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Flashcards / vision the crisis of reconstruction, 1865-1877

vision the crisis of reconstruction, 1865-1877

vision the crisis of reconstruction, 1865-1877


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Name: vision the crisis of reconstruction, 1865-1877
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Radical Republicans

Former abolistionists who controlled Congress and Reconstruction in the late 1860s

black codes

Laws passed by southern states to limit the rights of freedmen

Freedmen's Bureau

Agency established by federal government to aid former slaves

Fourteenth Amendment

1866, Amendment that defines citizenship and guarantees equal protection under the law (Equal Protection Clause), ratified 1868 after Congress made ratification a prereq. for readmission to Union

congressional Reconstruction

The four Reconstruction acts that Congress imposed on the SSouth in 1867


Process to remove president from office, attemptet BUT FAILED in case of Andrew Johnson

Fifthteenth Amendment

1869, Amendment guaranteeing men the right to vote: Prohibited the denial of suffrage becuase of race, color, or previous condition of servitude

Thirteenth Amendment

1865, Prohibited slavery in the United States


Northerner who moved south after the Cicil War, supported Republicans and Reconstruction


Southerner who supported Reconstruction

Enforcement Acts

banned the Klan and similar groups

1883 Civil Rights Cases

Dicisions in which the Supreme Court threw out major laws to designed to protect freedmen. (Fourteenth Amendment did not protect from discrimination by individuals)


System in which tenant farmer paid a share of the crop as rent to the landowner

crop lien

often created a cycle of debt that tied tenants to sharecropping

Cr?dit Mobilier

one of several scandals to engulf Frant administration


Southern Elit who returned to power as Reconstruction wound down


Boubon term for regaining control of South

Compromise of 1877

Deal that gave northern Republicans the presidency and restored southern Democrats to power, ending Reconstruction