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Japanese 202- Chapter 15 Study Guide

by: Adrianna Martin

Japanese 202- Chapter 15 Study Guide Japa 202

Marketplace > Ball State University > Japanese > Japa 202 > Japanese 202 Chapter 15 Study Guide
Adrianna Martin
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

The study guide covers vocab, grammar, and kanji. All kanji readings and meaning as well as explanation of radicals is included. Suggestions of some ways to remember the vocab are included. Conjuga...
Japanese 202
Miho Endo
Study Guide
Japanese, Genki, vocab, grammar, kanji
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Adrianna Martin on Thursday January 28, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Japa 202 at Ball State University taught by Miho Endo in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Japanese 202 in Japanese at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 01/28/16
Vocab Nouns イイイイイイイ Internet (Sounds like internet) イ Picture; painting (eh, that is a nice picture you have there) イイイイイ Movie theatre (movie + place) イイイイイイ Foreign person (overseas + person; guy + koku [guy from china is a foreigner]) イイ Furniture イイイ Night club (sounds like club) イイイイ Experience (have you experienced cakkin’? You know, making cakes?) イイイイイイ Marriage ceremony (to marry [イイイイ] + イイ) イイイ Earthquake (jee, Shin feel from the earthquake) イイイイ Deadline イイイイイ Jacket イイイイイ Custom (One Japanese custom is to not leave your shoes [k]on when inside) イイイイ Tax イイイイイイイ Graduation ceremony (to graduate [イイイイイ] + イイ) イイ Soba noodles イイ Map (A map has a lot of water. イイ has イイ) イイイ Battery (similar to イイイ electricity) イイ Garden イイイイイ Presentation イイイイ Broadcast program イイイ Swimming pool (sounds like pool) イイイ Pet (sounds like pet) イイイ Insurance イイイ Schedule イイイイ Japanese-style inn イイイイイイ Discount coupon イ-Adjectives イイイイイイイイ spacious; wide イ-Verbs イイイイイイイ To buy イイイ To withdraw (money) イイ To draw; to paint (drawing/painting is just more refined writing) イイイ To look for イイイ To invite イイイイ To chat イイイイ To date (someone) To keep company イイ To arrive イイイイイイイ To buy insurance イ-Verbs イイイイイ To be cautious/careful イイイイ To look into (a matter) イイイ To be visible Irregular Verbs イイイイイイ To do sightseeing イイ To decide on (an item) イイイイイイイ To graduate イイイイイ To reserve Adverbs and Other Expressions イイイイイイイ All day long イイ But…;so… イイイイ Recently イイ Number イ -Th イイイイイ One more time Grammar Volitional Form Volitional form is more tentative than イイイイイ For イverbs, change the イ sound in dictionary form to an イ sound and add イ For イ verbs, change イ in dictionary form to イイ イイイイイイイイイ イイイイイイイイイ Casual Let’s You can form casual phrases about doing something with someone by leaving the verb in this form. (This is the casual way of saying イイイイ) Ex. イイイイイイイイイイイイイ (How about we go shopping in town?) イイイイイイイ(Yes, let’s go) Tentative Plans You can also express your tentative plans by adding イイイイイイ orイイイイイイイイ after the verb. イイイイイイ suggests that this is something you have decided to do on the spot, while イイイイイイイイ suggests you have given the action some thought. This is also the form you use when talking about other people’s plans. Ex. イイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイイ Mary-san is thinking of going over seas. Volitional form + イイイイイ/ Tentative I’m thinking of doing イイイイイイイ something Short non-past + イイイイイ Intend but not firmly I intend to do planned something Short non-past + イイイイイ Scheduled/reserved/pla I’m scheduled to do this nned thing. This is not limited to physical scheduling of something. Ex. You think about going to your Mom’s next weekend (volitional form + イイイ イイイ). You talk it over with your sister and she agrees, but you haven’t actually asked your mom if this date works for her yet (イイイイイ). You call your mom and ask if that date works for her. She agrees (イイイイイ). Talking to yourself Volitional form + イイ. This is not on the test! イイイ Use イイイ when you are saying that something was done or needs to be done in preparation for something else. It is formed from イ+ イイ. Can be added with: イイイイ to say please do something in preparation for it イイイイイイイイ イイイイ to say I want to do something in preparation for it イイイイイイイ イイイイイイイ to ask if you can do something in preparation for it イイイイイイイイイイ イイイイイイイイイ to say that you must do something in preparation for it イイイイイイイイイイイイ イイイイイイイイ to ask someone if they think doing something sounds like a good idea (How about we do this in preparation for it?) イイイイイイイイイイイ Qualifying Noun Phrases You place a sentence phrase in short form before a noun to better describe the noun you are talking about. In this way, the phrase acts like an adjective modifying the noun. For イ-adjectives use イ instead of イ For nouns use イ instead of イ If イ would normally appear in the noun phrase you need to replace it with イ. イ marks the topic of a sentence, and the topic of the sentence not the phrase modifying a noun. Leaving イ would make the sentence harder to understand. Ex. イイはイはイイイイイイイイイ(This is the movie that my mom liked). The subject of the sentence is this movie, not the speaker’s mom. Kanji イ - death; to die Left radical イ Right radical イ イイイイ- イ イイイイ- イ(イ) イイ- イイイ- the dead (dead people) イ - mind; meaning Top radical to stand Bottom radical heart イイイイ- イ イイイイ- None イイ - イイ- meaning イイ - イイイ- opinion イ - flavor; taste Left radical mouth イイイイ- イ イイイイ- イイ イイ - イイ- meaning イ - to pour; to shed Left radical water (イイイイ) イイイイ- イイイ イイイイ- イイイ イイ イイ- イイイイ(イイ)- watch out イイ イイ- イイイイイ(イイ)- to order イ - summer Top radical hat Middle radical self Bottom radical legs During the summer you should only walk outside while wearing a hat. イイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイ イイ イ- イイイイイ- summer vacation イ- fish イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイイイイイ イイイ - イイイイイイイ イ - temple イイイイ- イ イイイイ- イイイイイ イイ - イイイ- temple イ - spacious; wide Left and Top radical clif Inside radical イ イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイ(イ) イ イ- イイイ- spacious; wide イ - to roll over; to fall Left radical car イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイ(イイイイ) イイイ - イイイイイ- bicycle イ イ- イイイ- to fall down イ- to borrow Left radical person Right radical イイイ イイイイ- イイイイイイイ イイイイ- イ(イ) イ イイ- イイイ- to borrow イ- to run イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイ(イ) イ イ- イイイ- to run イ - to build イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イ(イイ)イイ(イ) イイ - イイイイ- building イ イイ- イイイ- to build イ - ground Left radical- soil イイイイ- イイイ イイイイ- N/A イイ - イイ- basement; underground イイ イイ- イイイイ- subway イ - place Left radical- soil Top radical- day イイイイ- イイイ イイイイ- イ イイ - イイイ イ - Foot; leg イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイイイ(イイ) イ - イイ イ イイ- イ(イイ) イ - to pass; to commute Left radical- road; path Top radical- katakana イ イイイイ- イイ イイイイ- イイイイイイイ イ イ- イイ(イ) イ イ- イイ(イ) Practice Questions Practice Questions Answers


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