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UT / Forestry/Wildlife/Fisheries / FWR 250 / What is hernando de soto famous for?

What is hernando de soto famous for?

What is hernando de soto famous for?


School: University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Department: Forestry/Wildlife/Fisheries
Course: Conservation
Professor: Professor graves
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: FWF 250 With Graves
Cost: 25
Name: Week 4 notes
Description: 4th week of notes from lecture. History of people in conservation
Uploaded: 02/12/2016
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What was hernando de soto famous for?



2-11-16 People

109207Od 2004 - Hernando De Soto - Pre colonial 1500s 1st documented accounts

William Bartram not rs

- Americas first native born naturalisx/conservation artist 7- First author who portrayed nature through personal bal experience as well as scientific observation

What is john james audubon known for?

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- known as "Grand Old Man of American natteral science - 1791 Bartram's Travels M

o nodo - James Tanner Rotongan 70 0707 - HD 67700

-started 1st gradual program in ecolog yop and -Studied Ivory Billed woodpeckers - Hoixeal ROOST

- taught at ut for 32 years soole molt bo .20 Paul Kroeger

What was john muir known for?

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todo o 20 de bom German immigrant co m 2012

- Proxected birds at Pellican Island - bloo ont - Alexander Wilson 06/09, 2923864

- Father of American Ornithology (Birds, Birds, Birds) - Bartram was Wilson's Mentor

- greatest Ornithologist Prior to Adobon on food -James Audobon If you want to learn more check out Who were the puritan dissenters?

- 1st person to band birds arseno 70 zbro -Audobon society named after him mo .UT Don't forget about the age old question of How we study the brain?

Early conseruationist pioneer .

Gifted Artist, may have "copred Wilsons work - George Bird Grinell

- attended school in Andobon's mansion near his home - Knew Audobons well, had good relationship w/ Teddy Roosendt - Served as an advocate for Native Americans

- Founder of Audobon society - George Perkins Marsh

- Americas 1st Environmentalisti. -fatter of environmental Movement

Man in Nature 1864


n We also discuss several other topics like How you put together a speech?

Henry David Thoreau thbano - friends W) ralph Waldo Emerson or od 30 mono - If you want to learn more check out What is the formula of primary amine?

- Minimalist , lived on Walden Pond mornog monica zoto roter wrote Walden noo suitor 2017 20170A -

John Muir-fatter of Preseruction - Wilderness profit

no - went to university of Wisconsid- Madison i undecided major

outon -founder of Sierra club o brordt eo noon 1900s AAA Conservation become key when we began using up Natural Resources to

Gifford Pinchot - Father of conservation an Greatest good for greatest number of people in the long run Teddy Roosevelt - ker in Preservation prat oil Dr. Carl Alwin Schenk - forester 2

- managed forest under Vanderbilt @ Biltmore proud *

Started forestry as a science in education in CHS Aldo Leopold - father of Wildlife

- Conservationist, Forester, outdoor enthusiast I, 2018 - Yale graduate mrena 0 21

- Laid Foundation & Stared Wildlife ideas - Robert Marshall-founder of Wilderness Society spr

- logo o Kike HOA founder of conservation movement for Alaska SA

J.N. Ding Darling - advocate for wise use of NR.

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