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MIS Test 1

by: Gianna Notetaker

MIS Test 1 BIS

Gianna Notetaker
GPA 3.6
Management Information Systems
Gary Templeton

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About this Document

Here are the vocab words from Ch. 1, 2, 4, and 6 as well as the questions ad answers for all the homework and Jeopardy questions and answers. I have included the Theory we talked about as well
Management Information Systems
Gary Templeton
Study Guide
Management Information Systems, MIS, test, gary templeton, Study Guide
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This 21 page Study Guide was uploaded by Gianna Notetaker on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIS at Mississippi State University taught by Gary Templeton in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 112 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/16
Ch1 Vocab Application app a computer program designed to support a speci c task or business process Business intelligence IB systems provide computerbased support for complex nonroutine decisions primarily for middle mangers and knowledge workers Computerbased information system CBIS an information system that uses computer technology to perform some or all of its intended tasks Dashboards a special for of IS that support all managers of the organization by providing rapid access to timely information and direct access to structured information in the form of reports Data items and elementary description of things events activities and a transaction that are recorded classi ed and stored but not organized to convey any speci c meaning Database a collection of related les or tables containing data Electronic commerce ecommerce systems a type of inter organizational information system that enables organizations to conduct transactions called businesstobusiness BZB electronic commerce and customers to conduct transactions with business canned businessto consumers BZC electronic commerce Enterprise resource planning ERP systems information systems that correct a lack of communication among the functional area ISs by tightly integrating the functional area ISs via a common database Ergonomics the science of adapting machines and work environments to people focusing on creating an environment that is safe well lit and comfortable Expert systems ES attempt to duplicate the work of human experts by applying reasoning capabilities knowledge and expertise within a speci c domain Functional area information systems FAISs ISs that support a particular functional area within the organization Hardware a device such as a processor monitor keyboard or printer Together these devices accept process and display data information Information data that have been organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient Information system IS collects processes stores analyzes and disseminates information for a speci c purpose Information technology IT relates to any computer based tool that people use to work with information and support information and information processing needs of an organization Information technology components hardware software databases and networks Information technology infrastructure IT components plus IT services Information technology platform formed by the IT components of hardware software networks wireline and wireless and databases Information technology services IT personnel use T components to perform these IT services develop information systems oversee security and risk and manage data Information user a person knowledgeable about information systems and information technology lnterorgnaized information systems IOSs information systems that connect two or more organizations Knowledge data andor information that have ben organized and processed to convey understanding experience accumulated learning and expertise as they apply to a current problem or activity Knowledge workers processional employees such as nancial and marketing analysts engineers lawyers and accountants who are experts in a particular subject area and create information and knowledge which they integrate into the business Network a connecting system wireline or wireless that permits different computers to share resources Procedures the set of instructions for combing hardware software database and network components in order to process information and generate the desired output Software a program or collection of programs that enable the hardware to process data Supply chain the ow of materials information money and services from suppliers of raw materials through factories and warehouses to the end of customers Transaction processing system TPS supports the monitoring collection storage and processing of data from the organization39s basic business transactions each of which generates data Ch 1 Homework Questions 1 2 An organization39s EMealz uses Which of the following has NOT boosted the online services industry a Ability to put funds into escrow is a program or collections of programs that enable the processing of data a Software You are registering for the next semester at your university You take into account your major the courses you need the prerequisites for each course the times you take each course and the professors teaching each section as well as your work schedule You are using to select your class schedule a Knowledge lf Amazon uses a list of all your purchases books bought price paid dates to recommend other books to you then it is applying its a Knowledge Many assignment questions include links to resources that can assist you such as hints solutions or a link to the relevant section of the text within WileyPLUS These links will appear as buttons beneath the question just like the quotShow Hintquot