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the clitoris quizlet

the clitoris quizlet


School: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Course: Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health
Professor: Araceli alonso
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Gender and Women's Studies, GWS, 103, and Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease
Cost: Free
Name: GWS 103 Week 2 Lecture & Reading Notes
Description: This note set has the lecture notes from January, 25th and 27th, as well as notes on the readings for those two lectures. The lecture notes are important for the first midterm. Quizlet for key terms from the BW chapter we read: https://quizlet.com/_20ak5j , and https://quizlet.com/_20alr1 . Passwords: week2
Uploaded: 02/07/2016
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