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PE 3060 January Notes

by: Logan Harker

PE 3060 January Notes PE 3060

Logan Harker

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About this Document

These notes covered up to Exam 1
Dr. Thomas
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 46 page Study Guide was uploaded by Logan Harker on Friday February 5, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PE 3060 at Southern Utah University taught by Dr. Thomas in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see Biomechanics in Physical Education at Southern Utah University.

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Date Created: 02/05/16
I I I ta I rlu c$tuu 1t, ?a O r\t:f1X,V,-( ( \n trU q m/w I darytta'I^att. :1\r0G[ud^1Jcry.Llats.r. ftt-{/, '14<ote I ,(ztuM 6q tte4A -Nucrr rv\s l ,Lpga$'r oLLq [u,r*fu),-\taLtl r i,ig.',..a"[1@ts p'urt;ttirkX {':sl4'1v {-fF, ,rn( (rus I ac.fru *L,b,Lq ' il 'J I t'tt)nq' g\ru,{/,{ tX& cfr,ol4 le,awerlr' ) I rtlu{s \\[.ra,a;'''4o',0r"rt/ \UtllLrsr (il.ctN\, I L U.& *l J I wJ,,"17 , fuu-e^S(tsl \ ,f lapnwt Wr*,{ywnxe t- { ,*-a,'tt u,\,i,,, ,'+(- t 'J r.J8ro rrr,W,lrrr.r-.a l- I r I -?i I \ Ht;r,{,h"jruh,p'f*L n ut|fu -t\pr*, A,vo,'* h Al1,ot:w:-]p*ftr-ru r,r',lA l.ryvru \fl' ' i'tt^ctL''-1'74 1i't I fnv---,rv,.c-*!d' ru hrJuv.r^, VnW1, -* ci-,,Scrrx-r1J Stit+ -L'1..,g--0)\nL.pLrs / itr,',frt\ \ ,\DoW-n" N\{^& ^1r.,.fi1 ,p^t, r.,d:ntL,7 t,( ttl(./J \ 'Ja cn"rot*{ Lo tl.J*o\€4^a,r,t-L.J*Y}^-d-; U 'l^- \ n{ ''*^'f6",*,*&H . I 'o,n"pu,sl^,' *r, Srlt" Wft I+ "/( I I TCr'f.r,"ri,vutpl3puvtlrv*,*,f U I '[iv, J,trprlr ,4 rvu c,hp, 65 6t,' lt*r\.y,r"+:r.-t- q.f t,trfru'i \ q ,pr,-.[l', L irt,[rt .$;se^ c\At; y iw,Y ,nV* t( rr",r^,?'.t: I t \ !;,tr,fH'[ il8"11;#';, ihY,f.d (;t0:t \ (}1T* t ci,vuit'.-u, l\t'tctat'1';1 { "' rt r,5 l+ ] e{ .ts\rn4it^Ark {tc4rr,rl.,rrry\ryW,M* nntul,r!,u"<.*, \ n'ru'a*,1 ,{alYe in Cru,H r \ r l I (i i Lh^.V) rTLk tl u (J L$r'rrr.