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UNT / Musicology / MUET 1600 / What are the types of a pitch?

What are the types of a pitch?

What are the types of a pitch?


School: University of North Texas
Department: Musicology
Course: Music in Human Imagination
Professor: Randy kinnett
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: Music in Human Imagination Notes First Upload
Cost: 25
Name: Notes from weeks (1/22-2/10)
Description: These notes cover everything we have gone over class all the way to the date of 2/10.
Uploaded: 02/11/2016
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Music in human Imagination Notes  (1/22-2/10)

What are the types of a pitch?

Basic Terms


-pitch: how high or low a note sounds;  frequency; length of vocal folds (different with  women and men)  

-duration: how long/short a notes lasts -dynamics: how loud or soft a note becomes -forte (f) =LOUD

-piano (p)= SOFT

-fortissimo (ff)= Intensive Loud

-mezzo forte (mf)= MEDIUM

-mezzo piano (mp)= Not too soft

-changing dynamics:

< = crescendo  

> = decrescendo

-timbre: (tone color): quality of the sound -ex: different sounds using different  instruments (nasal, raspy, breathy)

RHYTHM: how musical sounds occur in time  (patterns)

What is the meaning of dynamics in music?

We also discuss several other topics like How is ageism a form of discrimination and prejudice that has negative impacts on all members of society?
If you want to learn more check out What were the weaknesses of the mughal empire?

-beat: skeleton underneath rhythm (a  perceived pulse) and are also grouped

-meter: how beats are grouped

-duple meter: group of 2

-triple meter: group of 3

-quadruple meter: group of 4

MELODY: series of notes played one after the  next

-theme: melodies that matter (it comes back  later in the song)

-motive: a theme; short

-ex: symphony no.5 (motif)

-phrase: segment of melody that is already  sectioned off (in singing where you would take  a breath) We also discuss several other topics like Where did romulus set up a sanctuary for criminals?

HARMONY: notes/pitches being all played  together

What is the meaning of duration in music?

-chord: taking a few pitches (combination =  make harmonies)

-consonant: relatively unstrained sound  (beautiful) /feels good

-dissonant: relatively harsh (not beautiful)/  doesn’t feel good  

*but when played together they resolve the  dissonant and it sounds what your ears  wanted*

-mode: groups of pitches that cultures use (but  there is an overlap)



TEXTURE: how we hear music happening in  layers (instruments/singers and their voices) -monophony: one melody happening and  nothing else (one musicians/many musicians  playing 1 melody Don't forget about the age old question of What are the major features of representative democracy?

-ex: monks

-polyphony: more than one melody happening  at the same time


-I. melody and accompaniment: support -II. multiple melodies happening with the  same rhythm

FORM: structure over time (sections) -repetition: multiple times hearing versus -contrast: “bridge” in song

-variation: repeated but music has changed ex: A= part of a song

B=another part

A’= same thing with another thing added ex: AABA’A”


Music and Survival  

-“Primary Process” (Bateson)

>inner life

>expressing how we can take out  

consciousness without forming them into  language

>we can find voices in subconscious  We also discuss several other topics like Where country wwii impoverished citizens, reduced the population, destroyed capital?

-Flow (The guy with the really long name starts  with a C)

>your concentration is at such a high level >everything around you disappears

>challenging is moderate

-ex: practicing something

“Signs” (Pierce)

>stand or mean something (object), creating  an effect in the observer

>semiotics is the study of signs

-icon: resemblance of an object

ex: outline/drawing of a horse vs. the real  thing Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of the feedback loop in the cell?

>category (genres)

-index: experience sign and object together -symbol: what tings mean with a linguistic  way

Turinos Four Fields of Music Making

1. Participatory Performance  

2. Presentational Performance

3. High Fidelity Recording

4. Studio Audio Art

-Participatory Performance 

>values the number of people  

>no audience distinction

>there is only participants and potential  participants

*> (really important) the goal is to get the  most people to participate

Presentational Performance 

>there is an actual audience

> most likely a stage, microphones for artists >strict line between artist and audience >the goal is to have artistry, contrast, its  better to listen to  

High Fidelity Recording 

>recording that gives you the illusion of a live  performance

>needs to present an iconic hearing of a live  performance  

ex: live albums: concerts that happen to be recorded

field recordings

How is Music Related to who you are? “my music”

“music is either ours or someone else’s”

Music and Self, Identity, Culture”

 -self: our body (mind+nervous system+genes) and the total collection of habits that guide  everything we think and do

-identity: partial and variable selection of  habits and attributes used to represent  ourselves and to others but also aspects of  ourselves that we and others want to perceive  as salient/relevant

*difference between self and identity is self is  all of us while identity is parts of ourselves we  want to be and for others to see too*

-culture: habits of thought and practice shared  among individuals

-culture formation: group of people who share a majority of habits that make most parts of each member’s self

-cultural cohort: group of people formed around shared habits based on similarities of parts of  the self; can be positive/negative

ex: gender ideas

skin color

class status

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