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CLARION / Science / CIS 110 / What is digital data?

What is digital data?

What is digital data?


School: Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Department: Science
Course: Computer Intro Process
Professor: Jeffrey childs
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: CIS
Cost: 50
Name: CIS study guide for exam 1
Description: These questions will definitely cover exam 1
Uploaded: 02/03/2016
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CIS Study Guide for Exam 1

What is digital data?

1. Digital data can text that have been converted into discrete digits such as 0’s and 1’s.

2. The process of converting information, such as text, numbers, photos, or  music, into digital data that can be manipulated by electronic devices is  called digitalization.

3. Numeric data consist of numbers that can be used in arithmetic operations. 4. The binary number system allows digital devices to represent virtually any  number simply by using 0’s and 1’s.

5. ASCII requires 7 bits for each character.

6. Unicode uses 16 bits and provides code for 65,000 characters. 7. A group of eight bits is called a byte.

What is digitalization?

8. Transmission speeds are expressed in bits, whereas storage space is  expressed in bytes.

9. Compressed files usually have .zip at the end of the file menu. 10.Digital audio is music, speech, and other sounds represented in binary format for use in digital devices.

11.Sampling rates refers to the number of times per second that a sound is  measured during the recording process.

12.Most music for portable media players is stored in compressed audio formats 13.Digital audio is stored in a variety of file formats, including WMA, WAV, MP3. 14.Speech recognition enables people to control software with spoken  

What is numeric data?

We also discuss several other topics like How are ecology and evolution related?

commands, as well as dictate text into a word processing document. 15.Which of the following is a type of bitmap format? TIFF, RAW and PNG. 16.Today’s color display devices represent color using the RGB color model. 17.The number of colors available in a graphic is referred to as color depth. 18.Most graphics software uses a process called pixel interpolation to create new pixels by averaging the colors of nearby pixels.

19.In the context of bitmap graphics editing, what technique employs algorithms that pull pixels from one area of an image and then apply them to another  area? Cloning We also discuss several other topics like What is the capital city of libya?

20.What is the term used to describe altering the pixel colors where the edges of the object and the background meet, so that the object appears to merge  with the background? Alpha blending 

21.Which of the following options are well suited for using vector graphics?  Lineart, logos and diagrams 

22.Which of the following file extensions is a vector graphic? .Svg, .Eps and .Al 23.What is another term for vector graphics software? Drawing software 24.3-D graphics are based on vectors stored as a set of instructions describing  We also discuss several other topics like What is the study of psychology?

the coordinates for lines and shapes in a three-dimensional space. What do  these vectors form? Wireframe 

25.Which of the following is the technique for adding light and shadows to a 3-D  image? Ray tracing 

26.Which of the following tools would be found in 3-D graphics software?  Rendering, Ray tracing and surface texture tools 

27.Digital video is a core technology for which of the following? Digital television, video conferencing systems and video messages.

28.Which of the following is a factor in the quality of digital video? Frame rate,  resolution, color depth and compression technique 

29.The number of frames that are displayed per second is measured in FPS. 30.Today’s widescreen devices, such as laptops and smartphones, are designed  for the 16:9 aspect ratio. Don't forget about the age old question of What is the academic integrity?

31.Bit rate is the number of bits that are processed during a specific unit of time, usually one second.

32.A codec is the software that compresses a video stream when a video is  stored, and decompresses the file when the video is played.

33.Which of the following is a type of digital video container file? MP4, AVI and  Vob 

34.Which of the following is based on computer technology? Tablets , eBooks  and game consoles 

35.Input is data that is entered into a computer. Output is the result produced by a computer.

36.Most computers have temporary holding areas called memory 37.The primary purpose of systems software is to help the computer system  monitor itself in order to function efficiently.

38.The electronic components of most digital devices are mounted on a circuit  board called a system board. We also discuss several other topics like What is the classification of amino acids?

39.The term system unit refers to the part of a digital device that hold the  system board. We also discuss several other topics like What is the self-reported survey?

40.The most popular battery type used in today’s electronic devices in lithium  ion.

41.At its time of construction, one of the fastest computers in the world is  referred to as a Tianhe-2. 

42.Originally called microcomputers, personal computer are designed to meet  the computing needs of individuals.

43.Which of the following is an example of a computer that is small, lightweight  personal computer that is designed like a clam shell? Laptop 

44.Which of the following is an example of an operating system that is used by  smartphones? IOS, androids and windows 

45.Modern refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances are controlled  by integrated circuits called microcomputers that combine sensors with  processing circuitry.

46.What type of computer should you consider purchasing if you want a system  that is ideal for dedicated games, serious designers, desktop publishers and  video editors? Desktop  

47.What type of computer should you consider purchasing if you want a  portable system that is great for consuming content such as eBooks, music  and videos, but not so great for creating content or multitasking? Tablet 

48.A set contains a collection of instructions for actions that the circuitry in a  microprocessor can perform.  

49.Microprocessors can’t directly understand programming languages, so  programs have to be converted to machine language that corresponds to the  microprocessors instruction set.

50.In a microprocessor, the control unit fetches instructions.

51.Processors that execute one instruction at a time are considered to be serial processors.  

52.RAM is a temporary holding area for data and programs.

53.Which of the following is an important consideration when evaluating storage  options for digital devices? Durability, Dependability and capacity 54.Which of the following is an example of why hard disk drives are so popular? Low cost 

55.Data transfer rate is the amount of data a storage device can move per  second from the storage medium to the RAM.

56.Which optical storage technology stores data permanently on a disc, which  cannot be subsequently added to or changed? Read-Only 

57.Which of the following is a drawback of using cloud storage? Increased  security risk, possible service outage and discontinuation of service.

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