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UT / Forestry/Wildlife/Fisheries / FWR 250 / What are natural resources and their types?

What are natural resources and their types?

What are natural resources and their types?


School: University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Department: Forestry/Wildlife/Fisheries
Course: Conservation
Professor: Professor graves
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: FWF 250 With Graves
Cost: 25
Name: FWF 250 Week 2 notes
Description: 2nd week of notes
Uploaded: 01/29/2016
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Lon Sipes PhD (Rating: )

Yes YES!! Thank you for these. I'm such a bad notetaker :/ will definitely be looking forward to these


What is natural resources and its types?



What are natural Resources ooal - anob

-SWARA - Soil, water, air Plants Animals.

to Humons- our actions affect the faff of our resources oto Historical landscape perspective bomen ovanst Don't forget about the age old question of What are the three main assumptions of classical realism?

☆ -2 Million notive americans in the Southeast

What is the best example of a cultural landscape?

3 Settlers found pristine beaches 09 A 6 - Southeast was NOT completely forrested

mofirst forests seen were Maritime forrests

-Tidal marshes

on-filled with mosquitoes, gators, Wildlife - Europeans brought disease to Indians - Giant forests - Native Americans burned the land to

What is the era of abundance?

If you want to learn more check out In what ways does reasoning vary between adults and children?

- which leads to pine tree growth in uplands & piedmont T WAS NOT a landscape dominated by trees If you want to learn more check out How and why people are different?

- Savannah / grasslands / Prairies a

- Sporse trees in Moshly grassland - popwared by Bisca, Buffalo (in mid 1700s) u Meadowlark (small youlow Bird)

- Heathen leastern prorie Chicken) Cummi-disappearred due to over hunting

- lost population in Mortha's Vineyard (early 1900s) Don't forget about the age old question of Who invented a seed drill that was a breakthrough?

-Lek- Breeding ritual by moles for females - Early u.s. Was either grossland/ forest

disoppeared from Native Americans / mother-nature & Beaver-natural species in North America that is a We also discuss several other topics like What are the shapes of the four orbitals?

Tort natural disturbance, but benefits plants & animals. A -Desoto-sponish Explorer- Pre-colonial soos

Tu la s - Native Americans using fire w/out control William Bartram - (1700s) also mode notive american

burn references


Reading assignment - Plant & animal extinctions A Era of Abundance - 1500-> 1849 (land of milk thoney) A Era of Exploitation - 1850 1899 If you want to learn more check out How did the colonists react to the albany plan of union?

- grassland associated species of birds in most danger

- Tennessee named for Tanasi, capital of derokee nation - Cumberland County or

-Crab Orchard & West grass covered prairie land

- with tall grasses, no frees, w/ deer elkt buffalo.

-indians burned land to run game for kill Longle of pine forest

-dominated qu million acres

- LOVES Fire Mosaic of Habitat conditions

-fire, insect cutbreaks, ice, floods Tulip Poplar

-only tree that occurs throughout all stages of


- lives to 500 years old Settlement after 1800

-opened landscape even more for agriculture . -high intensity land use

- reduced natural plant communities Settlement

- During the 1800s, American population increased

from 5 to 76 million

- 1819, all land east of missippi river settled Exploitation (1850-1899)

- Railroad Changed logging + allowed access to

interior, previously never touched forests. - People misunderstood the book of Genesis

- man was NOT meant to rule world



1-28-16 continued... Exploitation continued

-Cultures advance only when porticipants learn from past A Most abundant bird on planet earth? Passenger Pigeer

Alexander Wilson

- father of scientific ornithology

-Said one flock consisted of 2 million Birds

John Audubon Elongated Nesting Colonies

- -droppings thick enough to kill forest understory & Species became extinct due to disruption during nesting seasons

Carolina Parakeet

- Only native Parrot, now extinct Ivory billed woodpecker

-fly via undulation -Bird of Southeast - lives in swampy riverine forests - each breeding pair needed 3 sg. miles of area -Cash river wildlife refuge in Ark, may be home to them



Punt guns

- large shot guns used to kill water fowl - homemade Connons - loods equivalent to 10+ Shotguns

- hunters killed between 400-500 ducks/geese a day Markes hunting for waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans)

at one time, unreguated hunting was illegal

- Song birds trobinss sold also. The plame (feather) trade

- people paid top-dollar for feathers

- plame trade - 1st national wild like refuge

- at Pelican Island in A

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