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USF / Calculus and Pre Calculus / Calculus 2281 / What is the squeeze theorem used for?

What is the squeeze theorem used for?

What is the squeeze theorem used for?


School: University of South Florida
Department: Calculus and Pre Calculus
Course: Calculus I
Professor: Savchuk
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: calculus 1, engineering calculus, and week 2
Cost: 25
Name: Calculus week 2 notes
Description: These notes cover the topics of squeeze theorem, continuity, intermediate value theorem, and more limits.
Uploaded: 02/06/2016
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Squeeze Theorem - Squeeze function where both functions go to the same place We also discuss several other topics like What are perpendicular lines?

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1.5 Continuity

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Informal def: f(x) is continuous at x = a if it does not have a “ break” at x = a (both values at a is equal to the lim)

Formal def is

f(x) is continuous everywhere except x = a, x = b, x =c

Def. f(x) is called continuous from left at x = a if

From right at

Def. if f(x) is continuous @ each pt of an interact then we say that f(x) is continuous on I

* Theorem suppose f(x), g(x), are continuous @ x = a; then so are cf (x), f(x) + g(x), f(x) g(x),

And f(x)/g(x) if g (a) ≠ O

*Thus, the following are continuous as long as denominator is ≠ O

  1. Polynom.
  2. Rational f(x)’s
  3. Continuous on the domain
  4. Trig functions: sinx, cosx, +anx (if )

*If we know that f(x) is continuous at a, to find lim, just compute f(a)

Theorem: supposed 1) f(x) is continuous at x = b



Theorem: If 1) g is continuous @ x = a,

                   2) f is continuous @ y = g (a)

Then F g = f ( g(x)) is continuous @ x = a


Since  is continuous as comp. of continuous f(x)’s

           =  = sin8 = continuous

Intermediate value theorem (IVT)

1.6 Limits involving infinity


Def. velt line x = a is called velt asym to f(x) if either of the following are true

Ex. Find V.A of f(x) = 3x/x-2

But… V.A at x=2

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