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History 103 Study Guide

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by: Alexis Schwinghamer

History 103 Study Guide History 103-01

Alexis Schwinghamer
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

This is his study guide with what I believe to be the answers!
History- The United States To 1877
Eric Burin
Study Guide
history, test
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1 review
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"Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!"
Israel Casper V

Popular in History- The United States To 1877

Popular in History

This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexis Schwinghamer on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to History 103-01 at University of North Dakota taught by Eric Burin in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 374 views. For similar materials see History- The United States To 1877 in History at University of North Dakota.


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Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!

-Israel Casper V


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Date Created: 02/06/16
1 History 103: U.S. to 1877: Exam #1 Study Guide Format  Exam #1 is worth 15% of your overall course grade.  There will be thirty (30) multiple-choice questions on the exam.  Each question is worth two points.  The questions will look exactly as they appear on this study guide, though they will be in a different order. Questions 1. According to Loewen and lecture, why were previous scholars’ estimates of the pre- Columbian Indian population erroneously low? It’s unknown how long people were here before 2. According to lecture, which generalization can be made about pre-Columbian Indian societies in North America? Disease, trade network, culture 3. According to Loewen, textbook accounts of Hernando de Soto are emblematic of THIS: Discovering the Mississippi river 4. According to Loewen, Bartolome de las Casas is emblematic of THIS: The first great historian in the Americas 5. According to Loewen, in the minds of some researchers, giant “Olmec” statues are evidence of THIS: Afro Phoenicians settling on the land 6. According to lecture, why did England get such a “slow start” in the colonization of the Americas? Religious wars 7. According to Loewen, how did the colonization of the Americas change Europe? According to lecture, how did the Headright System affect poor white men in early colonial Virginia? Will pay for indentured servants to come to VA in return for land and labor of servants, Poor white men were servants 8. During the early-to-mid 1600s, where was one LEAST likely to encounter an “Atlantic Creole” (that is, an African who was multi-lingual, culturally diverse, politically and diplomatically astute, and well-organized)? As a slave 2 9. Tobacco was colonial Virginia’s primary export. How did its cultivation affect the colony’s demographic characteristics and settlement patterns? Pushed Native Americans out and white settlers moved in 10. How did the Uprising of 1622 affect the government of colonial Virginia? The king eventually took control of the government 11. According to Loewen, how did “the plague” affect the colonization of New England? Plaque wipped out NA population in New England 12. Loewen argues that the Mayflower Compact was a remarkably democratic document for 1620. Why, according to Loewen, was the Mayflower Compact ratified? So the Pilgrims would have control of the ship 13. According to Loewen, Squanto’s story is emblematic of THIS aspect the colonization of New England: 14. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson represent THIS aspect of Puritan society: Non Conformists 15. According to lecture, how did the “Great Migration” affect colonial New England? New English settlers moved to Mass. Families started moving to America 16. Puritan leaders often said they were establishing “A city upon a hill.” What did they mean? A holy place, showed everything England was doing wrong regarding the church 17. The In-Class Writing Assignment concerning whether Thomas Jefferson should be on the U.S. currency led to our discussion of THIS historical phenomenon, which scholars sometimes call “the Virginia paradox”? People owned slaves but were against slavery 18. The In-Class Writing Assignment concerning what you would do if UND were to pass a morally repugnant law was a metaphor for THIS historical phenomenon: 19. According to lecture, how did the founding of Pennsylvania affect other colonies? Pennsylvania became the place to be, settlers left other towns hoping for a better life in PA 20. According to lecture, THIS group took a lead role in colonizing Carolina: Puritians 21. According to lecture, how did Bacon’s Rebellion’s affect the Virginia elite? Lower class rebelled against rich, rich had to make a deal, rich lost whites as slaves 22. According to lecture, why did white Virginians increasingly embrace slavery during the late 1600s and early 1700s? Lost all white workers, needed slaves to keep industries going 23. The Dominion of New England was emblematic of THIS: To create a super colony of ne, ny, nj set up by king james II 24. According to lecture, what accusation patterns were evident during the Salem Witch Hunt? 3 Independent women, widows, lone women, retail owners 25. Ben Franklin epitomized THIS event/movement: American Enlightenment 26. Jonathan Edwards epitomized THIS event/movement: Great Awakening 27. According to lecture, how did the First Great Awakening affect the colonies? Church and state, religious diversity, class division, more slavery 28. According to lecture, how did the end of the Seven Years’ War affect the British Empire? France gave all its American possessions to Britain, British rule in North America 29. According to lecture, the leaders of Pontiac’s Rebellion proposed THIS novel idea: Natives need to reexamine their lives and free themselves from European ways, trying to convince Indians that they were Native Americans


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