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Midterm Study Guide

by: Elena

Midterm Study Guide HIST101

Marketplace > University of Delaware > History > HIST101 > Midterm Study Guide
GPA 3.7
Western Civilization:The Rise Of Europe

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About this Document

The midterm is to write an essay based off one of these 6 major topics, and these are the most important things to know.
Western Civilization:The Rise Of Europe
Study Guide
Western Civilation
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elena on Monday January 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HIST101 at University of Delaware taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization:The Rise Of Europe in History at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
GREEK Political Polis self governing city state eachindependent a spoke greek Agora open area market pace for informal discussion Tyrants power illegitimately not by heredity served interests of community of a whole handed power down to sons gt oppressive unpopular Athenian Boule advisory board would not be considered a congress first democracy Economic Adoption of coinage commercial activity Heped standardize value of goods Each pois had own emblem Religion iad and Odyssey gt Closest to a bible Many gods Devotion to gods who protected the city Gods don39t care about each individual very different than Christianity Social Change Olympics sense of Greek Unity dedicated to Zeus Athens was the rst well documented salve society Women strictly controlled by men dea wife stayed out of public ROMANS Political Republic citizens choose representatives rst of many systems that are used in the modern world Senate law makers 300 patricians decisions on spends amp foreign relations oosey compare to current legislation branch not chosen by the people elected for life Law of 12 Tables civil matters crimepunishment appied to patricians and plebeians Roman Republic served as a model gov for community in West for the next 2000 years Economic Peasants did agricultural labor that drove the economy Equestrians prospered from nancial opportunities that Rome39s territorial expansion provided Tiberius Gracchusgt pass a bill so that wealthy landowner39s land is redistributed to the poor China monopoly on silk production Roman demand for silk amp spices created a trade imbalance Religion Roman gods share same myths relationships as Greek gods Reshaped Judaism Diaspora dispersion ofJewish population after the Roman destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem Emergence of Christianity from Jewish roots Social Change Roman poetry architecture language and art were in uenced by the Greek predecessors Cites became quotlittle romesquot Most slaves captured in war Many slave masters used violence Women remained under control of fathers gt gave them more control CH RISTIANS Political Constantine rst Christian emperor encouraged practice of his faith second capital city Constantinople Justinian emphasized emperor at center of society impose uniform religious beliefs throughout empire suppressed local laws wanted only Roman law Economic spending on traditional buildings declined regular census to register all taxpayers gt more pro table amp ef cient Constantine re ned coinage system Solidus new gold coin had a xed gold content stabiized economy by restoring value of currency Religion lncusive looks to convert Bishop chief pastor w own staff of priests amp deacons main bishop metropolitan in east archbishop in west hierarchy emerged into Christian Church amp papacy Asceticismdesire to achieve spiritual union w God suppresses physical needs underies the monastic movement Social Change construction of churches showed replacement of myth w Peter amp Paul new religious festivals amp rituals use of AD year of the lord instead of BC monasteries gave women new opportunities gt nuns Charlemagne Political Persistent Warfare war 18 times w Saxons beieved he had an obligation to spread Christianity needed to protect borders from hostile tribes needed to satisfy his followers w opportunities for new lands Coun es reorganized gov around territorial units each count were rewarded w land from king sent to areas where they had no family ties amp serve as judge governor ect Economic lacked a standing army navy maintained roads and money economy most goods come from the east alternative to agriculture gt war Religion Church provided most vital foundations monarchs took charge of appointment of bishops strict hierarchy Cannon Law collected laws of Roman Catholic Church appied to disputes about church property amp donations marriage bastards protect widows amp orphans Christianity applied to everyone Social Change Carolingian Renaissance revivas of ancient Greek and Latin literature Charlemagne promoted intensive Latin study to promote gov ef ciency and propagate the Christian faith Dome of Charlemagne was the rst basilica in the West Society and Church gt Identical and overlapping Charlemagne reformed the clergy


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