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Social Psychology Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Vienna Clark

Social Psychology Exam 1 Study Guide PSY 2401

Marketplace > Temple University > Psychlogy > PSY 2401 > Social Psychology Exam 1 Study Guide
Vienna Clark
Melinda Mattingly

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About this Document

Exam 1 is this Friday, February 5th. It is on Chapters 1 to 3. Good luck!
Melinda Mattingly
Study Guide
social psychology, Psychology
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Vienna Clark on Wednesday February 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 2401 at Temple University taught by Melinda Mattingly in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY in Psychlogy at Temple University.


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Date Created: 02/03/16
Social Psychology Exam 1 Study Guide Chapters 13 Chapter 1 What is social psychology 0 Scientific study of how we think feel and behave in a social context Social Psych vs Personality Psych Social Psych vs Cognitive Psych Social Psych vs Sociology Automatic vs controlled processes Unconscious vs conscious processes Drives 0 What we need to motivate our behavior Chapter 2 Hindsight Bias 0 Tendency for people to exaggerate how much they could have predicted an outcome after knowing that it occurred Scientific Method 0 Question theory hypothesis research 0 Question hypothesis research theory research 0 Theory findings of organization of a lot of stuff I Hypothesis is under theory being tested Basic research to answer general questions such as why people behave as they do Applied research research conducted to solve a particular problem Operational definition Construct validity extent to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure Representative sample 0 Population 0 Random sample 0 Convenience sample Observational designs 0 Naturalistic 0 Lab observation Research designs what are they 0 Descriptive O Correlational 39 Correlational coefficient 0 Positive 0 Negative 39 Correlations cannot show cause and effect 0 Experimentation I Independent variable I Dependent variable I Quasi experimentation I Control variable I Experimental condition I Control condition Internal validity Doubleblind study Singleblind study External validity I Experimental realism I Mundane realism 0000 0 Research ethics 0 Informed consent 0 Confidentiality O Debriefing O Deception Chapter 3 0 The Self O Selfconcept total of an individuals beliefs about their own self 0 Selfschemas a belief a person holds about themselves that guides self relevant information processing 0 Recognition of self 0 Progression of sense of self 0 Knowing ourselves Introspection Telling more then we know Affective forecasting Selfperception theory Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation Facial feedback hypothesis Body posture 0 Knowing ourselves via Others 0 Social comparison theory 0000000 0 Knowing ourselves via others and emotions 0 Two factor theory of emotion 0 Knowing ourselves via memory 0 Autobiographical memories I Memories of first I Flash bulb memory 0 Knowing ourselves via culture 0 Cultural differences I Independent view of the self I Interdependent view of the self 0 Gender differences I Relational interdependence I Collective interdependence Self Esteem O Person s self evaluation 0 Affective component of the self 0 Need for selfesteem I Sociometer theory I Terror management theory I Selfdiscrepancy theory I Selfawareness theory Self Regulation 0 Process of controlling thoughts feelings or behavior to achieve a goal 0 Regulating ourselves Self Enhancement 0 Better then average effect Implicit egotism Self serving bias Self handicapping Bask in re ected glory BIRG 0 Cutting off re ected failure CORF Impression Management 0 Self presentation 0 Self verification 0 Self monitoring 0 O O O


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