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CSU - BC 103 - LIFE 102 Unit 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

Created by: Lauren Caldwell Elite Notetaker

> > > > CSU - BC 103 - LIFE 102 Unit 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

CSU - BC 103 - LIFE 102 Unit 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

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background image 1. Define genome
2. What makes up chromatin?
3. When do you see chromosomes in a cell?
4. That is ploidy?
5. When will a cell be either diploid or haploid (for humans)?
6. What is the difference between kinetochore and centromere?
7. At what point in cellular replication is DNA replicated?
8. Explain what G0 is and when a cell will go into it
9. What are two differences between a Cleavage Furrow and a Cell Plate?
10.What is so unique about cancer cells?
11.What is the difference between heredity and genetic variation?
12.What term does this define? “Haploid cells that unite with another haploid cell
to produce a zygote” 13.What do I mean when I say I have a pair of autosomal homologous  chromosomes? 14.What is the difference between homogametic and heterogametic organisms?
15.What type of chromosomes is produced from crossing over?
16.When does crossing over occur?
17.What is the difference between random fertilization, independent assortment,
and crossing over? 18.What is a tetrad? What does that term mean?
19.What is a Chasma, and what happens?
20.What are three benefits to asexual reproduction? Two faults?
21.What are three benefits to sexual reproduction? Two faults?
22.What are the two “goals” of Meiosis?
23.Relative to the lifespan of a cell, how long is the N stage of a cell?
24.What is an “N” stage of a cell?
25.How many cells are produced from one “round” of Mitosis? Meiosis?
26.Who the heck was Gegor Mendel and what breeding varieties did he work 
with? 27.At what stage does the Law of Independent Assortment kick in in a cell’s  reproduction? 28.What is the difference between the law of Indpendent Assortment and the law of Segregation? 29.True/False: interbreeding usually occurs within the F1 generation to produce  the F2 generation 30.What is the first generation of a genetic experiment called?
31.What is a dihybrid cross?
32.What is a Test Cross and what do scientists use it for?
33.Give an example of incomplete dominance and codominance.
34.True/False: blood types are a case of Pleiotrophy in humans.
35.What is Epistasis? What example was given in class related to this?
36.What is polygenic inheritance and can you provide/explain an example?
37.True/False: Most genetic diseases are multifactorial – a combination of 
multiple genes and environment impact. 38.True/False: Haploid organisms exhibit a form of dominance that is particular  to the gene at hand 39.Humans are X-Y Sex determinants. What is the X-0 sex determinant type?
40.What type of sex determinant do birds express?

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants
Professor: Jennifer Dewey
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Life 102, Tanya Dewey, and Study Guide
Name: LIFE 102 Unit 3 Study Guide
Description: This was shared with every LIFE 102 student this last semester, and people walked into the class with their versions in hand. The girl sitting next to me during the test became a good friend, and she to this day claims that i saved her grade. A series of questions that go over every class lecture.
Uploaded: 02/03/2016
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