button below The availability of assistance will be at your instructor39s discretion and can vary from assignment to assignment a Reach your full potential with WileyPLUS consists of the physical facilities IT components IT services and IT management that will support the entire organization a Information technology architecture Homo Conexus means a This generation is pretty well connected to generate revenue a Subscription fees To the right of the WileyPLUS logo above is a link that reads quotSystem Announcementsquot This link appears on each WileyPLUS content screen and displays useful and timely information from Wiley about WileyPLUS including noti cations of any scheduled maintenance Please click this link What is the title of the rst system announcement a quotReady for your Classquot 10Your instructor can create assignments that will limit your potential score if you use question assistance such as hints solutions or the link to text to help answer a question The percentage of your score that will be potentially available is set by your instructor You will be noti ed if this functionality is enabled in the Question Policies section of the policies page Look at the policies page for this assignment and determine what is the maximum percentage of points available after accessing quotsolutionsquot a 30 w Ch 2 Vocab Business environment the combination of social legal economic physical and political factors in which business conduct their operations Businessinformation technology alignment the tight integration of the IT function with the strategy mission and goals of the organization Business process a collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to the organization its business partners ador its customers Business process management BPM a management technique that includes methods and tolls to support the design analysis implementation management and optimization of business processes Business process reengineering BPR a radical redesign of a process that improves its ef ciency and effectiveness often by beginning with a quotclean sheetquot from scratch Competitive advantage an advantage over competitors in some measure such as cost quality or speed leads to control of a market and to laterthan average pro ts Competitive forces model a business framework devised by Michael Porter hat analyzes competitiveness by recognizing ve major forces that could endanger a company39s position Threat of new Supplier Competing Buyer power gt organizatiolt power E Th reat of substitutes Gr 7 Crossfunctional business process a process in which no single functional area is responsible for its completion multiple functional areas collaborate to perform the function Digital divide the gap between those who have access to information and communications technology and those who do not Entry barrier product or service feature that customers expect from organizations in a certain industry an organization trying to enter this market must provide this product or service at a minimum to be able to compete Globalization the integration and interdependence of economic social cultural ecological facets of life enabled by rapid advances in information technology Individualorganizational social responsibility efforts by organizations to solve various social problems Maketoorder the strategy of producing customized products and services Mass customization a production process in which items are produced in large quantities but are customized to t the desires of each customer Primary activities those business activities related to the production and distribution of the firm39s productions and services thus creating value Strategic information systems SlSs systems that help an organization gain andor increasing performance and productivity Support activities business activities that do not add value directly to a firm39s product or service under consideration but support the primary activities tat do add value Value chain model model that shows the primary activities that sequentially add value to the pro t margin also shoes the support activities Value system includes the producers suppliers distributors and buyers all with their value chains Ch 2 Homework Questions 1 2 Information overload is an example of a Technology Which of the following processes involves the warehouse purchasing and accounting functional areas a Procurement Producing identical items in large quantities is called a Mass production Which of the following processes involves the warehouse sales and accounting functional areas a Ful llment activities create value for which customers are willing to pay whereas do not add value directly to the rm s products or services a Primary support pressures activities If there are substitutes for an organization s products or services then the threat of substitutes is a Many high lT will impact managers jobs in all of the following ways except a Managers can spend more time putting out resquot Porter s helps companies identify general strategies whereas his helps to identify speci c activities where companies can use the strategies for greatest impact a Value chain model competitive forces model Business process is a management technique that includes methods and tools to support the design analysis implementation management and optimization of business processes a Management 10Which of the following is not a role that information systems play in businesses processes a Establish standards Ch 4 Vocab Access controls controls that restrict unauthorized individuals from using information resources and are concerned with user identi cation Adware alien software designed to help popup advertisements appear on your screen Alien software clandestine software that is installed on your computer through duplicitous methods Antimalware