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HMGT 3200 Exam 1 Review

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1 review
by: Kiera Howard

HMGT 3200 Exam 1 Review HMGT 3200

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Hospitality > HMGT 3200 > HMGT 3200 Exam 1 Review
Kiera Howard
GPA 3.95

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About this Document

Exam 1 Review
Dr. Edgell
Study Guide
Tourism Exam 1
50 ?




Star Star Star Star Star
1 review
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"Can you just teach this course please? lol :)"
Ima Hilll

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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kiera Howard on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HMGT 3200 at East Carolina University taught by Dr. Edgell in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Tourism in Hospitality at East Carolina University.

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Reviews for HMGT 3200 Exam 1 Review

Star Star Star Star Star

Can you just teach this course please? lol :)

-Ima Hilll


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Date Created: 02/06/16
HMGT Tourism Exam 1 Review Chapter 1  Definition of tourism, international tourist: traveling out of the country for 24 hours or more (overnight stay)  Domestic visitor: travels at least 50 miles or more for the purpose of tourism (museum, zoo, something other than work)  Note on page 21 the chart that says world top 5 tourist destinations by rivals (MC questions) France-1 US-2 Spain-3  Page 22 chart deals with how much money is spent on tourism in different countries 5. US-1 Spain-2 France-3 Chapter 2  Our first major civilization as far as travel and tourism was concerned was the Samaritans where the fertile crescent  Samaritans invented the wheel which was important to travel  Invented itineraries for travel  Invented the plow  Credit them with inventing money  Egyptians gave us good cruises/cruise industry  Built them to go 4,000 miles down the Nile  Greeks developed the Olympic games in 776 B.C.E. which caused them to travel a great deal  Herodotus was the first traveler that gave us the idea of writing down all of our travels  Romans built great roads and had safety and security along these roads  Also cleared the oceans of pirates so we could travel on the sea  Marco Polo first European to ravel from Europe to china and then wrote a book about it  Venetians built these super boats  Page 41 the automobiles entered the travel scene in the US when henry ford introduced the model t ford in 1908  Kitty hawk 1903 wright brothers airplanes Chapter 3  277/236 million people work in the travel and tourism industry today  Festivals and events are one of the fastest growing segments of the travel and tourism industry  Page 61 a growing profession/career is meeting planning  Gaming is one of the fastest growing  Two states that do not have gaming are Utah and Hawaii Chapter 4  UNWTO united nations world tourism organization (governments=voting members)  Headquartered in Madrid Spain  WTTC world travel and tourism council (private sector=business/economics)  Headquartered in London  Office of travel and tourism industries represents regular people’s travel/tourism in the us department of commerce (government)  US travel association represents us in the private sector  All states have some organization responsible for travel and tourism in that state  Almost every community has someone representing travel and tourism (CVB) Chapter 5  Number one way to travel in the US is the care  Longer distance is plane  Then trains (big in Europe)  Page 78 introducing us to issues with sustainability seasonality  Page 111 most of the travel in the world takes place in the car  Counts for 97% of travel in the US  Highways and scenic byways to get us off the super highways  Cruise industry cruise lines are fastest growing segment of the travel industry Chapter 6  Bed and breakfast 25,000 in the US  Easily forgotten place to stay  Time shares are a growing area  Camping is still huge in the US  Meetings industry is growing Chapter 7  Travel agencies are decreasing in terms of numbers but not in terms of business that they do  Larger travel agencies  Most of us are making travel plans on the internet Chapter 8  1955 Anaheim California is when attractions took off  Gaming and gambling are big and 48 states have some form of it  State and national parks are big attractions  Great Smokey mountains gets the most visitation/number one national park  Festivals and events  Sporting events are also growing Chapter 9  People are motivated by different things but it is important Chapter 10  Culture is important in terms of the travel industry  Page 212 the highest purpose of tourism is to become better acquainted with people in other countries to understand their culture to build a better/peaceful world for all  Page 215 the people to people program was made in 1956 by Dweight d Eisenhower to get people all over the world to know each other  Page 218 the development educational an cultural activities are well adapted to our of season activities and do not depend on weather  When peace prevails tourism flourishes  Tourism is believed to have a positive effect on world peace


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