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Chapters 7-8 study guide

by: Alyssa Martinez

Chapters 7-8 study guide HSC 300

Marketplace > Arizona State University > HSC 300 > Chapters 7 8 study guide
Alyssa Martinez
GPA 3.79
Complementary Healthcare

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About this Document

Complementary Healthcare
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alyssa Martinez on Friday February 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HSC 300 at Arizona State University taught by Savaglio in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 117 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Chapter 7 Herbs and Nutritional Supplements Herbal medicine used by 80 of the world s population 0 Most popular CAM therapy in the US 0 It is a billiondollar industry Possess fewer and milder side effects as compared to prescription drugs Saintohn s wort has a 2500year history of safe and effective use and was prescribed as medicine by Hippocrates Health care providers outside the US generally better accept herbal medicine than other CAM therapies and they combine it with other conventional treatments 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act controls herbs and other dietary supplements 0 Dietary supplements cannot make speci c medical claims Much of what is known about herbs comes from Germany 0 Commission E reviewed all available literature on 650 herbal medicines issuing recommendations for their use Synergism combined action of two or more substances producing a greater effect than the sum of the effects of the individual substances action alone Tea tree oil antimicrobial effects due to several different chemicals make it nearly impossible for an infectious microbe to build up resistance to it Phytonutrients chemicals present in plants that make the plants biologically active 0 Also responsible for giving plants their color avor and natural disease resistance 0 Products of photosynthesis or are substances that serve as defense mechanisms against predators Antioxidants group of vitamins minerals enzymes and herbs that help protect the body against naturally occurring free radicals molecular species containing an unpaired electron 0 Internal sources emotional stress and strenuous exercise 0 External sources air pollution cigarette smoke factory and car exhaust smog pesticides herbicides food contaminants chemotherapy and radiation Plantderived products 0 50 of all prescription and overthecounter drugs sold in the US are derived from plants Madagascarperiwinke found to arrest cell division so dramatically that it is being used to treat acute leukemia and Hodgkin s disease Safety 0 Not all plant life is bene cial 0 Examples jade holly poinsettia schef era philodendron and dieffenbachia Herbs can also interact with drugs Treatment 0 Can be used as a preventive a tonic or a treatment Extracts and tinctures made by pressing herbs with a heavy press and soaking them in alcohol or water which after evaporation yields a concentrated extract lnfusion preparation of the delicate parts of plants similar to making tea Decoction preparation of the more resilient parts of plants Research 0 American Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1995 organized as an educational foundation to disseminate information regarding the pharmacology actions indications dosages side effects contraindications drug interactions and toxicology of herbs 0 Evidence from Joanna Briggs Institute herbs may be bene cial in treating a variety of conditions but caution must be used owing to possible complications and lack of evidence Grade B Chapter 8 Aromatherapy Aromatherapy therapeutic use of essential oils of plants to heal the body mind and spirit 0 Used to treat symptoms so it has neither a theory of heath and illness nor a system of diagnosis Scientists have long known that certain scents have the power to evoke strong physical and emotional reactions but rarely is this CAM therapy used in conventional medicine practice Aromachology describes the scienti c study of fragrances both natural and synthetic as applied to psychology and behavior Essential oils background 0 Come from all over the world 0 Only 3 of essential oils are used in therapy 0 Remaining 97 are used in the perfume and cosmetic industry Almost all ancient cultures recognized the value of aromatic plants in maintaining health 0 Ancient Egyptians used scented oils daily to soften and protect their skin from the harsh dry climate 0 Also created various fragrances for rituals and ceremonies Preparation 0 Many schools open in United Kingdom France and Japan Aromatherapists practice in a number of settings including private practices general medical clinics and hospitals Essentials oils volatile oils that are distilled or cold pressed from plants stored in tiny pockets between plant cells where they are derived from 0 Leaves eucalyptus peppermint petitgrain 0 Flowers lavender rose Blossoms neroli 0 Fruits lemon mandarin orange Grasses lemongrass 0 Wood camphor sandalwood Barks cinnamon 0 Gum frankincense Bulbs garlic onion 0 Dried ower buds clove Hydrosols sometimes called plant waters extracted from plants during the process of steam distillation Use in aromatherapy is quite new but growing due to its gentle and high effectiveness in low dilutions How Essential Oils Work Smell is key Vomeronasa organ VNO small cavity inside the human nose that appears to specialize in detecting pheromones without people s conscious awareness o Activates the central nervous system as well as the respiratory tract 0 Applied externally essential oils can calm in amed or irritated skin soothe sore muscles decrease muscular tension and release muscle spasms o It is also believed that there is a psychological component to the effect of essential oils 0 Odors associated with either positive or negative emotional feelings and experiences trigger the same feelings when smelled at a later date Treatment 0 In uence health on physical mental and emotional levels 0 Have the ability to penetrate cell membranes and transport oxygen and nutrients to the cell The purity and authenticity of essential oils is critical to their effectiveness Aromatherapy can be used to Prompt the body and mind to function more effectively Decrease and manage stress Aid restful sleep Reduce weight Boost the immune system Minimize the discomforts of illness and speed recovery Refresh a room environment Essential oils are quite potent and can irritate the skin need to be distilled before being used on skin Carrier oils apricot kernel oil sun ower oil soy oil sweet almond oil grapeseed oil sesame oil avocado oil jojoba and wheatgerm oil Blending together two or more pure essential oils can create a synergistic effect the blend can be more powerful than the sum of its parts OOOOOOO Research on aromatherapy is in its infancy and much of it has been performed on animals and isolated tissue cultures Few trials have been conducted on humans under clinical conditions


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