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Chem 1A Worksheets

by: Amir Mahmoodi

Chem 1A Worksheets Chem 1A

Amir Mahmoodi
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Worksheets that I wrote for Dr. Arasasingham's Chem 1A class. Answer sheets are in a separate bundle
Study Guide
Chem, chem 1A, GChem, General Chemistry, UCI, UC Irvine, Arasasingham
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amir Mahmoodi on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by ARASASINGHAM, R. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.

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Date Created: 02/11/16
AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UC.EDU O FFICH OURS: FRIDAY10-11 AM, 12-1 PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 2 Worksheet 1) What is the atomic number of Iodine? What is its atomic mass? How many neutrons does it have? How many electrons? 2) Fred created a subatomic particle accelerator that can shoot electrons at speeds of up to 295,000,000 m/s. How fast is that in nanometers per second? (Use scientific notation and don’t forget about Sig Figs! All work must be shown.) 3) Arman has 389.001 seconds to run from his house to his neighbor’s house before the party starts. He does so in 88.1 seconds. Upon his arrival, how much time will be left until the party? (Scientific notation and Sig Figs) 4) What is the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons in23Ra ?+ 5) What is the difference between an Isotope of Lithium and a Lithium Ion? 6) Which has more atoms: 25.00g of Oxygen or 100.50g of Helium? Explain (show  work; Scientific notation and Sig Figs). 14 7) Determine the mass (in grams) of 256  N atoms. (Scientific notation and Sig Figs) AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU O FFICEHOURS : RIDAY 10-11 AM, 12-1 PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 3 Worksheet 1. Atom Q has 3 different Isotopes. It has a relative molar mass of 300 amu. The relative molar masses of its Isotope and their 290 315 ? abundances are listed as: Q(55%) , Q(30%), Q(15%). Find the unknown molar mass of the third Isotope. 2. Atom Σ has two Isotopes whose molar masses are 125 amu and 125 196 amu. Σ’s abundance in nature is 300 out of every 600 Σ atoms. What is the relative molar mass of Σ? 3. The relative molar mass of atom Ψ is 900 amu. If Ψ has only two isotopes, 89Ψ and 904Ψ, find the relative abundance of each Isotope in nature. 4. How many protons, Neutrons, and electrons does 14C have? AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UC.EDU O FFICEHOURS: FRIDAY10-11 AM, 12-1 PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Midterm Review Questions th 2+ 1) An electron in the 5 orbital of Liemits an amount of energy as it comes down to the 2 ndorbital. This energy is then transferred to a particle in order to give it a velocity of 7.00 m/s. What is the mass of this particle? 2) A hypothetical atom, Q, has an average molar mass of 750 g/mol. It has two isotopes of mass 950 g/mol and 600 g/mol. What is the relative abundance of each Isotope? (Use two significant figures). 3) A Fluorine atom is shot from an atom gun with a velocity of 5.98 × 10 m/s. What is the De Broglie wavelength of this Fluorine? How much energy does it have? 4) 1.938 x 10 -18Joules of electromagnetic radiation excite an electron in the first orbital of a Hydrogen atom. What is the new principal quantum number of the electron? 5) If a particle that weighs 5.67μg has a De Broglie wavelength of 325nm, what is its Kinetic Energy? AMIR MAHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU OFFICEH OURS: RIDAY10-11 AM, 12-1 PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 5 Worksheet 1) What is the complete electron configuration of Bromine? What is the shortened version? 2) What is the electron configuration of Chromium? Explain. (Full or shortened version) 3) What is the electron configuration of Copper? Explain. (Full or shortened version) 4) A particle travels through a vacuum at a constant speed of 256 Gm (Gigameters) per second. What is this particles Wavelength and Frequency? AMIR MAHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU OFFICEH OURS: RIDAY10-11 AM 12-1 PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 6 Worksheet 1) List these atoms from the highest to lowest electronegativity. O, F, N, C, Na, K, Sr, Al, H and explain why this trend exists. 2) For the above atoms, which ones are capable of making an ionic bond? Write all possible combinations. 3) Which ones will make a covalent bond? Which covalent bond is the most polar? 4) Order the above atoms in decreasing atomic radius. 5) Which one has the most endothermic electron affinity: N or F? Explain. A  MIR M AHMOODI  AMAHMOO   1@   UC. EDU O  FFICE   OURS :   UESDAY  9­1 AM L OCATION  : RH 517 Amir’s Week 7 Worksheet Consider the following molecules for questions 1 ­ 4.   a) AsCl5 and HF b) NaCl and S 3 c) FrF and MgO 1) In which pair do both compounds exhibit predominantly ionic bonding? 2) In which pair do both compounds exhibit predominantly covalent bonding?  3) From each pair, select the molecule with strongest intermolecular forces and explain  why. 4) Based on your knowledge of bond strength, which molecule would have the strongest  bond out of all a, b, and c? Explain. 5) In HOF which bond is stronger? (H­O or O­F) Expalin. AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU O FFICEHOURS : UESDAY 9-11AM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 8 Worksheet Notice: Come to office hours if you need to see the answers to these questions 1) Draw the Lewis Structure for ClO4and explain why this is the best structure. i) What is the molecular geometry of the Cl atom? ii) What is the molecular geometry of each of the O atoms? 2) What is the molecular geometry of Xe in XeF 5+ i) What is the molecular geometry of each F? ii) Draw the molecule and indicate bond angles. 2- - 3) List these atoms from the biggest to smallest: F , F , and F. Explain why.


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