systems antivrus software software packages that attempt to identify and eliminate viruses worms and other malicious software Audit an examination of information systems their inputs outputs and processing Authentication a process that determines the identity of the person requiring access Authorization a process that determines which actions rights or privileges that person has based on veri ed identity Backtrap door typically a password known only to the attacker that allows the attacker to access the system without having to go through any security procedures Biometrics the science and technology of authentication ie establishing the identity of an individual by measuring the subject39s physiologic or behavioral characteristics Blacklisting a process in which a company identi es certain types of software that are not allowed to run in the company environment Certi cate authority a third party that acts as a trusted intermediary between computers and companies by issuing digital certi cates and verifying the worth and integrity of the certi cates Cold site a backup location that provides only rudimentary services and facilities Communicationsnetwork controls controls that deal with the movement of data across networks Controls defense mechanisms Cookie small amounts of information that Websites store on your computer temporarily or more or less permanently Copyright a giant that provides the creator of intellectual property with ownership of it for a speci ed period of time currently the life of the creator plus 70 years Cybercrime illegal activities executed on the internet Cyberterrorism can be de ned as a premediated politically motivated attack against information computer systems computer programs and data that results in violence against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents Cyberwarfare war in which a country s information systems could be paralyzed from a massive attack by the destructive software Demilitarized zone DMZ a separate organizational local area network that is located between an organization39s internal network and an external network usually the internet Denialofservice attack a cyber attack in which an attacker sends a ood of data packets to the target computer with the aim of overloading its resources Digital certi cate an electronic document attached to a le certifying that this le is from the organization it claims to be from and has not been modi ed from its original format or content Distributed denialofservice DDoS attack a denialofservice attack that sends a ood of data packets from many compromised computers simultaneously Employee monitoring systems systems that monitor employee39s computers email activities and internet sur ng activities Encryption the process of converting an original message into a form that cannot be read by anyone except the intended receiver Exposure the harm loss or damage that can result if a threat compromises an information resource Firewall a system either hardware software or a combination of both that prevents a speci c type of information from moving between untrusted networks such as the internet and private networks such as your company39s network Hot sites a fully con gured computer facility with all information resources and services commutations links and physical plant operations that duplicates your company39s computing resources and provides near realtime recovery of IT operations Identity theft crime in which someone uses the personal information of others to create a false identity and then uses it for some fraud Information security protecting an organization39s information and information systems from unauthorized access use disclosure disruption modi cation or destruction Intellectual property the intangible property created by individuals or corporations which is protected under trade secret patent and copyright laws Least privilege a principle that uses be granted the privilege for some activity only if there is a justi able need to grant this authorization Logic bombs segments of computer code embedded within an organization39s existing computer programs Malware malicious software such as viruses and worms Password a private combination of characters that only the user should know Patent a document that grants the holder exclusive rights on an invention or process for a speci ed period of time currently 20 years Phishing attack an attack that uses deception to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information by masquerading as an officiallooking email Physical controls controls that restrict unauthorized individuals from gaining access to a company39s computer facilities Piracy copying a software program other than freeware demo software ect without making payment to the owner Privilege a collection of related computer system operations that can be performed by users of the system Publickey encryption a type of encryption that uses two different keys a public key and a private key Risk the likelihood that a threat will occur Risk acceptance a strategy in which the organization accepts the potential risk continues to operate with no controls and absorbs any damages that occur Risk analysis the process by which an organization assesses the value of each asset being protected estimates the probability that each asset might be compromised and compares the probably costs of each being compromised with the costs of protecting it Risk limitation a strategy in which the organization limits its risk by implementing controls that minimize the impact of a threat Risk management a process that identi es controls and minimizes the impact of threats in an effort to reduce risk to manageable levels Risk mitigation a process whereby the organization take concrete actions against risks such as implementing