^r\o^t1s,s + ,,u,{t^\,ff p"nc^pk{"i fi +a il J-- {fi l'latub,a*9, nk A ilu rr,uplvr,rcc _ n f,";(&#ft c{.0,m.f,. i\..Cres*t '.)"Y, \Yt nv',e,,"i$ L UyUt\^($ ( r\y IIAZ c,ttuytg:L /y\ku-(-,ntt.-t- Lrrn-?ffiFrry ynL* ($rC2.*e 1, o^+,*:rr,fi ,];:qo{S 6vt\,tu1Ny ( enur rxnrvu-'t.ry qd., 3 lqrl^y^r.,,t,tslvrg,A,,r,:,ury* ..(--'tJ"'\J Lt-vtL(/u]' -,(r,u1 "'rq-',.[h* 1,a,,[J-\ ^."tJ ( L*W ,P,u*,,r;"L ff*u (w*,* [],te{r,'"1).nr_; Pr.".qJo(avrr'seervt(L U (' 'q(:v,A,: ,, /u./.fuu\,,* Kth"rt^fu-{*#4rnr,r"t(f,"* 1 Eyyp*u& .lneJrifuJ;P &o{"r, CI[r* - 'Irrr,urt,W-b re"Lt \Lc;(i4 -$r,\,.l-nf'f€t,tL;,,{ ruL('Lsr;\r\ c-bat?rJL,re;L,\\tndir,(cle._{cs h tcLfrgita-V,+.ntrotJ tl rw rlnr*'uJ , ruLLh w,rvvrt*i Iau(wn'c,*-L ",t,tclftucL, r,'i,(crtLJ{,r.rnq.r[ur, bndu tu i,i{.,(., 1\r fiCh4 C1/^t,\g1t",p,*{ *\,ruS Ag,,ls c,4r " pl(k$arroJi (r:,^grr\(ra. [u {"1"{^*l(a! 4,.*nu,* 1 u"y4r-l",rmsf"Z* Grp_ r*"rn{q' o 4! oftn*,1 idry rlt "+ J.".,;;\Jr,,,.,^ous Cqnrr*l"r*e f"iJ-r-t--= \ ra ,.\ \ kru"r*a,\ La;c{r*r s (Wr,''i trrr.) h,ylts cI\,hL - .iu/, I rd,+ay'tN i{):-14.rtr'a,7'q1{ ntuhu\v. [nUnt4,\ {'*-*tf,ihi.ti ',#,}P :a u,[\W o{tar.*ps.1,rr,*,-ui[ r,,Sy;ri9t--.Urr{:f q'oirnlr-J"i::' 1ri,r.$ t{ rdrci''1'..t ( s\a,irg* ii,lr.,;*tltl b" {'x-Fe4-'^1 ci^-{t{-:==''1- ;t^i,,U=: gilJtucn,frr,l r,ryjcr,rf,i er{*ru.,.( ierrL"lr\ [n Errr*{ih*rv^- ) 4il frrw,*tarc {' DA^#'ry^ ,ln,ffi,*.!ff ';,,',!lW,,r?,'f,{''r# :,Y' (J '/tr*,,yr'rLl.0.Lk,M, (,i^vj:,A* ,./;,,tq,-fuu,,1_fi:I rvt ,tr{ ,t::r+,xffim'\( .rr,ur 1,'-1r[.,) ?ru r cnr,br,r^, ff;ffiiG **;'^r,;:rl:';n;;;:r;W',rij-;1fi;tJ Ai,'^y Vtn,t;i, Aufnoot(r= u:)y,L,u* (.prNelor.t1 d:?MM,,,, ,lil$.tv i= $nu,r'flu{ sou'e*.c ii;d'fur^"oor,A,,iii,"r,r^\ \0J V,k1ker,'p ffi'[4. \' 4 ?d",:m 4 fu,u tu,:wu:xd,ftt*g> '*rrlS i;-ru-u{ rr\'oldu)cr,.vuL+ t *v;trVrfltwy,, *ryXr r^ p"--(, rrgn@tnrr J,a^ft u uru\r, r4 (ftlddisL,rr a , Jl i'rt * t,*is (*gwtr vr-/u.,\ , a(tp La,zuk'A UJ',*d)^ {'NDV-{ 1'tkft - Irr, ('31,r\ t,('l: o 1c'{$,tn Z Qlurn li,t 7ff1,,],'t,.,- Iil)ri"r^=,rn ,i t"{do'\Vna.{*^ [*LrL.