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ECU / Philosophy / PHIL 2274 / What is psychological egoism theory about?

What is psychological egoism theory about?

What is psychological egoism theory about?



What is psychological egoism theory?

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Psychological Egoism

theory. we are all egoists by nature

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by John Stuart Mil(1806-1873) Mill studied views of Jeremy Bentham

- believed there are 2 sovereign masters - their job

What is the utilitarianism theory of ethics?

to determine what you shall do + should do (pleasure + pain) pieasure : sex, recognition, accomplishment, food, exercise pain: death, grief, injury, disease, deprivation Eutility = pleasure - paing

if pain, pleasure > Stop doing it

Does mental health bring happiness?

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Happiness mental state pleasure, pain- feelings associated wl the body (in mind) We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between disease and illness?

- pleasure leads to happiness

X is right IFF x maximizes utility for effected group as a whole (what's best for whole bop together) brings about greatest amount of pleasure


decision matrix

1 2 3 4 5 - - - - -

. 5 people trapped, havent eaten 5. can be rescued in 3 days

B Cam Lottery




L = I life o neutral. Hal dead If you want to learn more check out Why aren’t we active?

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According to utilitarianism, Cannibal Lottery is best option for all, Better chance of Survival 37-5 We also discuss several other topics like What is a type of individual value that is concerned with power and prestige, often at a cost to others, and incorporates a critical and power-oriented view?

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@ StudySoup Don't forget about the age old question of Why do particles move down a concentration gradient from high to low concentration?



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Categorical imperative

by Immanuel Kant (wrote The Critique of Pure Reason sowie

and Grounding)

• Golden Rule - given by confucius - answered: Shu - treat others the way you want to be treated If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between unsaturated, saturated and supersaturated?

do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Sovie stated in most religions

kant didn't believe in Golden Rule - peopie wish to be

treated differently

• Friedrich Nietzsche (d. 1900) didn't like Golden Rule - believed in living wl power can't all be equal

hate enemies

• Kant dislikes Golden Rule:

| Permits some immoral acts 2. Fails to require moral duties

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Categorical imperative unconditional command If you want to learn more check out What is a third variable that affects both the explanatory and response variable and makes it seem like there is a connection?

- most be followed under any condition > X is right IFF you can will X to be a universal law

X: maxim (whatever you are doing) universal law: what if everyone did it


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Case 2.1

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tud, Soup

& Studysouls

· Harvard Business School - Harvard was sending out acceptance rejection

letters months later - applicants found way

to access Harvard site to view accept reject - couldn't change decision but could view - in 9 hours - 119 applicants logged on to

view results Harvard then rejected these 119 applicants - considered 'hacking unauthorized obtaining

of information 19705 - Harvard admission stopped looking at legacy + Soley view grade s -- lost so much money + had to let legacy back in

Case 2.2




Pinto car - public wanted smaller, fuel efficient car - Lee Tacocca w Ford wanted to make cheaper

fuel efficient cars - Economy had select days to get gas (alphabet - Pinto - Compact, small car tested qas tank

in back - kept expioding, add cheap metal bar - manufactured 12.5 m * & bar → 137m 8 - 180 deaths, 180 burned, 2,100 totalled Pintos muays200,000 $67,000

$700 repair anticipated losses



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