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HLED 4403- Nutrition and Physical Fitness notes- Exam 3 Material

by: Lauren Notetaker

HLED 4403- Nutrition and Physical Fitness notes- Exam 3 Material HLED 4403

Marketplace > Arkansas Tech University > Nursing and Health Sciences > HLED 4403 > HLED 4403 Nutrition and Physical Fitness notes Exam 3 Material
Lauren Notetaker
Arkansas Tech University
GPA 3.926
Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Dr. Kirkpatrick

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About this Document

These notes will cover what is over Exam 3.
Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Dr. Kirkpatrick
Study Guide
nutrition, Physical Fitness
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Notetaker on Monday January 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HLED 4403 at Arkansas Tech University taught by Dr. Kirkpatrick in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see Nutrition and Physical Fitness in Nursing and Health Sciences at Arkansas Tech University.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
Nutrition and Physical Fitness Exam 3 Material 1 Cholesterol is the best known of the sterols 2 Which of the following is are characteristics of spreadable margarines made from polyunsaturated oils hydrogen is forced into the oil and some of the unsaturated fatty acids accept it the oil becomes harder after the hydrogen is added 3 Triglycerides consist of three fatty acids glycerol 4 Which of the following statements about trans fatty acids is true they arise when polyunsaturated oils are hydrogenated 5 Which of the following is not a desirable blood lipid value high LDL 6 You are talking with someone who is trying to decrease his intake of saturated and trans fat Which of the following items would you recommend as a coffee whitener skim milk 7 Which of the following fats is the most saturated coconut oil 8 What would you tell a person who says We shouldn t eat fat because all it does is make us gain weight You are not correct because fats provide most of the energy to fuel the work of our muscles 9 Fat stored in the body is used as a source of energy when not enough energy is available from food This process involves dismantling stored fat in fat cells and releasing components into blood 10 Overall the diets of the Mediterranean people are low in saturated fat high in complex carbohydrates and fiber 11 Which of the following is a protein catalyst which acts on other substances to change them chemically enzyme 12 Which of the following is not a function of fat in the human body carries the water soluble nutrients 13 Foods with hidden fat include coconuts and biscuits 14 15 16 17 18 19 When amino acids are degraded for energy their amine groups are stripped off and used elsewhere or incorporated by the liver into urea Which of the following groups of the USDA Food Guide contributes an abundance of highquality protein milk wheat Which of the following food groups does not provide significant protein fruits Your friend is a vegetarian who consumes large quantities of soy products in the place of meat From a nutrition perspective your friend is at a risk of developing deficiency iron An athlete consumes large amounts of meat in an effort to build extra muscle tissue This practice does not work because the body has no place to store extra amino acids The body converts amino acid residues to fuel or stores them as fat A person who lost a large amount of weight during an illness has been advised by a health food store employee that he should add amino acid supplements to his diet to help in weight gain What would you tell this person If he needs additional protein for recovery it should be as whole protein because the digestive system can handle that form better


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