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UMB / Economics / ECON 365 / What is the focus of anthropometry?

What is the focus of anthropometry?

What is the focus of anthropometry?


School: University of Maryland
Department: Economics
Course: World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies
Professor: Kenneth leonard
Term: Fall 2015
Cost: 25
Name: Week 2 Notes- AREC365
Description: Notes from powerpoints & textbook!
Uploaded: 02/07/2016
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Lecture #4

What is the focus of anthropometry?

Merving people about food consumption: @nick 115t- everything the subject ate in the

last 24 hrs

(3upper-arm circumference. Are you undernourished> undernourished people have + very thin arms

Are you too far below

- normal? Normal-vise ang height weight of a reference person

What is the correlation between weight and good nutrition?

or median (50th percentile) Don't forget about the age old question of What is the function and location of chromatin?
If you want to learn more check out What are some examples of acidic and neutral substances?

OV "healthy range" to blw -+-4 * see examples in propt (Saran L


Anthropometrio Mal Nourishment

- Mild: 76-907. of median Median

Measure of


Moderate:61-757. 0347 347.

What is the state of hunger and food security in the us?

/ malnounshirt 51. - severe: 607. or belony ! Don't forget about the age old question of What is the structure of the middles section of external membrane?




2. Forgoiten foods-soda, snacks 3. Occasion when they cite it u Detail cycle- was there dip? or milk wi amean? 5. Final probe- fact check issues

Anthropometry!!!! subject lies

- compare subject to reference subject forgets

ex. 20 yr old of same Subiect moditres diet + background Expensive

tors if gap is big b/w subject Time-consuming indice mitior reference = under nourished We also discuss several other topics like What is the process for computing for the second law of thermodynamics?

nderna + use weight, height, + We also discuss several other topics like Which aspects are monitored as part of healthcare?
If you want to learn more check out How is the navier-stokes equation applied?

upper arm circumference Weight: Kncron that

@ Height: correlation seen ^ Weight -- good nutrition Othm endence of skeletons

1750: 2170 (als (clay, ang height was 165.9 cm. 2000 : 3150 cals, avg 175.0 cm





yž -a tā ī a, 3

BMI: X218.5 =

undernutrition Standard deviations Lawnu arm measurements can Hunger + Food Insecurity pronde info abt under nutrition

in the us:

questions like -Surveymore than 2- "did you lose weight be no food insecure

money for food?" OV "did you notect for a whole day blc there wasn't enough $ for food?"

cusnally) (nveight Jage)

How do we know it's nutrition Cesp. height)? undernutrition during -compared heignts to mie - growing years means

out genes as a factor individual does not

reach full height ex. Guatemalan r immigrant children to Florida

% Dying/yr



Lecture #6: Numbers |- From Food & Agriculture org (FAO), part of U.N.

~ 805 million undernonnished people as reported I by FAO in us 11.3%. Of vond population

obecreased in past 20 yrs

→ Mostly in east lastă calories per person per day: 2600in 1990, 2860 in 200

→ 107 increase in past 20 yrs

→ Req= N20 50 calories.

* Adequate calories in wond but they are

not distributed well. undernutntion : Asia (india, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan)

o Wasting, FIOW Weignt for herant

Stunted = Tow height for age Other issues:

-Low birthnreight babies worst off countries

Laindicates nutritional status of mothers - Lav lite expentancy - Infant + child mortality . * Net food output has

increased Trend of

Lecture #5 - Impacts of undernntntion "why short people are poor" i. Increased risk of mortality-undernutten

susceptibility to disease

lity undernutrition increases Lack of nuthents tlow weight for age in children ex. Malang: lack of zinc + vitamin A, underweight Good nutrition - taller - lower nsk Of ill health

child mortality

A why children? We study them blc they are and most likely

to die after old people (which

makes sense) decith " 7 of median weight from malnutrition is

for-age undernutrition causes Low birth weight :

tability to fight infection. 40x chance of death

dehydration - Weak immune system

caused (usually) by -More complications from disease maternal prenchal

. mainutrition undernntrion + Mental capabilities 1.LBW babies have smaller brains LBW -lon 2. LBN are often sick

I birth weight

babies 3. causes lower IQ's (due to lack of nutrier

balso have ferver yrs of school 4. Brains are less stimulded bc Often sick cless, ioner

cognitive functioning Heavier, taller = earn more money, less likely to be unemployed

to poverty cute Lovages of poor health it



undernutrition in developing









poor nutntion



Ch. 4-6 dcter in



Ch. 4-6 Notes (What wasn't in Prats) Measuining Nutritional status - Clinical assessment

(pinysican Dietary assessment - Dietary record

chib impacts of undem utrition - Mortality linked to BMI

Dependent on childhood nutrition, which

"affects height, + current nutrition

Relative which affects current weight HILI


nisk Child Health:

• Mainarnished mothers likely to reignt have malnourished babies

to breastfeeding improves

child's health i guaranteed t


(measure body parts)

list what they


sment - Biochem assessment

(bladwork, etc.)

Dietary record - Anthropometry Dietary Recall write down (measy

Cask them to what they body po

eat at ate)

meais) impuits Of UN on Growth + Development nutno

nent a unaention

Igin Weight - Stunting: low height for ageishonis past UN to seen during war or economic depression

- High rates of - Wasting: low weight for height; current ni

child mortalitus Sanitary food supply) -underweight low weight for age..

undernutrition Fast composition: low levels cana UN

- Micronutrient defiencies like - uses:

weakens immune sodine Nature vs. Nuture

- Investigare a popis

system -UN can reduce fertility - Ethnicity affects weight

Protein rcalone nutrition since Ptc affect

(pnevmonia, flv) -can affect intellectual development -Nature cgeness determine

growth the most maximum potential height

+ cognitive functioning example – Determine

UN r Education: -Nuiture (environment

Overnutrition in

Direct: brain development determines to what degree of

developed countries

1-Fasting 7 16 hrs

Indirect less brain stim height they gror to

Reference group: same impairs memonyt -Iron tiodine deficiencies Read Ways to Measure:

age tsex, used to compare focus

to lower IQs - Weight for age

Large Groups: s

- More distracted, -WHO z-score's (standard ince

-Lower productivity at Work deviation) + - Road to Health

a sample to draw restless, suffer from Đ esp. labor jobs - Gomez

nutrition-related small people are less - BMI


effective workers - Mid-upper arm

-Measured by lower o Increase in height by 17. circumference

test scores

-1 in Wages byl.387.

conclusions -Morality or disease rates - Food balance sheets

ch. 6 undemutntion: Who, When, m seasonality:

people at risk are usucilly at risk for periods of time, not all year -Fellon's seasons: growing

US hunger secison

• Production, price, and Availability clffected

Who, when, where?

Calone deficiency = Prevalence of UN?

- Not always -Truie w congo, Tajia

Burundi ASIA: women are less cared for, lower quality

of child care, poor

hygiene top of 11st Where? -Rural areas : lower incomes, lower availability, higher

prices . ex. Food deserts


Harvest Groning

season season

who is most vulnerable? Food Crisis of 2007-208

- infants esp. switch from

breast milk to food (not as -pras rose 2000-06 nutritious) - Shot up by 60%. - Pregnant licctating women

from 2007-08 - Elderly women - Fell dimost as quickly as they nose.

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