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Study Guide For Exam 2

by: Mikysha Pressley

Study Guide For Exam 2 ENC 3250

Mikysha Pressley
GPA 3.656
Professional Writing
Renee Rallo

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About this Document

Chapters 5 and 8
Professional Writing
Renee Rallo
Study Guide
Professional Writing
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mikysha Pressley on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ENC 3250 at Florida Gulf Coast University taught by Renee Rallo in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Professional Writing in Writing at Florida Gulf Coast University.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
Chapter 5 Business Writing Documents and Elements Feasibility Reports Page 143 o Presents evidence about the practicality of a proposed project based on given criteria 0 Contains four parts an introduction body conclusion and a recommendation 0 The introduction states the purpose of the report and what the report is about subject and also some background information The body is a description or detailed review for achieving the goal of the project Incident Reports 144 o Are used to analyze events such as accidents equipment failures or health emergencies Investigative Reports 144 0 Offers a more precise analysis of yourjobs problem or issues in response to a need for information For instance a company would ask for feedback from its workers Progress Reports 147 o Are details on a task or activity completed for a major workplace project and focuses on the ongoing work 0 Reports on the status of a project Proposals 150 o A proposal is a document written to persuade readers on how they can bene t by solving a problem or ful lling a need None are informative 0 Informal Proposals The most common type of proposals and are typically used for small spending request 0 Formal Internal Proposal usually request to commit to large amounts of money 0 External Proposals are prepared for clients and customers outside your company Unsolicited proposals are those submitted by a company without a prior request and are usually preceded by a letter of inquiry 0 Missing from the formal proposal is the summary 0 The textbook directs you to close proposals by being courteous Trip Report 166 o A written account of business travel to an event and its accomplishments Sale Proposals 157 o A major marketing tool for businesses and industries and are legally binded once they are submitted Chapter 8 Presentations and Meetings 231 When preparing presentations Organize your information 0 Determine the amount of information necessary to tell your message 0 Be aware of your audience Audience s best remember how you start and close your presentation so it has to be organized and clear 243 Visuals 246 o Wellplanned visuals add interest focus and emphasis on your presentation Also clari es and simpli es your message 0 Can help the audience because it s more simple or easily understandable than what you re saying When delivering you message be sure to move and use gestures so that your audience know you re engaged 248249 0 Active Listeners take action make decisions interprets the message and decides it worth Planning a successful meeting 0 choose a good time and place to hold the meeting decide who you want to be there 0 determine the focus of the meeting Agenda s Should always be prepared to ensure you cover all the topics you wish to cover Assigning the minute taking 0 Of cial records of the meeting 0 Has to always be accurate complete and clear Dealing with con ict o Is inevitable but you should tell the person to let others nish in a rm manner 0 Always be prepared don t depend on technology 0 Practice makes perfect when presenting


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