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Biol190 Unit 5 Checklist

by: Stacy Downing

Biol190 Unit 5 Checklist BIOL 190

Marketplace > Towson University > Biology > BIOL 190 > Biol190 Unit 5 Checklist
Stacy Downing
GPA 3.94

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About this Document

Very helpful for the exams!
Introductory Biology for health professions
preeti shah
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stacy Downing on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 190 at Towson University taught by preeti shah in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 165 views. For similar materials see Introductory Biology for health professions in Biology at Towson University.


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Date Created: 01/30/16
Checklist for Unit 5 Homologous Chromosome- why there are two in a diploid cell, what is a sister chromatid Difference between HCP and sister chromatid How will you show replicated and non- replicated chromosome Explain well between Diploid (2n) cell and a Haploid cell (n) - Diploid has 2 copies for any gene- why- m and p both present? Haploid cells (egg, sperm) will have one copy of a gen, Why? How is diploidy restored in cells? Why is it needed to have haploid gametes (in chromosome numbers) What are key events of Mitosis? How is chromosome number restored in Mitosis? What happens to HCP- all lie on equator in metaphase; SC from each chromosome goes into opp. Poles (that’s how the chromosome number is restored to same number of chromosomes in daughter cells) Almost NO chance of variation in mitosis What are the key events in Meiosis? What happens in Meiosis 1 and Meiosis 2? What is the difference between these 2 stages of Meiosis What are the key events in the whole sexual reproductive cycle of individuals that introduce variability in offspring’s produced. Tetrad formation (CO) in P1, independent assortment of chromosomes (which phase??), what is the third one- when two gametes fuse?? (Review Origins of genetic variation) What are the starting cells of Mitosis? (almost all cells ??), what are the starting cells of Meiosis (in ovaries, in testes – what are those cells given the specialized names) Difference between gene and allele? Difference between sexual and asexual reproduction Tay Sachs disease- autosomal recessive disease- Know in detail- Affected individuals ‘hh’. No XY usage in autosomal diseases inheritance pattern. Name of enzyme which hexa gene codes for- remember “Hexo” “sami” “nidase” – A, lysosomal enzyme- what does this enzyme do? What happens if this enzyme does not function properly? Symptoms? Remember about this disease in detail as it has importance in clinics. Difference between dominant and recessive alleles? Some genetic problems where you should be able to fill the genotype of individuals ( what is ‘A’ or ‘a’ in autosomal dominant or recessive conditions, what happen in X linked recessive conditions- how you make punnet square. In any situation what will be the gametes which will be formed What is Genotype and Phenotype? What are Mendels laws of Inheritance? Genes taken in consideration in Medels Laws are Unlinked genes and are present on different chromosomes. Non mendelian inheritance- Multiple alleles (ABO blood type), example of blood type inheritance. Incomplete dominance- example in humans in hypercholesterolemia Codominance- again ABO blood types is example where A and B sugars are equally present when IA and IB alleles are present?? Understand the visual summary- Level of dominance figure which will be posted in last lecture ( complete dominance, incomplete and codominance) Pleiotropy- Sickle cell anemia, check the level of dominance table which will be the last lecture slide consolidating the levels of dominance A plant homozygous for the dominant red flower color(R) is crosses with a plant with white flower (R) - Write an allele key OR=red; r=white- What are the genotype of the parents? ORR (red); rr (white) – what type of gametes can each parent produce? ORR all R; rr  all r (good idea to circle the gametes AS NOMENCLATURE)- What are the genotype of the F1? R O all Rr R Rr- What are are the pheotpyes of F1? O all red


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