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ISOM 210

by: ConnorBilancio

ISOM 210 ISOM 210

GPA 3.0

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About this Document

The notes cover what will be on the test fully.
ISOM 210
Andy Alexander
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by ConnorBilancio on Friday February 12, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ISOM 210 at Ball State University taught by Andy Alexander in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 131 views. For similar materials see ISOM 210 in Business at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 02/12/16
Spring 2016 ISOM 210 Exam 1 Study Sheet Competitive advantage- A feature of Appliance- A computer dedicated to a product or service on which a single function, such as a calculator customers place a greater value than or computer game. on similar offerings from competitors. Application software- Used for Data- Raw facts that describe the specific information processing needs, characteristics of an event or object. including payroll, customer Decision making process- relationship management, project Decision support system (DSS)- management, training, and many Model information using OLAP, which others. provides assistance in evaluating and Automation- Involves computerizing choosing among different courses of manual tasks making them more action. efficient and effective and Desktop- dramatically lowering operational Disintermediation- Occurs when a costs. business sells direct to the customer Banner ad- online and cuts out the intermediary. Benchmarking- A process of Ebusiness- Includes ecommerce continuously measuring system along with all activities related to results, comparing those results to internal and external business optimal system performance, and operations such as servicing customer identifying steps and procedures to accounts, collaborating with partners, improve system performance. and exchanging real-time information. BPR(business process B2B (bus to bus)- Applies to reengineering)- The analysis and businesses buying from and selling to redesign of workflow within and each other over the Internet. , B2C- between enterprises Applies to any business that sells its Business 2.0 characteristics and tools products or services directly to Business intelligence- Information consumers online., C2B- Applies to collected from multiple sources such any consumer who sells a product or as suppliers, customers, competitors, service to a business on the Internet. , partners, and industries that analyze C2C- Applies to customers offering patterns, trends, and relationships for goods and services to each other on strategic decision making. the Internet.) Business organization- Ebusiness strategies- Business processes- Standardized Ecommerce- The buying and selling set of activities that accomplish a of goods and services over the specific task. Internet. Business strategy- A leadership plan Executive information system that achieves a specific set of goals or objectives. (EIS)- A specialized DSS that supports senior-level executives and Browser- unstructured, long-term, nonroutine CIO(Chief info officer)- oversees all decisions requiring judgment, uses of MIS and (2) ensuring that MIS evaluation, and insight. strategically aligns with business Fact- The confirmation or validation goals and objectives. of an event or object. results of information processing Hardware- Consists of the physical requests devices associated with a computer Porter’s Five Forces Model- A system. model for analyzing the competitive HTTP- The Internet protocol web forces within the environment in browsers use to request and display which a company operates, to assess web pages using universal resource the potential for profitability in an locators. industry. Information- Data converted into a Predictive Analytics-Extracts meaningful and useful context. information from data and uses it to Innovator’s Dilemma- predict future trends and identify Inputs- Equipment used to capture behavioral patterns information and commands. Production- The process by which a Internet- A massive network that business processes raw materials and connects computers all over the world or converts them into a finished and allows them to communicate with product for its goods or services. one another. Pure-play business- Internet of Things- A world in which RAM- The computer's primary interconnected, Internet-enabled working memory, in which program devices, or things, can collect and instructions and data are stored so share data without human that they can be accessed directly by intervention. the CPU via the processor's high- Knowledge- Skills, experience, and speed external data bus. expertise coupled with information Secondary storage- Consists of and intelligence that creates a equipment designed to store large person's intellectual resources. volumes of data for long-term storage. Levels of Decision Making Semistructured decisions- Occurs • Strategic level- in situations in which a few • Managerial level established processes help to evaluate • Operational level potential solutions, but not enough to Mainframe- lead to a definite recommended Megabyte- Roughly 1 million bytes. decision. MIS- Includes the plans for how a Smartphone- Offer more advanced firm will build, deploy, use, and share computing ability and connectivity its data, processes, and MIS assets. than basic cell phones. Multitasking- Allows more than one Social Network- An application that piece of software to be used at a time. connects people by matching profile Nonvolatile memory- Does not information require constant power to function. Software- The set of instructions the Operating System- Controls the hardware executes to carry out application software and manages specific tasks. how the hardware devices work Software upgrade (Software together. patch)- Occurs when the software Output devices- Equipment used to vendor releases updates to software see, hear, or otherwise accept the to fix problems or enhance features Unstructured decisions- Occurs Structured decision- Involves when no procedures or rules exist to situations in which established guide decision makers toward the processes offer potential solutions. correct choice. Supply chain- All parties involved, Utility Software- Provides additional directly or indirectly, in obtaining raw functionality to the operating system. materials or a product. Web 2.0- The next generation of SWOT analysis- All parties involved, Internet use—a more mature, directly or indirectly, in obtaining raw distinctive communications platform materials or a product. characterized by new qualities such System software- Controls how the as collaboration and sharing, and various technology tools work free. together along with the application Web 3.0 features- software. Webinar- Transaction processing system WWW- Provides access to Internet (TPS)- The basic business system that information through documents, serves the operational level (analysts) including text, graphics, audio, and and assists in making structured video files that use a special decisions. formatting language called HTML.


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