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Biol 1230 Microbiology Quiz 1 Notes Chung

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1 review
by: LaVacha Daughtery

Biol 1230 Microbiology Quiz 1 Notes Chung Biol 1230

Marketplace > University of Memphis > Biology > Biol 1230 > Biol 1230 Microbiology Quiz 1 Notes Chung
LaVacha Daughtery
University of Memphis

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About this Document

These notes cover quiz one.
King-Thom Chung
Study Guide
Microbiology, Biology, Science, college
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1 review
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"Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much LaVacha!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol"
Zoie Lehner

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by LaVacha Daughtery on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Biol 1230 at University of Memphis taught by King-Thom Chung in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 166 views. For similar materials see Microbiology in Biology at University of Memphis.


Reviews for Biol 1230 Microbiology Quiz 1 Notes Chung

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Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much LaVacha!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol

-Zoie Lehner


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Date Created: 02/04/16
Microbiology 1230 Exam 1 Study Guide Chapter One:  Microbiology is the study of all microorganisms (microbes) in the microscopic range. These include bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses, viroids, prions, and protozoa.  The germ theory of disease states that microorganisms (germs) can invade other organisms and cause disease.  The development of high quality lenses by Leeuwenhoek made it possible to observe microorganisms and later to formulate the cell theory.  Progress in microbiology and acceptance of the germ theory of disease required that the idea of spontaneous generation be refuted.  Spontaneous Generation means life came from non-living materials.  Louis Pasteur disproves the fallacy of spontaneously generation.  Anton von Leeuwenhoek is considered the first microbiologist.  Bacteria, archaea, and protists are all single-celled organisms. Viruses are acellular (without cell).  Biogenesis is the belief that life came from pre-existing life.  Joseph Lister developed aseptic surgery.  Vaccination for smallpox was developed by Edward Jenner.  Angelina was the first person using agar and to be incorporated into the culture media.  Ignaz Semmelweis discovered that puerperal fever was transmitted by physicians’ hand.  The Black Death is also known as Bubonic Plague.  The Black Death was caused by Yersinia pestis.  Archaea are considered to be one of the three domains of life. They lack cell walls and are responsible for some human diseases.  Microbes are important to study because of their relation to human health (the diseases they produce.)  A parasitologist studies parasites wherever they occur and whether they are viruses, bacteria, worms, insects, or protozoa.  Microbes decompose dead organisms, aid the digestive processes of grazing animals, and capture energy from the Sun.  Viruses were initially identified as small infectious agents that could pass through filter. They borrowed the use of existing metabolic and replicative mechanisms of the host cells they infected.  A microorganism that causes disease is a pathogenic.  Microscopes were crucial discoveries to the found of the field of microbiology.  Algae never cause disease in humans.  A substance derived from one microorganism that kills or restricts the growth of other microorganisms is best described as antibiotic.


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