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Study Guide for Midterm NLM 300

by: Lindsey Tillett

Study Guide for Midterm NLM 300 NLM 300

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Child Development > NLM 300 > Study Guide for Midterm NLM 300
Lindsey Tillett
GPA 4.0
Fund Raising & Resource Development
Torrie Taj

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About this Document

NLM Midterm study guide
Fund Raising & Resource Development
Torrie Taj
Study Guide
NLM, nlm 300, torrie taj
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lindsey Tillett on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to NLM 300 at Arizona State University taught by Torrie Taj in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Fund Raising & Resource Development in Child Development at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 02/06/16
Midterm Study Guide NLM3OO Instructor Torrie Tai CFRE A desire to improve the material social and spiritual welfare of humanity especially through charitable activities Encarta Dictionary 0 What are the major and minclpremises associal with philanthropy Major Premise Philanthropy is necessary in a democratic society Minor Premise Fundraising is necessary to philanthropy Conclusion Fundraising is necessary to a democratic society 0 What is the 3 secmr mcmel tithe ILSA sociegL Government sector Uses power MarketBusiness sector Forpro t Third Sector Nonpro t organizations 0 Know the 7 signi cant roles of nonpro ts 7 Signi cant Roles Reduce Human Suffering Enhance Human Potential Promote Private Equity and Justice Build Community Provide Human Ful llment Support Experimentation and Change Foster Pluralism the existence of groups within society 0 Characteristics of philanthrppy according to the greeks and Romans Philanthropy directed primarily at enriching life of the community as a whole Beggars tolerated but considered nuisances 0 Why was de Tocqueville important Wrote a book called Democracy in America that deals with issues that are as relevant today as they were back in the 1830 s such as class structure racism religion the press the role of government and the judicial system He observed that voluntary giving which in Europe was accomplished through religious charity and State support took the form of mutual assistance in America Americans banded together to build hospitals prisons churches and schools Because they had no government or wealthy aristocracy Americans became empowered to act on their own a practice that also built strong representative government in the early years of the USA 0 Know the historical thoughts of US Philanthropy important gures in philanthropy and why Philanthropy grew out of obligation in most primitive societies for members to take care of one another A matter of survival Brother s Keeperquot Brotherly Love Warren Buffet quotThe Giving Pledge 2010 He challenged the wealthiest to give away their wealth 2 before they die Noteworthy for the billions of dollars he has donated Andrew Carnegie quotGospel of Wealth The rich have an obligation to pour some wealth back into the community for its longterm improvement 7 areasquot lane Adams Relief of suffering of the poor and the lohn Rockefeller and others Creators of modern Philanthropy Beniamin Franklin ChallengeMatching The pledge multiyear Longterm Payment contract Circle of Donors 1 agency pool funds together Strategic Planning sick 0 Review APQRQXIMATE Size and scope of the nonpro t sector of org volunteerism and giving in power points 0 Review Contributions by source Emmnmemfanimals 59 3 E1ifts trn individuals International afiairs N J 7 5533 Hat E i a 39n iii F4 r irts culture arid humanities Eil V Religion 1553 Pubiitsmiety heni Efii t 2339 gag HEB It llI1 m 531185 ll Gilt to haul md atiuns x 33514 A Education ES21 Hu ma r1 SEEME1555 5 m 51 11 1Reigious organizations have the most giving contribution 2Education is second most 3 human services 0 Review Contributions by type of recipient look at pie charts on Giving USA Corporations 1788 Bequests 2773 5 Foundations 4896 Individuals 24060 0 Almost 90 of the giving in the US comes from individuals 0 individuals comprised 72 of total giving in 2013 foundations which includes grants made by independent community and operating foundations 15 bequest accounted for 8 individuals bequest and family foundations 87 corporations comprised 5 What is meant by the supply side vs demand side of philanthropy What should we remember as Development or nonpro t professionals supply or demand Supply Side v Demand Side Philanthropy supply donor demandagency What is the role of the board in relation to the nonpro t organization and their role in fundraising What are 3 core questions that must be muasively answeLed in an organization39s case 0 Why does the organization exist 0 What services or programs does the nonpro t provide to meet the need or solve the problem 0 Why should prospective donors provide gifts What bene ts accrue donors who make gifts Review Constituency model pebble in the water example Rosso Model of FundraisingEnergy is centralized and bond is strongest at center Fluidity in the circles 5 A 1 EV I rF w rm barfquot w d r r 39 RE A 7 Jilin a p TEE E llglmir r quot 39l l39 aim o Donor wheel of Roles and Res onsibilities what should you know before asking for a maior gift Roles and Responsibilities that In uence Giving SelfCenter of Wheel Family Career or profession Religion Educann Recreation Health PoliticsCivic Engagement Social roles o What are components of a case Reviewed in ygur bgak and in week 5 Key elements include Mission Vision History Current ProgramsServices Listing of Board and Staff Financial information Need for future growth Plan for addressing those needs Opportunities for donor participation 0 Understand the Fundraising Cycle Generally o B able to cite the fundraising techniques that encompas an annual giving program 0 What are the primary obiectives of an annual fund invite rst time givers Renew upgrade o What is the meaning of this formula L I A LIA Identify Potential Gift Sources LIADifferent from 7 Book Linkage to the organization Interest in the work of organization Ability to give gifts What is AFP and what is the AFP Code of Ethics generally speci g not needed as we haven39t reviewed Association of Funraising Professionals 0 What is CFRE Certi ed Fund Raising Executive 0 Important to meizure RQI do you know what ROI stands for o The Thank you note why and what to include o Classmate nameswhy are they important What are the diffeLent ways technology can be used for fundraising bookII 7 bullets 7 bulle assignments o lntroducting yourself 0 Public Speaking 0 What is a gift range chart text chapter 6l 0 Important characteristics of a development professionalPas n and Pride in their work ILUS Should they be afraid to ask and apologize Review ladder of Effectiveness chapter 5 0 Review Fund Raising Pyramid chapter 51 Tell yourself you WILL DO WELL on this exam while you review your materials Participatin and ENGAGEMENT will allow you to feel con dent o Optimism is imperative to a development professional and to YOU being your BEST SELF as you study YES Seriously BOARD top of the chain in non pro t Case support why donor should support organization as a whole Case statementspeci c project and amount Face to face most effective way to fundraise Annual fund opperations upgrade donors bring in new doners Board expectation list commit gift attend meetings ask fordonanns Build donor base Feasibility study internal and external readiness 10


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