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UNCC / Statistics / STAT 1220 / How do you find the mean and median of a given variable?

How do you find the mean and median of a given variable?

How do you find the mean and median of a given variable?


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EX. student takes 10-question true-false x= number of questions he gets right We also discuss several other topics like What is an acetosyringone?

a.) find mean and standard deviation of random variable x We also discuss several other topics like • What are the roles of each government?

Is x a binomial R.V? → yes

                                If you want to learn more check out What are assets?

                        We also discuss several other topics like When were the Millennials born?

b.) find probability the student gets exactly 6 right

        binomial pdf(10,.5,6)= .205

c.) find probability that student will obtain a passing grade of 60% or greaterIf you want to learn more check out What is a cell within the nervous system that receives and transmits info?


1-binom cdf(10.5,5)

If you want to learn more check out What pertains to collected data that may be accessed and analyzed using tools and techniques that assist managers in decision making?

Chapter 1

1.) Population, sample

        Estimation on 100 people’s height at uncc

Chapter 2

1) Mean                5) Standard dev.                9) z-score

2) Median                6) Range

3) Mode                7) Percentile Location

4) Sample                8) Empirical rule

Chapter 3                                                * Binomial R.V - no key words

  • Formula def., probability                        Properties 1) repeat several times

                                                        2) “Success / failure                

Chapter 4                                                3) We care about # of success

  • Discrete R variables

Properties 1)eney p()= 0 and 1 inclusive

        2) sum of all prob. = 1

Find mean / expected value and standard deviation

D. M=E(x)-

Section 3: Conditional Probability and Indp. Events

Conditional probability of A given B denoted D(A/B) that A has occurred in a trial of random experiment for which it is known that B def. Occurred

        Rule: P(AnB)/P(B)

        Ex. cara selected in seq. prob. 2nd cara is queen if the first is king.


        Event A and B are independent if P(AnB)=P(A)P(B)

        If not, dependent

* Independent ≠ not mutually exclusive

ー have nothing to do with each other

ー cannot be shown

ー nothing in common

ー (A) (B)

Chapter 4: Describe Random Variable

Random Variable: represent a numerical value associated with each outcome of a random exp.

        1(x)= number of heads in tossing 2 coins

        2(x)= time it takes to go home

Discrete random variable: if it is a definite or countable number of possible outcomes that can be listed, represented counted data.

Continuous random variable: if it has an accountable number of possible outcomes, cannot be listed

Discrete probability distribution: list each possible valuable the random value can assume together within probability

Mean, variance, standard dev. for expected value.

Mean                        Variance                        Standard Deviation


Binomial Distribution        

Random experiment has the following characteristics

        1. ) there are n identical and independent trials of a common procedure

        2.) there are exactly two possible outcomes for each trial, one termed “success” and

other “failure”

3.) Probability of success on any trial is the same as p then the discrete random variable

x counts the number of success in the trial is the binomial random variable with

parameters n and p

        We also say that x has binomial distribution with parameter n and p.

Ex. Toss coin 10 times Let X= number of heads. Then x has a binomial distribution with parameter 10 and

* calc tip = 1 var stat  binomial pdf (at x=2)

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