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CQU is the school for mermaids

by: Nikki Acuna

CQU is the school for mermaids Sea Geography 101

Marketplace > Brown University > Geography > Sea Geography 101 > CQU is the school for mermaids
Nikki Acuna
Brown U
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nikki Acuna on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Sea Geography 101 at Brown University taught by Flounder in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see Places to Avoid in Geography at Brown University.


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Date Created: 02/06/16
APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION International Applicants Only (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework Programs) This paperclip appears in sections where additional documentation must be attached to the application. Please write in BLOCK letters using a black pen. 1. PERSONAL DETAILS Title Mr Mrs Ms Miss Other Family name Given names Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) Gender Male Female Yes Student number (if known) Have you previously enrolled at CQUniversity? No What are your contact details in your home country? Home address Town/city Postcode/ZIP Country Telephone number Mobile What are your current contact details? Home address Town/city Postcode/ZIP Country Telephone number Mobile 2. AGENT DETAILS Agent Details. Place stamp below (if applicable) What country is the applicant in when completing this form? Counsellor’s name Email address 3. APPLICANT’S PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS Email address Where should we send notification of your application results? Home contact Current contact Agent All successful offers will be emailed. 4. CITIZENSHIP Print your country of citizenship as shown in your passport Passport number What is your country of birth? Do you hold a current Australian visYes No If yes, what is the visa category? Visa code Visa type CRICOS Codes: QLD 00219C; NSW 01315jn13-009524D 5. PROGRAM DETAILS Which program are you applying for? Please note: International students on a student visa must study full-time on-campus. First Choice Full-time on-campus Distance education Second Choice Full-time on-campus Distance education Preferred term for commencement Please note:st, but not all CQUniversity programs are available for Term 2 commencement. Rockhampton exempt from Term 3 commencement. Term 1 (Feb/Mar) Term 2 (July) Term 3 (Oct/Nov) Year of commencement Please number from 1 to 4 your preferred location for study. Brisbane Melbourne Rockhampton Sydney Other 6. CURRENT STATUS Have you applied (or are you intending to apply) for Australian perman ent residency? Yes No If Yes, date (or intended date) of applicati(DD/MM/YY) Are you currently studying in Australia? Yes No If yes, what is the name of the institution where you are studying? Year commenced Year completed What is the name of the program? If your current study is incomplete, do you you intend to complete? Yes No 7. CERTIFIED ACADEMIC DOCUMENTATION Attachments required Certified copies of all relevant academic certificates and transcrip ts must be attached to this application. All non-english documents must be accompanied by certified, translated (English) cop ies. An approved translator must conduct the translation. The certification stamp and signature can be obtained from a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, a selected registered agent of CQUniversity or the issuing authority/institution. Note: The certification stamp must include the certifier’s printed name, title/position, signature and date of notary. Attachments required 8. EDUCATION BACKGROUND (Summary) List the courses/programs you have completed and/or commenced. Year commenced Year completed Award Institution Award Institution Award Institution 9. ENGLISH PROFICIENCY Attachments required Is English your first language? Yes No Yes No Do you hold a certificate of English proficiency (eg Academic IELTS, TOEFL)? Did you complete secondary, tertiary or English language studies in an English-speaking country? Did you complete secondary or tertiary study with English as the languag e of instruction? If you have selected “ Yes ” to any of the questions in this colum n, you Please attach certified evidence of English proficiency.h certified documentary evidence as outlined by searching “English Requirements” on the CQUniversity website > u If you have selected “ No ” to every question in this column, you must sit an approved English I will advise English proficiency results proficiency test (ie. IELTS or TOEFL). You must advise res ults before you can commence study. Select “ I will advise English Proficiency r the left. Another option is to apply for admission into one of CQUniversity’s E LICOS accredited programs. Please attach an Application for Admission (English Language Centre). Available online here > formsll apply for a CQUniversity ELICOS program 10. CREDIT TRANSFER Attachments required Are you applying for exemptions as a result of previous experience/study ? Yes No If you have selected “ Yes ”, please attach translated copies of the course and subject outlines and other relevant information. 11. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (if applicable) Attachments required Employer Start Date End Date Job Description Documentary evidence detailing either managerial or regular workplace em ployment must be attached here if you would like it to be assessed for entrance into your preferred course. The evidence must come in letter format from your employer on an official company letterhead. The letter should contain information concerning your job de scription and the duration of the position(s) you have held. 12. IMPORTANT INFORMATION As part of the Student Visa program all applicants are required to undergo screening to determin e if they satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria, as defined by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), prior to the assessment of University entry requirements. All applicants can expect to be contacted by a CQUniversity representative and asked a series of questions in relation to this criteria. Further information on the GTE criteria can be located on the DIAC website > 13. STUDY STATEMENT (if applicable) Applicants from Assessment Level One & Two countries or applicants curre ntly holding student visas while residing in Australia are not required to complete the study statement. Check your Assessment level he re at > To enable the University to undertake a preliminary assessment as to whet her you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant and a Genuine Student, you are required to complete the Study Statement below by responding to all of the questions. Please note the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will undertake their own determination of the genuinity criterion. Please note: You must answer all the questions below as thoroughly as you can. (Plea se attach an additional page if you require more space) 1. Why do you want to study in Australia? 2. How do you intend to fund your studies for the entire duration of you r stay in Australia? 3. How do you believe your chosen program will contribute towards your c urrent or chosen career path? 4. Do you have any previous immigration history such as visa application s, refusals and visa grants? Please explain. 5. What are your current personal circumstances in your home country and within Australia i.e. family/relationships? 6. Why did you choose CQUniversity? 14. DECLARATION (you must sign this declaration otherwise your application will be returned to you) I declare the information supplied by me on this form is true and correct in every particular. I authorise CQUniversity to obtain information from educational institutions and relevant authorities concerning my enrolment,academic record, examination results and/or bond status. Upon acceptance of an offer I must complete a minimum of one term of stud y. I am aware that information relating to my application to undertake study with CQUniversity may be provided to DIAC. I declare that I am aware of and understand my financial obligations relating to study with CQUniversity. I have genuine access to the total funds required whilst in Australia to cover all travel, OSHC, tuition and living costs for myself and any dependants declared on this form. I understand that the University may elect not to proceed with my offeror Confirmation of Enrolment based on their assessment. Applicant’s signature Date 15. CHECKLIST AND SUBMISSION DETAILS Attached documentary evidence of English proficiency? Please post this application to: CQUniversity Australia Attached certified copies of academic records? (with translation, if applicable) Admissions Centre PO Box 10437 Attached a letter from your employer on official company letterhead? (w ith translation if applicable)hport QLD 4215 Completed ALL sections of this application that apply to you? OR email to:


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