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Flashcards / java chapter 8 vocab

java chapter 8 vocab

java chapter 8 vocab


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Name: java chapter 8 vocab
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static import on demand

A(n) _______ imports all static members of a class.


String class static method ______ is similar to method System.out.printf, but returns a formatted String rather than displaying a String in a command window.


If a method contains a local variable with the same name as one of its class's fields, the local variable _____ the field in that method's scope.

public services, public interface

The public methods of a class are also known as the class's ______ or ______.


A(n) _______ declaration specifies one class to import.

default constructor

If a class declares constructors, the compiler will not create a(n) _______.


An object's ______ method is called implicitly when an object appears in code where a String is needed.

accessor methods, query methods

Get methods are commonly called _____ or ______.


A(n) _______ method tests whether a condition is true or false.


For every enum, the compiler generates a static method called _____ that returns an array of the enum's constants in the order in which they were declared.


Composition is sometimes referred to as a(n) _______ relationship.


A(n) _______ declaration contains a comma-separated list of constants.


A(n) ______ variable represents classwide information that's shared by all the objects of the class.

single static import

A(n) ______ declaration imports one static member.

principle of least privilege

The ______ states that code should be granted only the amount of privilege and access that it needs to accomplish its designated task.


Keyword _____ specifies that a variable is not modifiable after initialization in a declaration or constructor.


A(n) _______ declaration imports only the classes that the program uses from a particular package.

mutator methods

Set methods are commonly called ______ because they typically change a value.


Use class ______ to perform precise monetary calculations.


Use the _______ statement to indicate that a problem has occurred.