= Vq \Vq z I l{es -,5 "{f#'p *#yn,! +,* krn ^V (, h,T f,\ tl.U,,t,,'!"u"ec!,;,^g{Fa ,' (o "(-1,'rrr'r.rri:ii 1pfttr, tOryprrll.;4\,^c,Lr]f 6* S,'it -El^p,rtetrnr1l,r.sQt '\ (U"&, V-[tfti,.) *l'Axbrx (tn(r' (&:3oei^ b'u"01 Lat*,t il frs) -'?r,n,^*qdnrvncs rSc{ NA*h" k[rrq.,sr, *&hW Q{i;lra4^4{tin& u-tlu r,*ktks o,,n(iu" g&ut€ttr-slfn'[hdr*]-w*ur pi,*;gt:ff'1$r lll {a Bt alrud\c*r,s ,,s r^ S'g.Lf t-e t.,\ ['{* fr's s- t ak [nr .'ilsfav'' ([,*'LoPo& ,* "'{ 'ff,..Y )- 'ruLk-,' "?it".K,'pd ,4 n "",[ { u{ ,"il^;xfr"' '{dc* 4t^"t+ ,fuytu4\ , -i,nn-t- & b'tr-^a,{ .9 'v'an^Yy,'f;b-' b,nffiU' I i"o,#v {},,, '"**\'t ""\ '*'t;*"''^Q ltri9s t, Fll*X,*n Wffi yvn "€\ "C,F, fery f- Pfu;n ' K &,.1,,.< ,L{Jt..? nu$,br<|rrr} W* yrlrrur}ru-*-..(\,4 (r:- e Ct:,h7zr-(' ai\Sfc','.r6- D'"rr' ob1 (,H 'r,,...,t, -t'y..i-,scnr'r.e .l" UJ y;*t 1r.'t\' /weh rry..+p prr\ 5-1S{.r"'. I [1E(rr {'*.,&-t(.\arJ r,n-}*,r** &1 ,,'lx'i-6-r*p fLa Lt t'v N b/\ Vseto* t, $,Y".1 nl{oto',' L-il-o[rfjntf ' fl,* t frfi- ,,4w 'r I rPtfa;; Ks.u"Tr*r'frrru:( -rmh :Lt.^nu-t {t,*rpfr/i-(r,-( ,-r*u.,/.{:.-t-o'}\JL[n.'< (0'-a,bndu'tX,rt'q*ck-ol), ) Wluz,t].rr f*^,^*c1 czr-t..*t ,---$ , ?Lc'b"L ,n,,L{,crW i eX"' ,oo.\k-,y. ,rJt. -jX ,. L-k,.',rJ6*,'t+',A c,-ro,',,...b#* 4i I p.rln*t ,' (^ (.rvu:-tL.j pL, ,,-o- (t*- I 0 f ri s(. Cr.Slk; 3.p. (.)"< ,{>ti,'t-pt( I 'Dr*(!A Utr'i:, P*' rrkt {8,{,a{"( tu eo,fr L, @^i trw<re('J ) ,X{,r;tV. t\ i}'r Crr {l- k*^mE{.(""tu-: ii\ roLa-lrrl+4-, 1O [r'.t5f{ i,,-(,L re&}ie tqc(- ubl (,.t ) )'\ I p.'L:*[rLe F t{- rr-t ;ttk I irr ru,-dli"V-, rr-f{}r-r.\a^'w* 6t,'"*< I J*:G..t*j- tn !rf<,o.*{ 1S<-.r,?.n-t< @., ,.1 < I ,.c:X TUvp ^; ,& K p,r"-lkr ; r-(E f(:trrfti* fD i ir,)[fr..,-- "tt- Eoic',' i]gbAlkf., 1]'.u'1' [t,*i*"it^,yt ) - dr"t iu,tn,,p,@ n *U,r'.., O 7oV"llttrill' , Ivre- i ^1)l*- < [o (\z--'-Lz k-'li' t f's*; ) \' fn;\g##,ffi q ,,-,*{ , vir1L', Cr.tr1." ,r.O(rZp"'*t,{ ;^ .r{r, $av t,r ) frr U t,\E\1i'-t(s lI(rvtp1rtc,*-t ) [Ob:r\rr " rr&\qa^cz I] u$r'wr,y ,^ n[a,., ,3C( L,b(n-dL,t/' ) "r Ctfinty- tt\tv ln ft{D I;Ai, I ) ,a-gv:r #^t*|l ,btr,],"1s i I\"9rwtrpnnnlvCL C tlq'' kv,v N-,U^A^{J m 0..t .fu.,.k t'- fitpL<- q iflrav '> r'I jo (c,,n :ob)r: c(l-s lransl rt.