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FHSU / Geography / GEOG 110 / What is the nature of cultural imperialism?

What is the nature of cultural imperialism?

What is the nature of cultural imperialism?


Cultural imperialism - the active promotion of one cultural system over another, such as the implantation of a new language, school system, or bureaucracy. History, this has been primarily associated with European colonialism

Cultural Nationalism - a process of protecting, either formally (with laws) or informally (with social values), the primary of a specific cultural system against influences from another culture

Cultural Syncretism or hybridization - the blending of two or more cultures, which then produces a synergistic third culture or specific behavior that exhibits traits from all cultural parentsWe also discuss several other topics like What are relative dating methods?
If you want to learn more check out What are the common causes of abnormal behavior?

Culture - learned and shared behavior by a group of people empowering them with a distinct “way of life”; it includes both material technology, tools, etc) and non - material (speech, religion, values, etc) components

We also discuss several other topics like Enumerate the Models of Etiology.

Decolonization - the process of a former colonies gaining (or regaining) independence over its territory and establishing (or reestablishing) an independent government

Demographic Transition Model - a four - stage scheme that explains different rates of population growth over time through differing birth and death ratesIf you want to learn more check out What does the circadian rhythm mean?

Areal Differentiation: the geographic description and explanation of spatial differences on Earth’s surface, including both physical as well as human patternsDon't forget about the age old question of What is a ceramic with black-figure decoration?

Areal Integration: the geographic description of explanation of how places, landscapes and regions are connected interact and are integrated with each otherIf you want to learn more check out What occurs when a lifting surface deflects under aerodynamic load?

Bubble Economy: a highly inflated economy that can not be sustained. Bubble economies usually result from the rapid influx or international capital into a developing country

Choropleth Map: a thematic map in which areas use color shading or different patterns to depict differences in whatever is being mapped.

Colonialism - the formal and established rule over local people by larger imperialist governments

Core - Periphery Model: according to this scheme, the  United States, Canada, Western Europe, adn Japan constitute the global economic core, while other regions make up a less - developed economic periphery from which the core extracts resources

Counter insurgency - the suppression of a rebellion or insurgency by military and political means, which includes not just warfare but also winning the support of local people by improving community infrastructure (schools, roads, water supply, etc)

De- Territorialization - the expansion of an activity (such as a sport) closely tied to a specific place or region to a non - place based global scale

Diversity - the differences between cultures, ethnicities, economics, landscapes, and regions

Economic Convergence - the notion that globalization will result in the world’s poorer countries gradually catching up with more developed economies

Ethnic Religion - a religion closely identified with a specific ethnic or tribal group, often to the point of assuming the role of the major defining characteristic of that group. Normally ethnic religions do not actively seek new converts

Formal Region - a geographic concept used to describe an area where a static and specific trait (such as a language or a climate) has been mapped and described. A formal region contrasts with a functional region. A geographic concept of areal or spatial similarity, large or small

Functional Region - a geographic concept used to describe the spatial extent dominated by a specific activity. The circulation area for newspaper is an example, as is the trade area of a large city

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