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UA / Mexican American Studies / MAS 150 / Is bestiality legal in some states?

Is bestiality legal in some states?

Is bestiality legal in some states?


School: University of Arizona
Department: Mexican American Studies
Course: Sex & Aids of the 21st Century
Professor: Professor estrada
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: MAS150, Sex & Aids of the 21st Century, Sex and Aids, and Estrada
Cost: 25
Name: Study Guide Test 1
Description: This is the complete study guide for test 1
Uploaded: 01/27/2016
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Midterm #1 Study Guide 2015

Is bestiality legal in some states?

1. What three ancient cultures have influenced modern sexuality?

­ Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Abrahamic (Christian)

2. What factors are included in Sexual Health?

­physical, mental, and emotional factors

3. What do healthy relationships include?

­consent, communication, respect, healthy sex

4. Is anal sex legal or illegal in most states?


5. Is the frequency of bestiality in the U.S. low or high among adolescents? ­low 8%

6. What are some of the reasons for increased breast size in women?

­garment industry, increase in overweight, excessive estrogen, PCBs in enviorment 7. What is the “average” penis size?

­ 3 to 5 when not…5 to 7 when

What is the comstock act about?

8. Is cancer directly related to breast problems among women?


9. Among high school students, which sexual orientation has the highest rate of ever having  sex?

­gay and lesbian

10. Among high school students, which sexual orientation has the highest rates of condom  use?


11. Which age group of college women had the highest rates of oral and anal intercourse? ­ 20­24

12. Which age group of college women had the highest rates of forced sex? ­20­24

13. What does the term “Hooking Up” refer to?

­ Short lived, emotionally shallow, non exclusive, casual sex, neck

14. What precautions should people take in order not to contract a STI? ­ Condoms, protection

What is the origin of the term pornography?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the us constitution mean?

15. According to one expert mentioned in class, what is Love?

­ Lust, romantic attraction, attatchment 

16. What hormones are secreted when one is in Love?

­serotonin, norepinephrine, testosterone, estrogen

17. What was the Comstock Act?

­act of suppression of trade in and circulation of obscene literature and articles of  immoral use

­Us supreme court devised a three parttest to determine weather a work was obscene 18. What is the origin of the word “Pornography?”

­ PORNI GRAPHEN prostitute and to write GREEK

19. What is the world’s oldest profession?


20. Is prostitution legal or illegal in most of the world?


21. Is pedophilia legal or illegal in the U.S.?


22. Was oral sex ever illegal in the U.S.?


23. In what year did the U.S. overturn Sodomy Laws?


24. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), what is the prevalence of anal sex  among men who have sex with men? We also discuss several other topics like What people legally may or may not do?

­2/3 of gay men have oral sex

25. What does the term “miscegenation” mean?

­interracial marriage or sex

26. In what year did the U.S. Supreme Court overturn miscegenation or anti­miscegenation  laws?


27. What does “STI” mean?

­ Sexually transmitted infections

28. What does “HPV” mean?

­ Human papilloma virus

29. What STI’s are bacterial in origin?

­syphilis, gonorrhea, cancroid, chlamydia 

30. What STI’s are viral in origin? We also discuss several other topics like Why is opportunity cost necessary in economic expansion?

­HPV, herpes, HIV

31. What STI’s are protozoan in origin?


32. How can a person prevent themselves from getting an STI?

­Latex condoms

33. Genital Warts are caused by which STI?


34.  How many types of HPV are there?

­more than 40 types

35. What can happen if syphilis goes untreated?

­Could cause death, numbness, blindness, difficult coordinating muscle, dementia,  paralysis

36. What was the Tuskegee Experiment?

­the us gov conducted experiment with African american men who had syphilis denying  them treatment in order to study what STIs

37. STI racial/ethnic disparities are greatest for what two STIs?

­congenital syphilis and gonorrhea

38. Chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause what in women if left untreated? ­ Damage reproductive organs, pelvic imflamatory disease, infertility, 39. Which racial/ethnic group has the highest rates of primary and secondary syphilis? ­African americans

40. What are some factors that may account for STI health disparities? ­distortive sexual networks, gender imbalance, having a lot of sexual partners,  concurrency

41. How is HPV transmitted?

­oral, anal, vaginal We also discuss several other topics like What does econometrics use to estimate economic relationships?

42. Some types of HPV can cause what types of cancers?

­ Cervical, throat cancer

43. Is there a difference between “Transsexuals” and “Intersexed”?

­yes, in middle middle sexes max is born with ambiguous genitalia

44. According to Lee Ann Hamilton, what percentage of persons 18­24 become infected with an STI?


45. What did Lee Ann Hamilton discuss in class?

­most UA students sexually active, always use condoms, women’s health (pelvic exams  and pap test), condom on football Don't forget about the age old question of What are the reasons for studying the history of landscape arch?

46. What did Dr. Krista Millay discuss in class?

­healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent and tea, sexual assault (20% UA women) 47. When is consensual sex consensual?

­when all parties give consent, individual can revoke consent even after already giving it 48.  Several questions from “Middle Sexes” video. Don't forget about the age old question of Does a seller have a seller's surplus?

­most animals partake in homo and heterosexual activity

­currently supportive of noah but do have concerns and reservations

­TRUE –show scientific research on transgender brain development and found a  connection between brain structure and gender identification

­Max is born with ambiguous genitalia max is identified as INTERSEX ­hijras in india are considered and identified as a THIRD SEX

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