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WSU / Physics / PHY 2130 / Define displacement.

Define displacement.

Define displacement.


School: Wayne State University
Department: Physics
Course: Introduction to Physics
Professor: Jeffrey conn
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: Wayne State University and Physics
Cost: 25
Name: Wayne State PHY 2130 General Physics Week 3 Notes
Description: These are the notes from week 3 of class: 1/25/16 and 1/27/16. They cover Chapter 1 and 2 topics including: kinematics, displacement, vectors and scalars, average speed, velocity, average velocity, instantaneous velocity, acceleration, average/negative acceleration. Hope this helps :)
Uploaded: 01/30/2016
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Week 3 Physics Notes - 2130

Define displacement.

11/2516 Ex. Jet flies a constant speed of 1200 mhr for 17 8 min

What distance does the jet cover?

2156km Question 2 on Velicity is related to acc and distance by v2-20x9 .

Find the power of of that makes it dimensionally correct If you want to learn more check out What does gorgias claim rhetoric to be?


What is the difference between vectors and scalars?

Don't forget about the age old question of Are huguenots and calvinists the same?

3 Racer completes 20 mile marathon in 210 hours What was

her average speed?

mi 11004 m

289 figs zlomi 2037 mix Ihr 1609 m 5.4m in We also discuss several other topics like Can you access a public field through a static method of the class?

2. 16hrs no hr 36oos Irm W If the radius of the a sphere is increased by 5%. its volume...

What is free fall?

V (105) V (5) who is faster, a person who can run wom in tos, or

100 yds in 108. (6) Convert 55 m/s to milh...no no bora

o Cour travels in positive chrection Graph of distance it has

moved as a function a time is shown. What is the significance of the slope? wha. We also discuss several other topics like What are labor standards?


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Chapter 2- motion in one dimension Dynamiss involves motion of an object and the relationship blw that motion and her uncepts. kinematics is the abstract part l dynamics. Quantities in motion Three types displacement venicity modern ideas of motion

Copernicus developed the heliocentric theory

Galileo developed the iclescope * Position is defined in terms of frames of reference * Displacement - defined as the change in position We also discuss several other topics like It is a movement of water to disperse particles. what is it?


Ludy Sou

Stue SOU

= final, i- initial units are in meters Displacement Examples If you want to learn more check out T3 and t4 synthesized from what?

• From A to B

-Xi= 30m

-xf=52m is now oer word 1 -ax=22m ) displacement is positive meaning motion is in the positive x direction

Graphical displacement representation N

downward slope = negative direction

upward slope positive direction displacement greater slope of grach - greater velicity


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vector and scculars Stue Vectors have both magnitude (size) and direction

I holded and arrow over the lever de

tor-sign for direction

• Scolars are inte described by magnitude 1 h speed - Scalar quantity for vector velocity

. Al momentum camus is a vector quantity

• Force is also a vector


Displacement & Distance Nai ex. Throw an object up and catch it again at the same point you released it.

distance is twice the height now

• displacement is rero and a vector quantity



• Average speed is defined as total distance waveled divided by Foral time lapsed

average speed path length

L elapsed time - speed is a scalar

•Path length and tolas time are positive, so speed will be

positive as well.

Path length vs. Distance - distance only depends on end points

- doesn't matter what happens as-Vlxe-xi) 2 ty Vi) 2 blw endpoints.

•magnitude of displacement on


• caverage velocity is the rate at which displacement occurs

Vanacages AX X X


Stua Souto

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• Velocity can be positive or negative

Al is always positive

• Average speed & average velocity a t our units: m/s ft/s, cm/s Speed vs. Velocity

De b has a higher speed table travailed

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Nudy Soup




Average velocitat constant astraight line indicates terapi

constant P Islope change in vertical axis rise and has units

Change in horiz axis or Average Velocity non constante

• Average vewalty is the slope of the straight line joining the intial and final points de Instantaneous Velocity

indicates what is happening it every point Stu At Dt of time.


average velocity DE radius 105 average speed tr


Chapter 2 continued


• Frames of reference - position is defined in terms of..

• Displacement is defined as change in position

• Energy is not a vector quantity 1. Velocity can be positive or negative but speed cannot

Acceleration in

Changing velocity means an acceleration is present

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity: AV. Vf-vi

At fet Average Acceleration

•Vector quantity

•When an object's verkity and acceleration are in the same

direction, then the speed of the object increases with time.

•When the object's vewcity and acceleration are in opposite directions, the speed of the object decreases wl time.

Negative Acceleration doesn't necessarily mean the object is slowing down

o studysoun

Study so


Study So

S Study SONY

Instantaneous and uniform Acceleration Greetical frample



ustantaneous all,


.) Study se

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Relationship between Velocity and Acceleration

• Velocity and

• Acceleration

• velocity is

acceleration are in the same direction. is uniform increasing Carrows are getting longer)


• Velocity is decreasing (slowing down)

• acceleration is constant (-) Equations for constant. uniform Acceleraren

V = Votat

ax= vt = 1/2 Wotvit DX = Vot t at2 v2 = 1, 2+260x




AX= Vot vt . Vot (Votat)t Graphical Interpretation of the Equation

NE-Votat s lope

A2 = (allt at2




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) Stud Soup

Free Fall

• objects moving only under

• all objects falling near the

Constant acceleration.

the influence of earth's surface


fall with a

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