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Histology Final Lab Exam Study Guide

by: Kiara Lynch

Histology Final Lab Exam Study Guide Bio 405

Marketplace > La Salle University > Biology > Bio 405 > Histology Final Lab Exam Study Guide
Kiara Lynch
La Salle

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About this Document

These notes provide pictures and descriptions of structures to help with identification of these structures on the final lab exam. The topics are the respiratory system, urinary system, endocrine ...
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This 49 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kiara Lynch on Tuesday February 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 405 at La Salle University taught by in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Histology in Biology at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 02/02/16
FINAL LAB EXAM Respiratory Slide 69- Soft Palate Slide 16- Esophagus and trachea Area for expansion (esophagus) In between esophagus and trachea- CT (loose or dense) Folds in cartilage Muscle in between ends of cartilage ring CT- perichondrium Luminal surface of trachea- pseudostratified columnar with cilia Slide 29- Trachea Slide 15- Primary Bronchi Discontinuous cartilage plates Pseudostratified columnar  columnar Cartilage plate Slide 18- lung Alveoli Blood vessels Bronchioles; columnar  cuboidal  flat Cartilage  smooth muscle Pneumocytes, septal cells and macrophage Urinary System Slide 19- Kidney Cortex- Bowman’s capsule, glomerulus simple squamous Proximal convoluted tubule- simple cuboidal, brush border (microvilli) Juxtaglomerular complex Medulla- open, no glomeruli, channels running in same direction Loops of Henle Peritubular capillaries- simple squamous Cuboidal cells  collecting ducts Slide 20- Ureter – upper & lower Lumen folds Transitional epithelium on lumen CT Smooth muscle Slide 21- Urinary Bladder Endocrine System Slide 57- Adrenal Gland Zona glomerulosa Zona fasciculata Sinusoids- pick up material so hormones can get into bloodstream quickly Slide 39- Adrenal Gland CT capsule Spongeocytes in zones fasciculate Cortisone Produces neurohormones- ganglion of ANS Apud cells- norepinephrine and epinephrine Slide 58- Thyroid Gland Follicles Produce thyroxin- regulates metabolism; embryological Tall cuboidal cells Interfollicular cells- produce calcitonin- regulates blood calcium levels In between follicles Parathyroid hormone Slide 111- Parathyroid Glands interspersed with adipose Signals osteoclasts to be produced which release calcium to form bone Slide 45- Pituitary gland Pars intermedia Residual lumens- posterior and anterior grow together and leave spaces that don’t seal Pars distalis- chromopobes, chromophils (acidophilic, basophilic) Pars nervosa- vasopressin, oxytocin Slide 96- Pineal gland Nondescript tissue Brain sand- takes dark stain/ shrivels during fixation Slide 52- Pancreas Nervous System Slide 99- Neuron smear for Nissl Slide 119- Teased Nerve Fibers- Osium Slide 104- Peripheral Nerve Cross Section Bundles of axons Myelinated fibers CT encloses axons, fascicles, and nerves Slide 14- CNS Slide 43- Spinal cord and ganglion White matter Axons in cross section with myelin washed out; H&E Neurons and supportive cells Ependymal cells- produce spinal fluid Anterior horn cells Slide 81- Neuroglia Molecular layer Layers of triangular glandular cells White matter Slide 98- Spinal ganglion Supporting cells Axons running through ganglion Satellite cells Lipochrome pigment Slide 97- Sympathetic ganglion Slide 41- Cerebrum Slide 42- Cerebellum Slide 95- Cerebellum (silver stain) Reproductive Systems Male Slide 27- Testes, Mature Slide 88- Testes, epididymis Slide 107- Testes, Rete Testes, Efferent Tubules Slide 77- Epididymis Slide 28- Spermatic cord Slide 30&36 - Seminal Vesicle Slide 66- Prostate and Seminal Vesicle Slide 67- Cowper’s gland Slide 22 & 85- Urethra (prostatic) Slide 23- Urethra (membranous Slide 24- Urethra (cavernous) Slide 25- Penis Female Slide 31- Ovaries Slide 79- Ovary, senile Slide 87- Ovary, corpus luteum Slide 32, 33, 110, 118- Oviduct Slide 34- Uterus, body Slide 35- Uterus, cervix, & vagina Slide 37- Cervix Slide 78- Vagina Slide 38- Mammary gland, inactive Slide 90- Mammary gland, active


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