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Polisci110G midterm study guide

by: Erica Evans

Polisci110G midterm study guide Polisci110G

Marketplace > Stanford University > Political Science > Polisci110G > Polisci110G midterm study guide
Erica Evans
GPA 3.9
Governing the Global Economy
Kenneth Scheve

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About this Document

Terms to know + readings/studies
Governing the Global Economy
Kenneth Scheve
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Erica Evans on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Polisci110G at Stanford University taught by Kenneth Scheve in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Governing the Global Economy in Political Science at Stanford University.

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Date Created: 01/31/16
Polisci 1 1 0G Midterm Study Guide Important terms 1312016 Practicing defining the following terms and ideas Before the exam I will release another document with the definitions and explanations m 1 Trade integration Quantity measures Relative magnitude Price measures Policy measures Absolute advantage Comparative advantage Opportunity cost Consumption indifference curves Production possibilities frontier The Ricardian Model of Trade Economies of Scale 2 Static gains Dynamic gains Infant industries Spillover effects Optimal tariff theory Consumer surplus Producer surplus Majoritarian model Prisoner s dilemma Nash equilibrium Collective action Asymmetry within groups 3 Factor of Production Sector of Production Factor Mobility Factor intensiveness of production relative factor abundance HeckscherOhlin Model StolpherSamuelson Model Multiplier effect Specificfactors Model RTAA 1934 Congressional logrolling Reciprocity 4 American Internationalism SmootHawley Tariff International Trade Organization GATT Most favored nation WTO WTO negotiating rounds Dispute settlement International externalities Political externalities Indefinite repeated interaction Titfortat strategy Beggarthyneighbor policy Political holdup 6 Multinational Enterprises Foreign Direct Investment Locational advantages Intangible assets Horizontal integration Vertical integration Specific assets Alternative development theory Corporate income tax 7 4 core labor rights Race to the bottom Subcontracting outsourcing Directly owned Marketseeking horizontal FDI Efficiencyseeking vertical FDI Political risk and FBI 8 Hegemonic Powers Hegemonic Stability Theory Sanctions Bilateral sanctions Multilateral sanctions Studies Articles Frankel and Romer 1999 Rodriguez and Rodrik 2001 Mancur Olson s Logic of Collective action Alt and Giligan Maggi and RodriguezClare Krasner 1976 Gowa and Mansfield Irwin Mearsheimer


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