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AU / Biology / BIOL 1010 / What is the function of integuments?

What is the function of integuments?

What is the function of integuments?


School: Auburn University
Department: Biology
Professor: Kearley
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Biology, Skeletal System, and homeostasis
Cost: Free
Name: Bio Week 1 Notes
Description: These notes cover Homeostasis and Integument, and the Skeletal System
Uploaded: 01/27/2016
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What is the function of integuments?


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1/19/16 homeostasis -Stable internal operating conditions within the body

ex. temperature so blood ph (3/75) integument-protective outer covering of

at the body a. functions

What is the function of the dermis?

-protection from abrasion, bacterial attach,

ultraviolet radiation, dehydration - helps control internal temperatures

-sensory receptors detect environmental

Stimuli b. structure of skin tosis

- epidermis Dunn

L several layers of cells (living cells

Listratum basale: inter- always dividing) on most layer of epidermis (mitotic)

What is the function of oil glands in the skin?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the difference between primary succession and secondary succession?

Somelanocytes darven the suin / protect

against uv rays Lystratum corneum outermost o layer (dead skin cells), flattened.

dead cells keratin - dermis

7 mostly connective tissue composed

of collagenlelastin (proteins) Lihouses blood vessels, lymph vessels,

Oil/sweat glands,sensorynerves C.sweat glands, oil glands, hair arrector

pili muscles a

- sweat slands produce fluid in response If you want to learn more check out What are aerosol particles in the atmosphere?

to stress (fright, overheating) -oil glands lubricatelsoften the skin, We also discuss several other topics like What is responsible for transmission of hereditary material?

produce secretions that reduce bacterial populations

DUST MITE leat deadskin



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1/19/16 - hair.root embedded in dermis -arrectorpili: smooth muscles that are attached to hair follicles (goose bumps) If you want to learn more check out Why did hester prynne name her child pearl?

ex. hypertrichosis... genetic

condition, causes exess

shairgrowth oil glands: 88 (dot in the middle)

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(elongated donut) 1/21/16 WRINKLES...

cl. skin cancer

- most common form of cancer in the us

3/2 of cancers found each year Obasalcell carcinoma Don't forget about the age old question of Who is the father of western civilization?

squamos cell carcinoma

o malignant melanoma - melanoma: accounts for almost 3/4

deaths due to skin cancer

5yearsurvival rates localized - 98%. bsregional -62%

Lydistant -15% @ muscoskeletal system

a. homans have an endosueleton composed

of bone/cartilage Tresist compression) (b. cartilage

-hyaline cartilage: tracheal rings, end of lacuna nose, end of sternum, inarticulating joints. Don't forget about the age old question of What should you consider the country of origin of the t-shirt you are wearing?

(buffer between bones)

-elastic cartilage: external ear chondrocyte - fibrocartilage: foundio intervertebral








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1121/16 c.bone structurelfunctions.

-bone function

interact w/muscles to move the body support protect (sive us overall form) depository (calcium important)

blood production (marrow producing red/

90 white blood cells) -bone structure de

is compact bone: found on outside of bone

> osteocytes(bone cells): found in compact

bonelhoused in lacunae lamellae Shaversian systems found in compact osteocyte 2 bone composed of concentric circles.

canaliculi called lamellae

@center of each Haversian system haversian canal

is the haversian canal: contains blood

vess elsinerves is canaliculitiny channels that connect

haversian canals to osteocytes.

spongy bone: found mostly in epiphysis, contains red marrow that produces

blood cells CLICKER QUESTION: Which of the following is true? son

C.cartilage heals more slowly than bone arb. bonelcartilage cells are housed in

lacunae moal d. there are numerous Haversian systems in

eaach section of compact bone

-bone formation and remodeling

Istart with cartilase model-secretions made by osteoblasts (osteocytes) become mineralized a



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