( eacr{-./r\/.freWr Ary-L r-6$*, 4{6':-- -flr,,.-*fu ,,1aq,* il,;"rtLw .ryrri.;*..^t 'u5.-.L[ t-( .,b;ed- (c+ t]..e S{:':o- rd*dr.-G rrtt* ^'lu],t } G J (-t &.4g- ,1*cdWr- j:L13g p<"{rLnr<-ur. *--*1,S {r^-x-***e-- A.."r q* /-r,-,-,utw{}-..-.*{- A;<ss,ar.,1 ,+ c{i,utt aS -ffi- ^11 ,1=,,C}** ./yra_.,*r1 t\,'e Jn( c$n^ ol : ,vr*, * ,lE- "{Sp.*rdf b "G^rL\ "il,.Mlk'(O\"^: uQ*,r ia-ull cr*yw( [vr*x[a-ta,\4 ?rit_n i)e"il"tcLt f, lrl ) difc*o,;t^*; ,r^-yLt 7cn).1 ,is( raa(^v\,n1#v".s -\ ,4*d * t,*{ ,e4 'J Sp^u tV.x)rqptfu".*n- b,rW.,4,d"Stttsr-ffr^<-o,.qayplp.cnrc_( - ry\tf/.{rrtd.&r,(L AXqr(S*-.n C,Uh,"q{{-(r,, .,,'r1.s),^ ,n"d- h,,"wo.l$r.Li,,n u( rr"Cr:*_X lnLLLe*'cks *f s1C'-fJayLu;;1lwnry\*.*^s Y,^fx'frrJ/ )o;Y's [i,r"t$vy1 slw,grM l.w,^*r,l^, e*o-**9*'1f{-Dfiivr.' +,,,,v'{c,'cfu,4c.k S,'t,tw-r. 3 b crw,h,h")-nV q- ,ri,-t tn ry,-, *U {Vf%!,\As^* Ufl *Kryr€rttzct 14 {\Da? ob1(#S -1.9X*'rrw-.urr$-..-t,:akq6' Utg y"asA;r,u*Ja ay-<c.,rxo"U H"r6 @ fioitr,\xn^e,,uill--h"d-b?"8rr[Jf a-"- ibcrL"i5(g,1,f*,",ufu+v'l-a^ U u "brd.4n idJ mht" #rus g wr,rtvt: rrcAL*ww r {Nfyfun4!-'fou< u l 'e{ spirn{; SA_e}d^A- o..r ,S7o**i*r,rtt1J'ffi;;k ',vurL,f6^^te S!p-z{rc brn,+l_ &r,ttz'{r1.,,.-?\M.'4rukto&,""rrr' '6w .{.,SU re.+rocr+1 ( a.s.,f-,p,fl r F n h t-\ :, p '{cv\\ F "\,4\vr{-i.-vv.r-L 'a?fJLyt, :frr'qluvr",{a'6-[4/: s;)cv^n,*.n{- t},^{i*<[+dLa d\obtf a{ \ t l. CIr' '\k (i^"4* "EfA.-f .flre MH ,,n*il,.u,u41t, cbf .b t u*4e, & wyt,*;'f#J U i . "0b, r-.{,;fkryw,* ,'ro*[a.cit.*f.J;,t I .4Yl4-"t|rk-' d i (),i'vpHt eL:,t.,,,r "-Fd e,iu it --" enl ( \- trb u. {-cn = *-ppL. er\ ti,o^:),,,or-(rc,.,\( {'Lqt Lttr;,"u-{'- ai t*'-fuv [t6i"""t"re p F \ F l'a i \ r{{t,rrrrUt\ l* oL,("ts Cy=#_d:{foa*,11-N , 'fq,,r-(z,ru.,\r,*frrQ I #-t.,"^{g oy,(\',rxr:..,,6c^riL*.}c,wk;) + tLi il"s,'rrct .{ic*b,K'r-.(s I '$r,:*#-inuTvtc:.-l ex+e- t,a-V* \,or{4ftun,L(d ), t^p,(Y, g1, *c*.rs 4rzu,hi.. 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