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Fill in the Blank Guide from Week 1

by: Anna Ingleburger

Fill in the Blank Guide from Week 1 FWF 317 001

Anna Ingleburger
Princ Wildlife/Fisheries Mgmt
Richard J Strange (P)

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About this Document

This is the handout and answers from the first day of class. Chris said all of this would be on the test.
Princ Wildlife/Fisheries Mgmt
Richard J Strange (P)
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anna Ingleburger on Monday January 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to FWF 317 001 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Richard J Strange (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see Princ Wildlife/Fisheries Mgmt in Agriculture and Forestry at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
Fill in the blank Monday January 25 2016 256 PM lm 3W L quot1 ELinciples of Wildlife and Fisheries Management Spri An Exercise 1 The MultipleUse SustainedYield Act of I960 directed the US Forest Sewicc to manage for 5 broad multiple uses List 4 of these i Thaw 2 Graiing 3 mildliCe 4 Witter quot America s Iquot National Park was National Park and it was established in the year IS a a List 4 Divisions of the US Fish and Wildlife Service nNthl Wildlilc 7899 Ming sh Hammer aw 4 Law 6n otc mcn Migrato Biro Areal 4 List two types of public ands managed by State Agencies in Tennessee M as l 30 m h 2 Sim asks w wvglom s 5 What is the of cial name of TN s state wildlife management agency quotTNM v TN motile We Age 6 What is the name of TN s state forest management agency 10 39W owsszon ac W3 7 List one other State Agency that often hires wildlife graduates from UT 39lN st ate paths 8 What is the name of TN s state agency that serves as a bridge between private landowners and the state land grant universities Le their primary responsibility is research and education exb szm SC VR e s Write the private conservation organization title next to the acronym provided below 9 DU U ll lil39ea IOQF Que 62m ILTNC 17quot NAME Cp w39m y 12NWTFAQ M Mb Wuhan 1mg g me GOA 40 1 mph 0quot CtVCon i f 1 Wildlife Page 1 13 omitGLM1 MMLAELUME I u n l 5 What does NGO stand for Non30fquot 0 5 16 Whose slogan is Saving the Last Great Places on Earthquot quot u 839 Nam Conga vanaj 17am Vl k W l7 Which of the following is not one of then from above me hods w saw mp0 lands and waters 8 Conservation Easements t Domain winchase D Donations l8 NWTF and QU39s headquarters are located in 19 Wild turkeys have been restored across their original range so conservation of the wild lurkey is a major pan of NWTF s mission The second of its mission statement is hun og hartknee SC preservation of our 20 What is the primary mission of DU Hint It is habitat oriented What or mm pm 2 l Why does DU s business model wok so thus leads overall nancial gains M054 3 how 9oz 5 wtuicaha W 22 What is the name of the private conservation organization that partnered with the National Park Service to reintroduce elk into Great Smoky Mountains National Park 7 W 8 i won 23 What is the name of the private conservation organization whose primary mission is to improve habitat conditions for ruffed grouse 39VIuQM muse 50069 Write the Agency or Department name next to the acronym provided below 24 11515110ng 5M3 Meir Ii 561a nwnl oi quotL Eggs 25 Dorm 26 APHIS An39mal f but 27ACOEM 0 m5 drquot to greater support and Wildlife Page 2 I 28nm gl tfgaq aquot Wan Q 39c5 29 DODJAQLL 0399 DCCCNQ 30NPS East in 3 Nkcsm wuw gym 32 RAW AM W 33 tmwcl Mast q 34 USDA Un slug r 41 n m 35Usrws Untied state 33 wcCe Sewne muses 0 53910315 Su ice 37 TVA n ee V01 if 38NOAA Nod l Oceanic hulktic ASJOGWnmn Write the Agency or Dept acronym next to the appropriate blank Match them up USFS APHIS ACOE BIA DOD NPS NRCS EPA BLM USFWS USGS TVA NCAA 39 USS S Oversees endangered species protection on all lands 40 N manages National Monuments Historic Sites Memorials Battle elds Cemetan39es Recreation Areas Seashores Lakeshores Rivers Parkways 4 l Originally established to oversee the transfer of lands from federal ownership to private in the American West 42 Aprimary federal agency responsible for land and resource management on tribal lands 43 A writes and enforces environmental laws to work for a cleaner healthier environment for the American people 44 The lead federal wildlife management agency 45 Manages costshare 5 under various Farm Bill Programs 46 Ago QThe lead federal agency that oversees wetlands protection and enforcement 47 was to prom and preserve American agriculture by working to control invasive species and dealing with Wildlife damage issues Wildlife Page 3 3924 11I 4 a v 2 Irquot av 39 a u tun1quotquot Wildlife Page 4


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