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Spanish 3 Exam 1 Study Guide- Penn State University

by: Christopher Raite

Spanish 3 Exam 1 Study Guide- Penn State University Span 003

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Language > Span 003 > Spanish 3 Exam 1 Study Guide Penn State University
Christopher Raite
Penn State
GPA 3.55

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About this Document

In this study guide there is a review of all conjugations and important vocabulary we learned in class and through the homework's. Also listed is what to expect to see on the exam and a review of e...
Alejandra Gutierrez
Study Guide
spanish, Penn State, Spanish 3
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Christopher Raite on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Span 003 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Alejandra Gutierrez in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 108 views. For similar materials see Spanish in Language at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 02/07/16
Spanish 3 Study Guide for Exam 1: What to expect to see on the test: C O N T E N T I. Listening Comprehension (5 questions): Based on vocabulary about food items and recipes, in the supermarket and the table.   II. Grammar (22 pts)  A. Gustar and similar verbs (pp. R56­R57) B. Present tense and reflexive verbs (pp. R7­R8, R11, R16­R17, R24­R26, R32­ R33, R37­R39) C. Ir + a + infinitive (p. R27)    D. Preterit (pp. R51­R52, R53, R58­R59, R60­R61, R62­R63, R66­R67) E. Imperfect (pp. R68­R70) F. Preterit vs. Imperfect (pp. R71­R72. R83­R84) G. Informal commands (pp. 16­19) H. Se + Verb (pp. 12­13) III. Vocabulary (20 pts) A. Vocabulary: Los productos y las recetas (pp. 4 and 29) B. Vocabulary: En el supermercado (pp. 6­7 and 29)             C. Vocabulary: La mesa (pp. 9 and 29) IV. Reading (6 questions) V. Composition (10 pts): 75 words Review all of the following throughout the study guide. Check to see if your teacher has posted a study guide after reviewing and take the practice test! Also review all the vocabulary in the textbook as some is not covered on this study guide as it did not appear in class or the homework! Review of Spanish 0002:  Preterite vs. Imperfect  Irregular Verbs  Reflexive verbs  Formal Commands Preterite Tense- Actions that have occurred in the past and have been completed. Use preterite when:  An action has been completed and only occurs once  Actions occur during a specific time Conjugation for Preterite Tense: AR Verbs Yo é Tu Aste El/Ella/Usted Ó Nosotros Amos Vosotros Asteis Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Aron ER/ IR Verbs Yo Í Tu íste El/Ella/Usted ío Nosotros ímos Vosotros isteis Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes ieron Irregular Preterite Verb list:  IR  Ser  Dormir  Estar  Hacer Reflexive Verbs in Preterite Yo Me é or Í Tu Te aste or íste El/Ella/Usted Se ó or ío Nosotros Nos amos or ímos Vosotros Vos asteis or isteis Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Se aron or ieron Impefect Tense: Actions that are reoccurring in the past or happened multiple times Use the imperfect tense when:  Actions are ongoing in the past  Imperfect essentially means “used to”  Repeated actions in the past, every day/month/ year/ etc.  Talking about background information Key words to indicate imperfect tense  Expressions of time  “Hora”  “Edad”  “A veces”  “Cada dia/año”  “Todos los _____” Imperfect Tense conjugation: AR Verbs in Imperfect Yo Aba Tu Abas El/Ella/Usted Aba Nosotros Ábamos Vosotros Abais Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes aban ER/ IR Verbs in Imperfect Yo ía Tu ías El/Ella/Usted ía Nosotros íamos Vosotros íais Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes ían Irregular Imperfect Verb List:  Ir  Ser  Ver Formal Commands: Used when ordering someone else to do something To form a formal command…  Put verb in present “yo” form  Drop the “o” from the “yo” form  Add “e” or “en” for AR verbs  Add “a” or “an” for ER/IR verbs Example: Hablar  Make present: Hablo  Drop “o”: Habl  Add “e” for singular “en” for plural: Hable or Hablen Irregular Formal Command List:  Jugar  Dormir  Pensar  Repetir  Poner  Decir  Hacer ** END OF REVIEW OF SPANISH 2** New Unit 10.1 IR+ A + Infinitive: Used when talking about future actions Yo Voy Tu Vas El/Ella/Usted Va Nosotros Vamos Vosotros Vais Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Van 10.1: Se + Verb  Use the verb in singular with singular names ex. Se vende fruta  Use the verb in plural with plural names ex. Se venden frutas  For AR verbs use “a”/”an” for the verb endings  For ER/IR verbs use “e”/”en” for the verb endings *Vocabulary seen in class within 10.1- Recommend to review full list in textbook*  El Carne- meat  Las Verduras- vegetables  La Lechuga- lettuce  La Fruta- fruit  La Cebolla- onion  El plátino- banana  La manazana- apple  El ajo- garlic  El patate/papa- potatoe  La leche- milk  Las uvas- grapes  El vino- wine  La langosta- lobster  Las gambas- shrimp  El marisco- fish  El pastel- candy/ treat  Los refrescos- soft drinks  Espaquetis- spaghetti  El arroz- rice  Vender- To sell  Batir- to beat  Cortar- to cut/chop Present Subjunctive Tense  Querer  Desear  Esperar que + Subjunctive  Necesitar  Prefeierer Ex. Ojalá (que)… + subjunctive Vocab mentioned in class within 11.1:  El pecho- chest  La cabaza- head  El pelo- hair  La mejilla- cheeks  La garganta- throat  El cochillo- knife  El plato- plate  El vaso- glass  La copa- wine glass  El tenedor- Fork  La cuchara- spoon  El cuchillo- Butter knife  La servilllete- napkin INFORMAL COMMANDS: Affirmative Tense: - Change verb to present indicative “tu” tense - Drop the “s” - Examples: - Concinar--- Tu concias --- cocina Beber--- Tu bebes --- bebe Negative Tense: - Change the verb to “yo” form in present - Drop the “o” - Add “es” for AR verbs - Add “as” for ER/IR verbs - Examples: - Yo comino---- no camines Yo bebo--- no bebas IRREGULAR VERBS IN AFFIRMATIVE/ NEGATIVE Verb Affirmative Negative Poner Pon No pongas Salir Sal No salgas Tener Ten No tengas Venir Ven No vengas Hacer Haz No hagas Decir Di No digas Ir Ve No vayas Ser Se No seas EXTRA VOCAB THAT APPERED ON ANGEL ASSIGNMENT #2: 11.1 *** REVIEW ALL OF TEXTBOOK VOCAB FOR THE EXAM***  El hombre- shoulder  La oreja- Ear  La rodilla- Knee  El Pie- Foot  Las pestañas- Eye lashes  El cerbro- Brain  El tobillo- Ankle  Los plumones- Lungs  Los huejos- Bones  La cara- face  La espalda- Back  La cabello/ pelo- hair  La mano- hand  El ojo- eye  Los labios- lips  El corazón- heart  Las venas- veins  El pecho- chest  Los dedos- fingers  La cabeza- head  La nariz- nose  Enfermo- sick  Pasitlla- Tablet/ advil  Recetar- to prescribe  La presión artiel- Blood pressure  El brazo-arm  Estornuda- sneeze  Fiebre- Fever


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