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UT / Communication Studies / CMS 306M / List the four ethical perspectives.

List the four ethical perspectives.

List the four ethical perspectives.


School: University of Texas at Austin
Department: Communication Studies
Course: Professional Communication Skills
Professor: Millie harrison
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: communication, Comm, cms, ut comm, and 306m
Cost: 25
Name: Chapter 4
Description: Covers Chapter 4 terms & ideas of required class textbook. Handwritten notes.
Uploaded: 02/10/2016
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Chapter 4 - Communication EthicsDon't forget about the age old question of What is quotient rule?

Ethics - general and systematic study of what ought to be the gradients and principles for right and wrong human behaviorWe also discuss several other topics like What is a vocal ensemble consisting of several voice parts with four or five or more singers in each section?

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Ethical communication

  1. Prep and cite - gives credit. Creates potential research replication, and hold you accountable
  2. Delivery - take all audience into account with sensitivity

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4 ethical perspectives -

  • Virtue ethics - ethical quantity of an action defined by the intentions of the actor
  • Consequentialism - ethical quality of an action should be determined by evaluating its consequences
  • Deontology - ethical course of an action determined by examining the act itself, not the intentions of the actor or the consequences
  • Postmodern ethics - consider the relationship between the actions of others and one’s own choice or actions




Virtue ethics

Easier to forgive unintended harm, shared guidance

Doesn’t judge action by consequences, people define “virtue” differently, no clear way to resolve determinants


Makes it clear that good intentions are not enough, enables criticism of negligent actions, allows cost / benefit analysis as guide

Difficult to determine most desirable consequences, utilitarian perspective can be abused to justify unfair minority treatment, cost / benefit analysis may over simplify


Ethical consistency, makes shared cultural and societal norms possible

Applies same rules to common situations regardless of different contexts, assumes universally good rules

Postmodern ethics

Makes clear that speech and actions are alway connected, encourages speakers to adapt to their audiences

No easy answers or explanation, impossible to live by all the time

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Conflict on Interest:If you want to learn more check out What is a slutstcy equation?

Conflict of interest - situation in which someone has multiple interest at stake in a decision, motivations from one of those interests may corrupt / interfere with decisions

To alloriate: remove, disclose situation information to others, and manage


Global plagiarism - taking someone’s work in full and representing it as your own while making little to no changes

Incrementing plagiarism - failing to properly cite information to its source

Patchwork plagiarism - combining information from several different sources

Multiple submissions - type of plagiarism, too! Using work from one class and submitting it for another

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