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MGT 301 February 9th (Day 7) EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE

by: Hannah Leggett

MGT 301 February 9th (Day 7) EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE MGT 301

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Economcs > MGT 301 > MGT 301 February 9th Day 7 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE
Hannah Leggett
GPA 3.56

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About this Document

In class notes February 9th (Day 7) EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE
Business Management
Gordon Holbein
Study Guide
MGT 301 Holbein UK
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hannah Leggett on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MGT 301 at University of Kentucky taught by Gordon Holbein in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 264 views. For similar materials see Business Management in Economcs at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 02/09/16
th MGT 301-Febuary 9 2016 (Day 7) 1. Don’t be afraid to choose None of the Above or All of the Above 2. True/False must be ENTIRELY True 3. Only choose answers that were taught in class. Ask yourself “What did Holbein say?” “What did Maxwell say?” 4. 3 Types of Questions on the Exam (50 questions total) a. Lecture Notes (23 questions) b. Maxwell (13 questions) c. Wall Street Journal (14 questions) d. True and False (8 questions) LECTURE NOTES REVIEW 1. Holbein Model 2. Kristin Poon---which of the following is NOT what she did 3. **Four Fundamental Truths of Leadership** 4. Iron Clad Law of Leadership 5. Holbein/Maxwell Premise 6. Top 5 things employers are looking for today 7. Definition of Leadership (6 parts) 8. Definition of Management* 9. Efficiency and Effectiveness 10. The Three Levels of Bosses 11. Managers 10 Roles (come in three categories. Know which roles fall into what category). a. Decision Making b. Informational c. Interpersonal 12. Six Major Challenges that Faces Managers today HISTORY OF MANAGEMENT 1. Know all the Eras and people that fall under the eras 2. The Agrarian Era CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE 1. The Big 5 Personality Traits a. For each of the 5 know how does it correlate with success? 2. Emotional Intelligence 3. Emotional Maturity and Strength 4. Locus of Control a. Internal b. External CAREER DEVELOPMENT 1. Informational Interviews MANAGERIAL ETHICS 1. Stake Holders 2. Three Questions to Ask When Ethics Should be Considered MAXWELL *Most Maxwell questions are true/false, fill in the blank, or know the chapter title. 1. Chapter 12 a. Page 84 Section 1 2. Chapter 18 a. Page 125 i. Plato b. Page 128 i. Steven Covey ii. Daily Private Victory c. Page 130 i. Octopus Lesson 3. Chapter 5-Competence (Benjamin Franklin) a. Top of Page 32 b. Page 33 Section 1 c. Page 33 Section 2 d. Page 34 Section 4 e. The internal Locus of Control in the Gulf Stream 4. Chapter 1 a. Page 4 i. Choices and Actions b. Page 5 i. Five A’s 5. Chapter 6- Courage a. Page 39 i. Eddie Bricknbacher 1. Being afraid but doing it anyways 2. Relates to Emotional Maturity Strength ii. Quote from Tafitus. 1. Page 41 6. Chapter 9-Generousity a. Page 62 End of Section 3 i. Relates to emotional maturity and strength 7. Chapter 19- Servant Leadership (2 questions) a. Page 136 Section 2 b. Page 136 Paragraph just above the middle. Holbein’s modified version of Maxwell. WALL STREET JOURNAL 1. And One Method of Setting Goals 2. Rewards for Goal Setting a. Intrinsic b. Extrinsic 3. When you miss your goal what don’t you do. What is NOT the right thing to do. 4. Charlie Mars (3 questions) a. When your dreams don’t come true what do you do? b. When you feel that you have been treated wrong, what do you do? i. Charlie Mars answers this c. He had an internal locus of control. i. He did it all on his own and was very powerful d. Networking i. His own personal board of directors. ii. 5 people beyond his family 5. True Grit (3 questions) a. Balance of Grit is very important b. Definition of Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character c. Talk to personal board of directors to see if you are too gritty or not enough 6. Applying to MBA Programs a. Don’t go straight out of undergrad 7. D Pac Churpra a. 4 Levels of of fundamental Taught b. Mindfulness –Holbein Truth Version c. Purpose of Business d. How do you make the most revenue possible


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