controls and developing a disaster recovery plan Secure socket layer SSHtransport later security TLS an encryption standard used for secure transaction such as credit card purchases and online banking Security the degree of protection against criminal activity danger damage andor loss Social engineering getting around security systems by tricking computer users inside a company into revealing sensitive information or gaining unauthorized access privileges Spam unsolicited email Spamware alien software that uses your computer as a launch platform for spammers Spyware alien software that can record your keystrokes andor capture your passwords Threat an danger to which an information resource maybe exposed Trade secret intellectual work such as a business plan that is a company secret and is not based on public information Trojan horse a software program containing a hidden function that presents a security risk Tunneling a process that encrypts each data packet to be sent and places each encrypted packet inside another packet Virtual private network VPN a private network that uses a public network usually the internet to securely connect users by using encryption Viruses malicious software that can attack itself to other computer programs without the owner of the program being aware of the infection Vulnerability the possibility that an information resource will be harmed by a threat Warm site a site that provides many of the same services and options of the hot site but does not include the company39s applications Whitelisting a process in which a company identi es acceptable software and permits to run and ether prevents anything else from running or lets new software run in quarantined environment until the company can verify its validity Worms destructive programs that replicate themselves without requiring another program to provide a safe environment for replication 10 Ch 4 Homework Questions Social engineering is typically on the part of the attacker a Unintentional intentional Refer to lT s About Business 44 Information Security at City National Bank and Trust Using the M86 Security software allowed City National Bank and Trust to do all of the following except a Provide all employees with secure access to external email Which of the following statements concerning the difficulties in protecting information resources is not correct a Rapid technological changes ensure that controls are effective for years Access controls involve before a Authentication authorization A is intellectual work that is known only to a company and is not based on public information a Trade secret Which of the following is TRUE about Stuxnet a It was a virus Unintentional threats to information systems include all of the following except a Malicious software Making and distributing information goods to which you do not own the is referred to as human error on the part of an employee but it is a Copyright privacy Precisely targeted attacks usually in the form of personal messages from a known social contact are referred to as a Spear phishing Which of the following employees typically poses the most signi cant threat to information securty a lS employees Ch 6 Vocab Af nity portal a web site that offers a single point of entry to an entire community of af liated interests Analog signals continuous waves that transmit information by altering the amplitude and frequency of the waves Asynchronous transfer mode ATM data transition technology that uses packet switching and allows for almost unlimited bandwidth on demand Backbone networks highspeed central networks to which multiple smaller networks connect Bandwidth the transmission capacity of a network stated in bits per second Broadband a transmission speed ranging from approximately one megabit per second up to several terabits per second Broadcast mediawireless media communications cannels that use electromagnetic media to transmit data Browsers software applications through which users primarily access the web Cablewireline media communications channels that use physical wires or cables to transmit data and information Chat room a virtual meeting place where groups of regulars come to quotgabquot electronically Clients computers such as users39 personal computers that use any of the series provided by servers Clientserver computing from distributed processing in which some machines servers perform computing functions for enduser PCs clients Coaxial cable insulated copper wire used to carry highspeed data traf c and television signals Collaboration mutual efforts by two or more individuals who perform activities in order to accomplish certain tasks Commercial public portal a web site that offers fairly routine content for diverse audiences offers customization only at the user interface Communications channels pathway for communicating data from one location to another Computer network a system that connects computes and other devices via communications media so that data and information can be transmitted among them Corporate portal a web site that provides a single point of access to critical business information located inside and outside of an organization Digital signals a discrete pulse either on or off that conveys information in a binary form Digital subscriber lines DSL a highspeed digital datatransmission technology using existing analog telephone lines Distance learning DL learning situations in which teachers and students do not meet facetoface Distributes processing network architecture that divides processing work between two or more computers linked together in a network Domain names the name assigned to an internet site consisting of multiple parts separate by dots which are translated from right to left Domain name system DNS the system administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned NamesCANNthat assigns names to each site on the internet Elearning leaning supported by the web can be done inside traditional classrooms or in virtual classrooms Enterprise network a network encompassing an organization composed of interconnected multiple LANs and Wans Ethernet a common local area network protocol Extranet a network that connects parts of the intranets of different organizations Fiberoptic cables a communications medium consisting of thousands of very thin glass bers surrounded by cladding that transmit information via light pulses generated by lasers Filenetwork server a computer that contains various software and data les for a local area network and contains the network operating system Hypertext transport protocol HTTP the communications standard used to transfer pages across the WWW portion of the internet de nes how messages are formulated and transmitted lndustrywide portal a webbased gateway to information and knowledge for an entire industry The internet the massive network that connects computer networks of business organizations government agencies and schools around the world quickly seamlessly and inexpressively lnternet2 a new faster telecommunications network that deploys advanced network applications such as remote medical diagnosis digital libraries distance education online simulation and virtual laboratories Internet Protocol IP a set of riles responsible for disassembling delivering and reassembling packets over the internet Internet Protocol IP address an assigned address that uniquely identi es a computer on the internet Internet service provider ISP companies that provide internet connections for a fee Internet telephony Voice over Internet Protocol or VolP the use of the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls Intranet a private network that uses internet software and TCPIP protocols Local area network LAN a network that connects communications devices in a limited geographical region so that every user device on the network can communicate with every other device Metasearch engine a computer program that searches several engines at once and integrates the ndings of the various search engines to answer queries posted by users Mobile portal a web site that is accessible from mobile devices Modem device that converts signals from analog to digital and vice versa Network access points NAPS computers that act as exchange points for internet traf c and determine how traf c is routed Packet switching the transmission technology that breaks up clocks of text into packets Peertopeer P2P processing a type of clientserver distributed processing that allows wo or more computers to pool their resources making each computer both a client and a server Portal a webbased personalized gateway to information and knowledge that provides information from disparate information systems and the internet using advanced search and indexing techniques Protocol the set of rules and procedures governing transmission across a network Router a communications processor that routes messages from a LAN to the internet across several connected LANs or across a wide area network such as the internet Search engine a computer program that searches for speci c information by key words and reports the results Servers a computer that provides access to various network services such as printing data and communications Synchronous optical network SONET an interface standard for transporting digital signals over beroptic liens allows the integration of transmissions from multiple vendors Tcarrier system a digital transmission system that de nes circuits that operate at different rates all of which are multiples of the basic 64 Kbps used to transport a single voice call Telecommuting a work arrangement whereby employees work at home at the customer s premises in special workplaces or while traveling usually using a computer linked to their place of employment Teleconferencing the use of electronic communication that allows two or more people at different locations to have a simultaneous conference Transmission Control ProtocolInternet Protocol TCPIP a le transfer that can send large les of information across sometimes unreliable networks with assurance that the data will arrive uncorrupted Twistedpair wire a communications medium consisting of strands of copper wire twisted together in pairs Uni ed communications UC hardware and software platform that simpli es and integrate all forms of communications voice email instant messaging location and videoconferencing across an organizations Uniform resource locator URL the set of letters that identi es the address of a speci c resource on the web Videoconferencing a virtual meeting in which participants in one location can see and hear participants at other locations and can share data and graphics by electronic means Virtual collaboration the use of digital technologies that enable organizations or individuals to collaboratively plan design develop manage and research products services and innovative information systems and electronic commerce applications Virtual group team a work group whose members are in different locations and who meet electronically Virtual universities online universities from which students take classes from one home or an offsite location via the internet Web site collectively all of the web pages of a particular company or individual Wide area networks WANs a network generally provided by common carriers that covers a wide geographic area Work group two or more individuals who act together to perform some task on either a permanent or temporary basis Work ow the movement of information as it ows through the sequence of steps that make up and organization39s work procedures