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What are the two biggest rivers in Missouri?

Missouri River and Mississippi River

What are rivers used for?

*To ship goods all over the world *Recreation

What is a tributary?

*a smaller river that flows into a larger river

What is a reservoir?

*water behind a dam that has no where to go...forms a lake

What is a region?

*a place that has things that are alike in some way

Define the word Urban.


Define the word rural


What is a landform?

natural features such as mountains, hills valleys and plains.

How many regions does Missouri have?


Name the 4 regions of Missouri.

1. Glacial Plains 2. Osage Plains 3. Ozark highlands 4. Mississippi Lowlands

Name some characteristics about the Glacial Plains.

*North of Missouri River *Were covered in Glaciers during the Ice Age *Great for farming *includes St Louis

Name some characteristics about the Osage Plains.

*Named after an Indian tribe **Grassland: part of the Great Plains that extend in to Kansas and Colorado. *Includes Joplin *Farmers grow wheat and hay *grazing cattle

Ozark Highlands

*Hilly land, covered with forests *Many freshwater springs and rivers *NOT good for farming *includes Springfield, Branson and Taum Sauk mountain...the highest point in Missouri

Mississippi Lowlands

*The "boot heel" of Missouri *has the Mississippi River on one side and the Francis River on the other side. *many earthquakes *great for farming.

Which area is not good for farming?

Ozark Highlands

What is the highest point in Missouri?

Taum Sauk Mountain

Which area has many earthquakes?

Mississippi Lowlands

St Louis is in which region?

Glacial Plain

Kansas is in which region?

Osage Plains