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Chem 1B Worksheets

by: Amir Mahmoodi

Chem 1B Worksheets Chem 1B

Amir Mahmoodi
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Here are an entire quarter of worksheets that I wrote for Chem 1B for Dr. Arasasingham. Answers are in a separate bundle.
General Chemistry
Dr. Arasasingham
Study Guide
Chem, Chem 1B, GChem, General Chemistry, UCI, Irvine, Arasasingham
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amir Mahmoodi on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 1B at University of California - Irvine taught by Dr. Arasasingham in Winter 2014. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry in Chemistry at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 02/11/16
AMIR MAHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU OFFICEH OURS: UESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 2 Worksheet 1) True or False: a) Electronegative atoms are on the far left of the periodic table b) Electropositive atoms are on the far left of the periodic table c) Electronegative atoms want to take electrons from other atoms d) Electropositive atoms want to take electrons from other atoms e) Two Electronegative atoms make a covalent bond with each other f) An Electropositive atom and an Electronegative atom can make an Ionic bond together 2) Do the following molecules have a Dipole moment? Explain why. Cl a) Cl C Cl Cl Cl b) H C Cl Cl 3) Short Answer: a) What is the name of the smallest unit of an Ionic Compound or Metallic Compound? b) Which bond is the strongest bond Covalent, Ionic, or Metallic? c) What is a Metallic bond? d) Is Energy released when a bond is formed or broken? e) Are Intra-molecular bonds stronger or Inter-molecular forces? Explain. AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UC.EDU O FFICH OURS: TUESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 3 Worksheet 1) For each molecule/compound, name all of the existing Intra and Inter-molecular forces? a. CH3OH: b. CH4: c. CHCl3: d. NaCl: 2) List the above molecules/compounds in order of increasing strength of Inter-Molecular Forces. 3) Which of these molecules/compounds has the Highest boiling point? Lowest? 4) Which one of these molecules has the highest polarizability? Why? F-F Cl-Cl Br-Br I-I 5) Consider H2O. Which atoms are hydrogen bond acceptors? Which ones are Hydrogen bond donors? AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCI.EDU O FFICEHOURS : TUESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7 PM LOCATION : RH 517 Amir’s Midterm 1 Review 1. Rank these molecules from lowest to highest boiling points: CH 3H 2H C2 CH2, C3 , (4H ) C3 2 , NaCl , (CH ) C 3 4 2. Rank these molecules in order of increasing inter-molecular strength and list all of their inter-molecular forces. HI, HCl, KOH, H 2, CH 3l, CaS, C(CH )3 4 3. If the length of each side of a face centered cubic unit cell is 300 pm, what is the radius of each atom? AMIR MAHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU OFFICEH OURS: UESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 5 Worksheet 1) A newly discovered atom called Ununamirum (Uua) has the atomic radius of 706 nm. If this atom arranged in space based on the Face Centered Cubic arrangement: a) What would be the length of one edge? b) What would be the volume of this cube? (give your answer in cm ) c) How many of Uua atoms fit inside one cube and what is the coordination number of one atom? d) If Ununamirum 300 amu, what would be the density of one cube (g/cm )? 2) If both Francium (Fr) and Strontium (Sr) were packed in a body centered cube, which would you expect to have a larger cube? AMIR MAHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCI.EDU OFFICEH OURS: UESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 6 Worksheet 1) True or False: a) Endothermic reaction results in the production of heat as a product. b) An exothermic reaction cannot occur without the presence of heat in the surrounding. c) Boiling water is an endothermic reaction because it requires energy 2) It takes 256 KJ/mol of energy in order to break a bond of Amir-Z5. However, when Amir binds to Q to give Amir-Q 967 KJ/mol of energy are released. a) Using the energy derived from the formation of one Amir-Q bond, How many Amir-Z5 bonds can we break? (remember to round your answers) b) Which reaction is exothermic? And which is endothermic? 3) What is ΔE for a system which undergoes a process consisting of these two steps? a) Step 1: The system absorbs 100 J of heat while 50 J of work is done on it. b) Step 2: The system gives off 50 J of heat while performing 100 J of work AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU O FFICEHOURS : UESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 7 Worksheet 1) Calculate the enthalpy change (ΔΗ ) rxn the following reaction: 2Ga (s) + 3Br (2) → 2GaBr (s) 3 a) 2Ga (s) + 6HBr (aq) → 2GaBr (3q) + 3H (g2 ΔH = –1049 kJ b) HBr(g) → HBr (aq) ΔH = –73.5 kJ c) H (g) + Br (g) → 2HBr (g) ΔH 2 2 = –185 kJ d) GaBr 3s) → GaBr (3q) ΔH = –323 kJ 2) The combustion of propane is described by the following equation: C H (g) + 5O (g) → 3CO (g) + 4H O(l) ΔH = – 3 8 2 2 2 Rxn 2220 kJ a) Calculate the moles of propane needed to power a car using 3000. KJ of energy per hour, for 2 hours. b) How many grams of propane is that? AMIR M AHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UC.EDU O FFICH OURS: TUESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 8 Worksheet 1) For the reaction: Br2(g)  2 Br (l) a) Predict the signs of ΔRxnand ΔSRxn. b) Would the reaction be spontaneous at high or low temperatures? 2) At a certain temperature 10,000 J of heat are required in order to turn water into gas. Will this reaction be spontaneous at any temperature? Explain your reasoning. 3) If ΔΗ = 356 J and ΔS = 300 J/K at what temperature will this reaction become spontaneous? AMIR MAHMOODI AMAHMOO 1@ UCIEDU OFFICEH OURS: UESDAY 3-4PM AND 6-7PM LOCATION: RH 517 Amir’s Week 9 Worksheet 1) Calculate ΔE for a reaction that produces 21.5 kJ of heat while at the same time doing 1.5 kJ of work. a) Is this process exothermic or endothermic? 2) If a reaction, at 25 degrees Celsius, absorbs 152 KJ of heat, and experiences an increase in entropy of 326 J/K, is it an spontaneous reaction or not? If not, under what temperature will it be spontaneous? 3) Is this reaction Entropically favored? Explain why. 2 (g)  2I (l)


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