Albertson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 81 views. For similar materials see Gender and Society in Sociology at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Wade Lisa amp Ferree Myra Marx 2015 quotGender Ideas Interactions and Institution quot 1 edition New York NY WWNorton amp Co Study guide composed by Dorian Williams 0125216 for aid in studing only Study Guide SOCI 3216 Instructor William Alberston Chapter One Termsphrases to recognize and know 0 The Persian boot Read pages 45 Wade Ferree 2015 Real dudes anti feminism 0 Gender is being pink or blue masc or fem o Aristocracy male sexfemae at birth gt gendered distinction by primitive sexual characteristic Sexgt primitive sexual characteristics penis and vagina Read pages 20 21 Wade Ferree 2015 computations and stats Chapter Two Termsphrases to recognize and know 0 Theory of Gender I am defined only by what I define myself I am of no category 0 The gender binary His or her girl or boy 0 What is Binary Deuce I am a 1gir or 2boy at birth 1 or2 is negotiable who came first in o What is ideology How do we think about ladies long hair vs short hair 0 What is trans T butchy or butchie for girls boys that becomes a women to adult hood o What is gendered dysphoria T experience this phenomenon when in transition WgtM MgtW 0 Who are those pretty guys who dress in drag Popular on tv drag is the new reality show ideal for some some queens or kings are not sexuality different but just for the money and the show 0 What is a social construction If society made it popular than it is widespread belief and manifestation o Bifocalglasses and vision the Binary of Gender Culture Association forces that bind though to societal views brainwashing disney Read 2629 Wade Ferree 2015 In the LGBT community the word B is for a bisexual L is for lesbian G is for gay and T is for transsexuals Bi means 2 like many students who took chemistry know Fem and Masc Trans and cis gendered also trans is out the gender binary bc the outerself is opposite the innerself In society everything is shaped to individual belief as well as certain structural belief Are there only man and women who are only defined by having all and the same features as cartoon media characters Chapter Three Termsphrases to recognize and know Angular Fishes and sexual dimorphism Read pages 3436 Wade Ferree 2015 References Wade Lisa amp Ferree Myra Marx 2015 quotGender Ideas Interactions and Institution 1 edition New York NY WWNorton amp Co Wade Lisa amp Ferree Myra Marx 2015 quotGender Ideas Interactions and Institution quot 1 edition New York NY WWNorton amp Co Study guide composed by Dorian Williams 0125216 for aid in studing only Genes and Hormones phenotype genotype genomesex characteristics xxx xx is sexy xy is handsome xxy is too two are the norm in society Read pages 4346 5353 Wade Ferree 2015 Hormonal feedback loops References Wade Lisa amp Ferree Myra Marx 2015 quotGender Ideas Interactions and Institution 1 edition New York NY WWNorton amp Co


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