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MUSIC 105 Listening Study Guide Midterm

by: Stacy Downing

MUSIC 105 Listening Study Guide Midterm MUSC 111

Marketplace > Towson University > Music > MUSC 111 > MUSIC 105 Listening Study Guide Midterm
Stacy Downing
GPA 3.94
Intro to Music in the US
Samuel Baltimore

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About this Document

This is a huge part of the exam
Intro to Music in the US
Samuel Baltimore
Study Guide
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Stacy Downing on Saturday January 30, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MUSC 111 at Towson University taught by Samuel Baltimore in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 100 views. For similar materials see Intro to Music in the US in Music at Towson University.


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Date Created: 01/30/16
Intro to Music Listening Chapt er2 quotEl corrido de Gregorio Cortezquot Composer Anonymous Genre Corrido Timbre Male duet Texture Homophonic Form strophic Meter triple quotBarbara Allenquot Composer Anonymous Genre Folk Ballad Timbre Pete Seeger s voice Form strophic quotShenandoahquot Composer Anonymous Genre Folk Ballad Timbre Pete Seeger with guitar Texture Monophonic Meter duple quotNo More Auction Block for mequot Composer Anonymous Genre freedom song Timbre Odetta s voice with chorus Texture homophonic Form Strophic Meter duple Chapt er3 quotOld Hundredquot Composer Bourgeois Genre Psalms tunes Timbre accapella choir Texture homophonic Form Strophic Meter duple quotTis the Gift to be Simple Composer Brackett 18005 Genre Dance song Timbre male and women singing Texture monophonic Meter duple Chester Composer William Billings17505 Genre Patriotic Song Timbre chorus Texture Homophonic Form Strophic Meter duple quotWhen Jesus Wept Composer William Billings 17505 Genre Canon Timbre mixed chorus Texture Monophonic Meter Triple quotSherburnequot Composer Reed 18005 Genre fudging tunes Timbre mixed chorus Texture Polyphonic Form ABB Meter duple Chapt quotThere ll BeJoy Joy Composer Macdermid Genre gospel hymn er 5 Joyquot Timbre3 soo voices Texture homophonic Form strophic Meter duple quotAmazing Grace Composer Anontmous Genre spiritual Timbre Jody Colins voices and harp Form Strophic Meter triple quotNobody Knows the Composer Anonymous Arranger Brown Genre Trouble I ve Seenquot spiritual Timbre Robeson voice and piano Texture Homophonic Form Strophic quotNearer My God to Composer Mason Genre hymn Timbre choir and Theequot organ Texture Homophonic Form strophic Meter duple Chapt quotLe bananier Composer Gottschalk 18505 Genre character er 7 piece Timbre piano Texture homophonic Form themeamp variation Meter duple quotFuga giocosa op41 no3quot Composer Paine18505 Genre classical Timbre Piano Texture polyphonic Meter duple quotSymphony in E minor Composer Amy Beach 19005 Genre symphony movement Timbre orchestra Form ABA Meter duple Chapt er11 quotBlue Yodelquot Composer Rodgers ealry19005 Genre country Timbre Rodgers voices trumpet piano Texture homophonic Form strophic quotThe Ballad of Casey Jonesquot Composer Saunders Genre Ballad Timbre Johnny Cash voice banjo Genre Ballad Texture Homophonic Form versechorus Meter duple quotEa rl Brea kdown Composer Scruggs 19505 Genre bluegrass Timbre guitar banjo mandolin ddle bass Texture homophonic Form versechorus Meter duple quotMele of my tutu Equot Composer Danny Ku Genre Hapa haole song Timbre 3 male vocalists guitar percussion Texture Homophonic Form strophic Meter duple Chapt er14 quotMr Tambourine Manquot Composer Bob Dylan late19005 Genre Folk Rock Timbre 4 male vocalist Texture Homophonic Form Versechorus Meter duple Chapt er19 quotBess You Is My Woman Nowquot Composer Gershwin 19005 Genre Opera Timbre orchestra bass ampsoprano voices Form Strophic Meter duple Texture homophonic Spaceship Composer Glasslate19005 Genre opera Texture polyphonic Meter free Chapt quotGeneral Putnam s Composer Charles Ives early19005 Genre er 20 Campquot program music Timbre orchestra Texture polyphonic Form ABA Meter duple quotAt the Riverquot Composer Charles Ives early19005 Genre Song Timbre Bass voice and piano Texture homophonic Form versechorus Meter duple quotThe Bansheequot Composer Cowell early 19005 Genre Experimental piano music Timbre strings of the piano Texture monophonic Form composed Meter free quotGamelan Gon Composer anonymous Genre gamelan music Kebjar Hudjan Masquot Timbre xylophone orchestra Texture pholyphonic Meter free quotSonata Vquot Composer Cage19505 Genre prepared piano music Timbre prepared piano Texture polyphonic Form binary Meter duple Chapt quotFanfare for the Composer Copland mid19005 Genre band music er 21 Common Manquot Timbre brass and percussion Texture homophonic Meter duple quotHoedownquot Composer Copland mid19005 Genre modern dance music Timre orchestra Texture homophonic Form ABA Meter duple Adagio Composer Samuel Barbermid19005 Genre string ensemble music Timbre string orchestra Texture homophonicpolyphonic Form arch Meter duple quotAfro American Composer William Grant Still mid19505 Genre Symphony 3rCI Symphony movement Timbre orchestra and banjo movementquot Texture homophonic Form ABA Meter duple Chapt quotVoncequot Composer Ceely late19005 Genre xed media er 22 Timbre percussion brass woodwind strings Form ABA quotSound Patternsquot Composer Pauline Oliveros Late 19005 Genre Experimental choral music Timbre mixed chorus Chapt quotNew England Composer Schumanmid19005 Genre symphonic er 23 Triptych 3rel movement Timbre orchestra Texture Homophonic movementquot Form free Meter duple Maggie and Millie and Molly and May Composer Walker late 19005 Genre Art song Timbre soprano and piano Texture Homophonic Meter Duple


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