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WIU / Theatre / THEA 110 / What is it called when a character shares their thoughts and feelings

What is it called when a character shares their thoughts and feelings

What is it called when a character shares their thoughts and feelings


School: Western Illinois University
Department: Theatre
Course: Into to Theater
Professor: Adam lewis
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: theater and Study Guide
Cost: 50
Name: Study Guide
Description: Entire Semester Theater 110 Jay conner
Uploaded: 02/09/2016
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Theatre 110 Study Guide ­ Fall 2015 

What is it called when a character shares their thoughts and feelings with the audience?

Terms to be familiar with and/or define:

Forwards ​are events in a story that increase the audience in anticipation Theatricality ​an event in a story that is outrageous

Ignorance is Bliss

Art​creator messenger receiver intent to communicate.

Artistic​missing ingredients

Drama​is conflict and an imitation of a man in action and a series of actions. Dramatic ​missing something in drama

Four Types of Conflict: Man VS. … Man, Himself, Society, and Supernatural/Natur​e Goethe’s Big Three Rules of Criticism​what is the artist trying to say.. How well is it said and is it worth being said

What are the given circumstances of a play?

We also discuss several other topics like How is human behavior influenced?

Four Basic Forms of Drama​: Tragedy, Melodrama , Comedy look at the world through laughter ends in a birth or a rebirth, and “Straight Drama”


Given Circumstances​facts of a play (who what when where)

Stage Directions​written in italics or parentheses or both to contain gestures or emotional circumstances

Dialogue​in a script is the exchange between two or more people

Monologue​is the exchange of thoughts between yourself or between you and the audience Super­Objective ​the overall goal or desire

Dramatic Style​classifying the way it looks or sounds

What the action or sequence of events in a story?

direct performance one or more talking directly to audience

Indirect performance when characters don't break the fourth wall and characters don't talk to audience

Dramatic Structure ​the function of events in a story.

Event​something that happens Don't forget about the age old question of On the accompanying diagram of a pendulum, at what position is the potential energy maximum?

Action​one action = two events

Stasis​a balance of equilibrium the beginning of a dramatic structure of the beginning of a story. Intrusion​​Disrupts the stasis sets free irresistible forces of the story, introduces the major part of the conflict

Battle for Stasis ​work towards to resolving the major conflict. Plot devices that complicates the conflict.

Climax​​resolves the major conflict

New/Old Stasis ​go back to the old stasis or a new one comes up stasis.

Dramatic Action ​sequence of events in story

Linear/Non­linear ​events in chronological order or in non chronological order Continuous/Non­continuous ​events have no gaps of time or events with a gap of time Characteristics of a Melodrama​teach a lesson through entertainment the plot devices is heavy hand complicate the compound antagonist always threatens the love interest protagonist we learn good is rewarded and evil is punished music is important serious action light move Characteristics of Classic and Modern Tragedy Don't forget about the age old question of What does impact crater mean?

Protagonist ​main character

Antagonist ​person oppose protagonist

Catharsis ​self actualization of a character in a story.

Tragic Flaw ​a very important event they happens in a tragedy. Weakness in a tragedy Plot Defarmin

Aristotle ​Greek lived before the time of Jesus first definition of drama imitation of man in action Thespis

Dionysus​the guy of wine rivalry and farmin

Festival of Dionysus ​play writing contest in honor of the king Dionysus one takes places of three days to 3 stories someone choose write topics 3 tragedy's

play that usually involves in a animalistic character

Direct and Indirect Performance Don't forget about the age old question of Where does primary neuron come from?

Elements of Drama​look at the dynamic of human relationships


Representational vs. Presentational


Composition diagonal

Center Stage​center of the stage

Stage Right​left side from stage perspective

Stage Left​right side perspective

Down Stage​moving up is down stage We also discuss several other topics like What are the characteristics of a theatre building?

Up Stage​moving back is up stage

Horizontal Location​degrees of where you standing

Planes ​move downstage and up stage between feet

Focus (Double meaning)

­ Point where audience’s eye is drawn to, AKA. Emphasis

­ Eye and Line Focus

Level ​how tall or short

Diagonal ​when two people face each other diagonally

Repetition​when eye focus/ support looks at the same thing

Support​eye in line focus on the

center stage ​center of stage

Climactic Composition​when two people is apart for two feet

Shared Focus ​your eyes can focus on one thing

Split Focus​can't focus on one thing at the same time.


Space ​the area between people

Mass​a group of people We also discuss several other topics like Which factors are held constant when using the ceteris paribus assumption?

Duke of Saxe­Meiningen​father of modern directing blocked the extras and told them where to go and when to go

Director’s Concept or Vision

Given Circumstances​facts of a play





Stanislavski​find truth under imaginary circumstances god father

Method Acting Style​working inside out

Technique Acting Style​outside in

The Magic –if ​if I were this character in this situation this is how I would react. Emotional Recall​actor thinks of something and think about that moment feel those feelings as a character

Substitution Method

Yes and​don't deny a moment

Previous Action


Through­line and/or Spine of play






Stage Manager

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