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BIOL-N 100 Contemporary Biology

by: Sam Williams

BIOL-N 100 Contemporary Biology BIOL-N 100

Sam Williams
GPA 3.467
Contemporary Biology
Martin Vaughan

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About this Document

These notes cover material that is going to be on the first exam.
Contemporary Biology
Martin Vaughan
Study Guide
Bio, Biology, contemporary biology
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Sam Williams on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL-N 100 at Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis taught by Martin Vaughan in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 73 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/16
BlOLN 100 The Study of Life The Characteristics of Life 1 Organized cells tissues organs organ systems organismsspecies population community ecosystem biosphere smallest to largest 2 Need energy ATP 3 Reproduce offspring 4 Growth and development 5 Homeostasis 6 Respond to internal and external stimuli light touch hormones 7 Adaptation evolution Scientific method 1 Observation 2 Hypothesis 3 Experiment 4 Conclusion scientific theory explanation of a phenomena that has been rigorously tested and con rmed over a period of time scientific law describes a phenomena rather than explains experimental variable purposely changed or manipulated experimenta control for comparison test group exposed to experimental variable Cassification of living things largest to smallest 1 Domain a Archaea have a lot of similarities to bacteria but function differently b Bacteria c Eukarya have a true nucleus includes plants fungi animals and protists 2 3 4 Class 5 6 8 Species binomia nomenclature two name system that includes the genus rst and species name second Types of Tissues 1 Epithelial covers surfaces 2 Connective binds and supports 3 Muscular movement 4 Nervous receives stimuli and conducts impulses to coordinate bodily functions Introduction to Disease Disease the failure of an organism to maintain homeostatic conditions 1 Acute disease develops rapidly and is often severe 2 Chronis disease persists for an extended period of time and is usually less severe than acute 3 Latent disease appears disappears and reappears over time example AIDS etioogy the origin or cause of a disease morbidity the incidence of a speci c disease or illness rate mortaity the death rate due to a speci c illness Cassi cations of Disease 1 Infectious can be contagious and noncontagious and can be caused by bacteria viruses fungi parasites protozoans and prions 2 Inherited 3 Neoplastic 4 Immunity related 5 Degenerative 6 Nutritional 7 Endocrine 8 Environmental oca infection con ned to a speci c area of the body organeles membraneenclosed structures that preform speci c functions organelles to know nucleus rough ER smooth ER golgi apparatus and mitochondria ciia shorter agellum Introduction to Pathooens Bacteria Shapes 1 Coccus circular 2 Vibrio bent rod 3 Bacillus straight rod 4 Spirillum loose waves 5 Spirochete tight waves gram positive stain dark gram negative stain light C Botulinum found in canned foods aerobic requires oxygen Bacteria Diseases 1 staph you have it on your skin example MRSA 2 salmonella found in meat and eggs 3 listeria found in ice cream and salads 4 strep strep throat 5 E Coli capsid protein coat that surrounds and virus viruses must infect a living cell to reproduce Viral Diseases 1 Common cold 2 Flu 3 Measles mumps and rubella 4 Chicken poxshingles 5 West Nile virus Prion Diseases 1 Scrapie 2 Mad cow 3 Chronis wasting disease 4 Kuru 5 Jakob disease Protozoan Diseases 1 Amoebic dysentery usually happens in the summer when the water is warm in the ponds and creeks and enters through the sinuses 2 Malaria is only spread by female mosquitos and produces ulike symptoms and can be prevented and treated with drugs Worm Diseases 1 Trichanosis caused by undercooked pork 2 River blindness spread by black ies easily caught when shing Diseases and Travel 1 Yellow fever tropical disease spread by mosquitos 2 Hepatitis spread food borne or orally affects the liver The Control of the Growth and Transmission of Pathooens Control of Pathogen Growth 1 Sterilization kills all organisms whether or not they are good or bad 2 Disinfection gets rid of most pathogens and reduces infection 3 Sanitization only kills some germs tincture alcohol solution pasteurization method of controlling growth using heat freezing stops growth but does not kill bacteria osmotic pressure high usage of salt or sugar to make things last longer preservatives Spread of Disease 1 Person to person 2 Environmental 3 Transmission 4 Vector transmission a Mechanical carry pathogen on body passively b Biological pathogen completes part of life cycle in another organism insect entry and exits of pathogens are the same


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