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First Exam Study Guide

by: Maddibrooks

First Exam Study Guide GEOL105

Marketplace > College of Charleston > Geology > GEOL105 > First Exam Study Guide
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Earth History

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About this Document

A list of topics/concepts to know for the upcoming exam on January 29th. Some details and extra questions to cover more in depth of the topics. Covers lectures from week 1-3 and the first lecture...
Earth History
Study Guide
Earth History, Geology, Science
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maddibrooks on Monday January 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GEOL105 at College of Charleston taught by Egerton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see Earth History in Geology at College of Charleston.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Study Guide for 129 Exam Topics to know 1 Review Greeks and Fossils from 1St lecture not sure if this info will be on the exam 2 Geologic Timescale 3 Uniformitarianism 4 Basic Stratigraphy and Nicholas Steno a What were his 4 principles Can you identify them if given examples Unconformities disconformity angular conformity nonconformity 6 Fossils Types of fossils body fossils natural cast chemical fossil ichnofossil Taphonomy what is it What is the process What is Taphonomic bias 8 Decomposition what kind of organism is more likely to be preserved in the fossil record What conditions offer a good chance of being preserved Poor chance No chance What are examples of each organisms 9 Weather vs climate 10 Causes of Climate change atmospheric gas composition albedo plate tectonics examples a Are these independent factors Give an example of how they are aren t 11 Volcanism and it s contribution to climate change 12 Rain shadow effect 13 Causes of background extinctions disease habitat disruption climate change introduction of new predators introduction of new parasites niche competition and ocean current changes a Examples 14 What is required to be considered a mass extinctionquot 15 How are mass extinctions identified a Pattern breadth duration and magnitude 16 Lazarus Taxa 17 Name the 5 Big Mass Extinctions and their dates a Which was the biggest b Which marks the end of the dinosaurs 18 What are the Common proposed causes of the extinctions a Sealevel changes climatic changes Bollide impact volcanic activity b Which 2 theories are the most popular cause scientists to go back and forth between Why 19 Evolution what is it Is it the same as Natural Selection Whywhy not 20 Meaning of survival of the fittestquot quotFitnessquot 2 1 Adaptations vs Exaptations a Examples 22 Natural Selection is it random Examples 23 What are mutations and how are they relevant to natural selection 24 Homologous vs Analogous examples S gt1 a Is the pandas thumb a thumb like humans have Is it analogous or homologous 25 Artificial selection what is it Examples 26 Who was Thomas R Malthus 27 Red Queen Hypothesis 28 Does natural selection create variation a No but explain why 29 Also topics to be covered in Wednesday s 127 lecture 30 Review assigned readings videos and previous quizzes 31 My uploaded notes have the answers to all of these 00 In Faded II M 0 0 may W 001 24 9 may Boom 37 PalaceIo 53 m 68 a M 44 Tubal zoo Pauln 245 W 235 W 320 3 DOW 350 amquot 405 WHO 43 Won 505 g 545 g 2500 i W 02001 StocksColo Thomson Loammg Memorization technique for the order of the periods Can Others See Down My Pants Pockets Tom Jones Can Tom s Quirky Cambrian Ordovician Silurian Devonian Mississippian Pennsylvanian Permian Triassic Iurassic Cretaceous Tertiary Quaternary


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