World Wide Web a system of universally accepted standards for storing retrieving formatting and displaying information via clientserver architecture it uses the transport function of the internet Ch 6 Homework Questions IPv6 will allow for unique IP addresses a 128 is a data transmission technology that uses packet switching and allows for almost unlimited bandwidth on demand a Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM Networks enable which of the following applications a All of these Discovery Communications Collaboration An can consist of one or more a Enterprise network LANs Many organizations have implemented corporate portals for which of the following reasons a All of these To cut costs To free up time for busy managers To improve pro tability To offer customers selfservice opportunities Which of the following is not a communications channel a Integrated circuits The type of peertopeer processing is realtime persontoperson collaboration a Second lf broadband is not available in your area which fo the following Internet connection methods would allow you to connect to the Internet a Satellite Which transmission technology is an interface standard for transporting digital signals over beroptic lines that enables the integration of transmissions from multiple vendors a Synchronous optical network 10A portal offers a personalized single point of access through a web browser to critical business information located inside and outside an organization a Corporate Intro to Organizational Learning Important business environment is very dynamic changing so organizations needs to adaptchange to is cannot stay the same Evolution 0 Robert Anthony 1965 organization has different layer 0 Hierarchy way of thought Era l Strategic 45 years of caring CEO Tactile few weeks to a year for caring Operations more of them care the less 0 W Edwards Demming quality revolution framework to interrupt blocks of information Era ll Revived Japan 0 Picture with Honda because he39s honored as shaping company and how they think about products 0 HarleyDavidson had bad quality parts and then when extra parts had been cheaper from Japan they increased the quality of their bikes 0 14 points for managers based on systems thinking 0 Statistical and qualitative side to philosophy 0 General Systems Theory U do best you can 0 Input l Throughput I Output gt gt gt I Lgt Quality gt HIerarch O O 0 Focus only on visible numbers focusing only on outlook with hierarchy views Demming shift mindset to what causes outcomes In uenced Ford s car transmissions selling transmissions to dealership when they started buying from Japan because they were cheaper and lasted longer 0 John Wooden basketball quotdevelop yourself don39t worry about opponentsquot Afraid blisters would cause failure so taught players how to properly tie shoes Jeopardy Innova on o Porter s generic strategies where company39s introduce new products and services add new features to existing productions or develop ways to produce them Trade secret 0 Intellectual work that is known only to a company and not based on public property Knowledge 0 Conveys understanding accumulated learning and expertise as they apply to a current problem Application 0 A computer program designed to support a speci c task or business process Enterprise resource planning systems ERP 0 Use a common database for all functional areas System analyst 0 An IS position that interfaces between end users and programmers Information security 0 All of the processes and policies designed to protect an organization39s information and information systems from unauthorized access use disclosure disruption modi cations or destruction Threat 0 Any danger to which information resource may be exposed Value chain model 0 A Porter framework that helps to identify speci c activities where companies can use strategies for greatest impact Portal 0 Webbased personalized gateway to information and knowledge that provides relevant information for different IT systems and the internet using advanced search and indexing techniques Clientserver o A type of processing that links two or more computers in an arrangement in which some machines provide computing services for user computers Hierarchically o Humans naturally think this way based on centuries of accumulated expe ence Customization o Producing a large quantity of times but customizing them to t the desire of each customer Entry barrier o A feature that must be offered by a competing organization in order to survive in the marketplace Janitors and guards o The most overlooked people in information security Standards element 0 In the OL model this immediately follows ideals General Systems Theory 0 The OL Model is an extension of what prior theory Winging o Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden made it a point to never talk about it with his players Router 0 Sends messages through several connected LANs or to a widearea network Local area network LAN 0 Connect two or more devices in a limited geographical area so that every device on the network can communicate with every other device W Edwards Demming 0 Known to initiate the Quality Revolution CIO 0 Title of executive who is in charge of the people who design and build information systems the people who use those systems and the people responsible for managing those systems Business activity monitoring 0 Used to measure and manage business processes Employee negligence o In its study of various organizations the Ponemon Institute found it to be the most common cause of data breaches Telepresence systems 0 The latest version of videoconferencing that enable participants to seamlessly share data voice images graphics video and animation electronically


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